Cool as a Cucumber
Cool as a Cucumber

Online Exclusive White Brightening Essentials Collection

Online Exclusive White Brightening Essentials Collection

Brightens, Corrects, Perfects

Benefits: A complete solution for effective skin brightening
The new three stage program containing White Brightening Complex that harnesses potent melanin inhibitors and white brightening actives, designed to synergistically combat age spots, dark spots, uneven skin tone and irregular pigmentation.

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ELEMIS’ NEW White Brightening system is a truly innovative solution for the growing global demand for whiter, brighter and more even skin tone. Dark spots, age spots and excess pigmentation can cause skin to look dull, uneven and aged, and are formed through a combination of UV exposure, hormonal influxes and lifestyle choices.


  • White Brightening Even Tone Cleanser 185ml
  • White Brightening Even Tone Lotion 150ml
  • White Brightening Even Tone Serum 30ml

Cool as a Cucumber

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How to use


Step 1: Using 2-3 pumps of the Even Tone Cleanser, massage gently over wet skin, avoiding eye area. Rinse. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 2: Apply the Even Tone Lotion into the palm of hands or saturate a cotton wool pad and smooth over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 3: Apply 1-2 pumps of the Even Tone Serum to palm of the hands and apply to the face and neck evenly.Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Should contact occur, rinse thoroughly with water.


Always use a high SPF during daylight hours and do not sunbathe or use sunbeds while using the White Brightening program.

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Complete brightening system

The products feel like silk when applying to the face and left it looking a lot smoother and brighter compared to before I used them. They also smelt lovely.


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White Brightening Complete System

Having used other Elemis cleansers, I thought the foam cleanser may be a little drying for my skin. However, it left it feeling surprisingly soft. I don't usually bother with toners but this one did seem to help to make my skin glow. The serum was pleasant to use. I wasn't sure if my pigmentation was fading until I realised just how much better my skin was looking with just a touch of make up. There little doubt that my skin tone has improved - it has been noticed by others.


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Rich and Silky, Smooth and Light, Bright and Fresh

The Cleanser was so thick and creamy, it didn't just disintegrate, and felt so rich on the skin. My skin tingled a bit, and felt squeeky clean after use. The smell was lovely as with all Elemis Products I have used. My skin was brighter after about 10 days, and I started using less foundation as the tone of my skin had improved. As stated keep away from your eyes, as I was a little careless once and it left me a little sore around the eye area, but nothing major. I would recommend this product, as the silky smooth Cleanser coupled with the light but creamy toner, topped off with the rich but still light serum helped my skin to look clearer and brighter than it had for a while.

Miss Ows

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Exactly What I Thought

I ordered this set with the intention to clear some spot marks on my skin. My concern was the texture of my skin AND the marks on my face. Therefore I started doing the following regime for just under two weeks, Dynamic resurfacing wash, Tone with the white bright toner and follow with the white bright serum. I was advised on multiple occasions, not to mix the dynamic regime with the white bright, as I may not see results as quickly. I was even advised not to use this regime for spot marks, as it is more for pigmentation. However I can honestly say, by reading my own skin, referring to keely's blog, and taking the chance. I have not seen so much improvement in my skin for a very long time. I am shocked to see such amazing results, in just under two weeks. The serum can leave white marks on your skin, if you apply too much of it. I noticed, if the right amount is applied, the serum sits very nicely underneath make up. I cannot be more happier that I invested in this product.


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Happy with cleanser and Lotion but not the Serum

first time using Elemis as recommended by friend of mine. I can only say these products is amazing. Im 45 yrs old and skin was really dry and wrinkles under my eyes. It looks horrible.. but after 2 weeks of using white brightening set my skin feels deferent it looks brighter and not saggy..but im a bit disappointed on serum when u put liquid foundation on it started peeling off the serum. its annoying as you have to get rid off the white bits around your face. so that's the reason im giving 4* ... but apart from that will be buying Elemis product again...


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Nice feel to the products but a bit harsh

I tried the 3 step system for 28 days, to be gin with the products felt silky and made my skin so smooth and soft feeling but after a week it started to burn slightly on application, I played around with the application as to begin with i was using cotton wool to apply the lotion but started just applying it with my hands which reduced the burning sensation slightly. The cleanser felt lovely to use but I struggled with not being able to take it over the eye are like you can do with other Elemis cleansers, i also like to use a hot cloth to remove my cleansers but couldn't do this with this product. The product I likes the most was the serum and am still using it most days, it has a nice light texture to it. I didn't notice much difference in the look of my skin but think i will continue to use the products but just a couple of times a week as to use it twice a day for my skin was just too harsh.

Sophie R

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White Brightening System review

I started using the system three weeks ago and noticed a difference within a week. The texture of the skin was smoother and the skin just looked clearer and in areas there has been a reduction in the size of pores. This is a great system and I will be continuing using this as part of my skincare regime.


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Industrial aromas but limited effect

I was very excited to review this product as I have some pigmentation just under the eye bone where sunglasses don't quite reach in the sun, although the packaging is not clear whether the product is suitable for this area. Unfortunately, I have seen only a very minimal reduction in this after three weeks using the products. In terms of feel, the foaming cleanser is a much needed new texture in the range, and it is pleasant to use and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. The toning lotion feels very drying, compared with others in the range that are much more hydrating. The serum is very easy to apply, but it does change texture and flake off when used with Daily Moisture Boost (although is fine with Pro-Collagen Marine Creme). I usually love the Elemis aromas, but these disappoint. They smell rather chemically, and given the limited effect I found and the niggles with application, I am not sure these are good value at this price point. I much prefer the Tri-Enzyme range and have achieved better results with it.


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Disappointing results

On first using these products I was pleasantly surprised by the silky feel, particularly of the cleanser, and of how moisturising they were. I quickly realised the best way to use the lotion was to put it into my hands as using cotton wool was too wasteful! Although I only used 1 to 2 pumps of the serum morning & night I found this only lasted me 4 weeks but the lotion & cleanser still have half left! I have to say that the results were disappointing for me personally, I have two particular patches of pigmentation, one under my left eye & one on my left cheek & I was really hoping to see a marked improvement in these areas but sadly there were none. There was a general improvement in the clarity of my skin tone but this wasn't enough of a difference to make be want to buy this product! I really wanted to love the results of these products and although they were lovely to use, sorry they just didn't meet my expectations for results.

Lyndsey Nicholls

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Feels like I have had a weekly facial!

I am so pleased with the results from this system. I suffered with pigmentation onthe right side of my face, well it has almost disappeared. My skin looks bright, fresh, like the feeling when you have had a really super facial. I will definately continue to use all 3 of the system. Thank you Elemis.

Susan Hutchins

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