ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

Wrinkle Smoothing Day & Night Eye Duo

SIZE: 2 x 10ml Jars
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Rejuvenates, Smoothes, Tightens
Welcome to the age of intelligent skincare. Introducing ULTRA SMART PRO-COLLAGEN, a range of uniquely engineered treatments that cleverly mimic the resilient appearance of younger skin. Double up with two highly intelligent treatments that visibly brighten dark circles and smooth deep set lines, for younger-looking eyes in 28 days.*

    • Our innovative ULTRA SMART Line Fighting Complex targets deep set lines and loss of elasticity, for a dramatically smoother eye contour.

    • The Morning Eye Balm, formulated with ULTRA SMART Triple Targeted Dermal Complex, helps target the appearance of puffiness, brightens dark circles and tightens for a lifted look. The light texture of the balm creates a seal that layers beautifully under make-up.

    • Our rich Evening Eye Cream melts into the skin while its ULTRA SMART Slow Release Dermal Technology deeply hydrates and plumps the delicate skin around the eyes, for a more youthful look.

Best forTargeting dark circles and deep set lines
Suitable forAll skin types
Key Actives
  • ULTRA SMART Line Fighting Complex
  • ULTRA SMART Triple Targeted Dermal Complex
  • ULTRA SMART Slow Release Dermal Technology
Product Detail


A synergistic system for younger-looking eyes that is clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of deep set lines and dark circles within 28 days.*


The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. This duo provides two targeted treatments: a lightweight, cooling balm for day that helps depuff and tighten and a decadent cream for evening that delivers the intense moisture your eye area needs while you sleep. Together they create the perfect anti-aging solution for the eye contour.


Formulated for all skin types to target multiple signs of aging around the eyes.


Use every morning and evening on cleansed skin.


Lightly apply to the eye contour area and gently massage in circular movements into the skin using the ULTRA SMART eye tool.


100% agreed the products gave my skin the appearance of an eye lift, by improving skin tone and texture day and night**

100% agreed the products helped to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles under my eyes**

100% agreed the products significantly improved the appearance of deep-set lines and wrinkles**

100% agreed after using the products, the area around my eyes looked noticeably firmer and tightened**





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I recieved my elemis duo ultra smart collagen eye treatment this morning , when i opened the pack i could definitely see what the hype was all about , the design and packaging looks very appealing, it has separate day and night cream tubs with eye tool, i applied the morning cream and it feels really light, but hydrating, with the first use i could feel the smoothness i have weak eye sight and in the morning i struggle with puffiness but that was way reduced with the first use i am well impressed and i felt the need to review straight away so others could try and get benefit of it, i am well impressed will recommend the product to anyone with lines, wrinkles , puffiness and dark circles and i will be definitely coming back to elemis for more of these xx

Posted by Wandana faheem 3/1/2019

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Only one word wow

I recieved my pack today and i couldnt wait to find what the hype was about, my initial impression of the cream is very positive, the texture of the cream is very smooth, and light but at the same time its hydrating, i could feel my skin getting smooth instantly and puffiness from my unde eyes was instantly improved, i am well impressed , will recommend the day and night cream duo to everyone and i will definitely be buying more

Posted by Wandana faheem 3/1/2019

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I would 100% recommend

I absolutely love the ELEMIS new ultra smart Pro-Collagen eye treatment duo.You can really see the difference right away,not like other eye creams I've tried. would 100% definitely recommend.

These are brilliant tried these for the first time have to say there amazing. I can see instant results im very shocked.

The morning eye balm helps reduce the appearance of puffiness,brightens dark circles and tightens for a lifted look. The light texture of the balm creates a seal that layers beautifully under make-up.

Our rich evening eye cream melts into the skin while its slow release Dernal technology works throughout the night to plump the delicate skin around the eyes.

For younger- looking eyes that is proven to reduce the appearance of deep-set lines and dark circles within 28 days.

After using the products the area around my eyes looked firmer and tightened. The products helped to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. With instant visible results.

How to apply: Lightly apply to the undereye area and gently massage in circular movements into the skin using the Ultra smart eye tool.
Double up with these two highly intelligent treatments that visibly brighten dark circles and smooth deep set lines, for younger- looking eyes in 28 days.

I would 100% recommend the best morning and evening eye creams I've used with instant results.

Alisha zia

Posted by Alisha zia 3/2/2019

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I was so happy to be selected by Elemis to review this new set! I couldn’t wait to receive the new eye range skincare. It was worth the ware!
Boths balms feel super light on my skin and leaves eye area feeling so nice and soft. I am really impressed! Packaging is unreal!

Posted by SIMONA 3/6/2019

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Simply Amazing!

When this first arrived, it was beautifully packaged. Not that the packaging has anything to do with performance, but it makes person feel like they're about to us something fabulous. And it truly did.
From the first use I could feel and see a difference. The morning cream used with the tool left the eye area de-puffed,hydrated, and tightened. And at night, it made the eye area feel cooled and soothed. It was as if the lines were filled in and the area was so smoothed and looked young again.
I really enjoyed the tool used as I do think it made a difference. It was very cooling and it made you slowdown and take your time with products.
So for myself, I did notice a big difference with tired puffy eyes, dark circles, and lines. I cannot recommend this highly enough! I will definitely be back for more.
I'm nearly 52 and I've finally found an eye product that delivers what it says it will. Thank you Elemis!

Posted by Teri Jo Brocklehurst 3/6/2019

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Must Have!!

I received my product a few days ago and was super excited to get it unocked and try it.

The creams texture is light, silky smooth and at the same time super hydrating.

I loved the fact that the products come with an applicator which is wonderful to use.

From the first application I began to see a reduction in puffiness around the eyes and the area appears smoother.

I am so pleased with the product and will defiantly be a regular as part of my daily skincare regime!

Fab product I wouldn’t be without now.

Posted by Kyri 3/7/2019

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The eye creams packaging is beautiful and everything about this product feels luxurious. The tool to use the creams feels cooling and refreshing and already after just one week of using the products my under eye circles are disappearing. A must have product for anyone with tired eyes, it brightens and refreshes.

Posted by Victoria Hocking 3/11/2019

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Amazing results already!

I couldn't wait to review this product as I've notice a few fine lines appearing under my eyes and I'm quite sceptical about these things working.Upon opening the package,I could see how much thought had gone into the presentation and was excited to get started.Ive been using both day and night cream for a week now and I'm already seeing a difference in the appearance under my eyes and I've had s few compliments on looking fresher and younger.I will definitely be recommending this product to all my friends and family. Amazing products!

Posted by Mags Dwyer 3/11/2019

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Eye cream

This eye cream is really cooling on the eye area. Very easy to use with the roller applicator. AM is like a gel formula and PM a cream formula. Lines around my eyes appear softer already

Posted by Susan 3/11/2019

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Very happy

And yet I want to add that when it comes to designing the product, it is wonderful, elegant and luxurious. I was very impressed with the design and the product that really helped my eyes. Now this eye cream is my favorite.

Posted by Lina Besliaga 3/11/2019

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Most recent customer reviews

Totally love this product

This eye cream has been just what I have needed over the last few cold weeks. Nice and hydrating and sits well under concelear. My eyelids, just under my brow bone was quite dry and this has been helping. Reduced eye puffiness and dark circles. Definately worth a try.
Totally amazed by this product.

Posted by Lena 3/19/2019

Miracles in jars

I’ve been using a few weeks now and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s like Botox in a jar. It’s helped my wrinkles specially around my eyes ! It’s also made my eyes look less puffy to. I’m in love . The creams are light they don’t feel heavy or thick and absorbed lovely. The little metal tool was a lovely touch so you can use it all around the eyes without having to use your fingers. It was lovely and cooling to made you feel like you was having a mini massage on your face. Perfect miracle cream.

Posted by Twiggy Finlayson 3/19/2019

Pro collagen eye duo treatment

From the moment I opened the box I was impressed as it’s so beautifully packaged with a silver looking eye tool to apply the eye creams that has its own velvet pouch and the eye creams are bottled in a silver grey jars. I suffer from eye puffy eyes and dark circles at times and have the dreaded fine lines and wrinkles that comes with age so I was hoping when using this eye duo creams I would find my saviour and I’m delighted to say I have. The day cream is quite thick compared to others I have tried but it’s lovely and light and glides on so nice when applying with the eye tool provided. I’ve applied with my finger tip aswell and get the same results but I much prefer using the eye tool as it feels cooler which I prefer. It not only provides much needed moisture back into my skin but also tightens and makes my skin look more youthful and lifted. The night eye cream is quite thick aswell and glides on beautifully and as soon as I put it on I can feel much needed moisture being put back into my delicate skin and noticed when using the night cream I don’t wake up with dark circles anymore. I’ve been using both products every day and night over a week now and already seeing a big difference in the appearance of my eye area and look forward to applying these little miracles in a jar as my fine lines and wrinkles have definitely improved and my eye puffiness has gone down considerably and no longer have the dark circles. This duo eye treatment is a must have in your everyday beauty regime.

Posted by Jessica 3/17/2019

Simply 10/10.

Love it! From the packaging I already got the sense that this was different from any other products I've tried before. When I first used the morning eye balm I instantly noticed it's cool, soothing effect. I was taken back by how quickly I noticed changes, and realised that the puffiness around my eyes had dissipated just as the dark circles also lessened. This was just from the first use, and it continued to impress me over time! The evening eye cream is a must have! It's a perfect match with the morning balm. It's incredibly moisturizing, whilst also being very light and easy to apply. The application tool provided almost feels like a micro-massage, and made applying both products a delight! After using both for 16 days, the skin around my eyes is visibly brighter and smoother. Not only this, but it did wonders for my wrinkles. I completely recommend these products. Elemis, you have done a fantastic job with this duo!

Posted by Nelia Correia 3/16/2019

Amazing results in such a short time

I have always struggled with dark circles and fine lines under my eyes which gave me a constant tired look no matters how many hours I was sleeping or how rested I felt. I have tried countless products over the years with no or very little results, in the end I was starting to consider more "permanent" options to get rid of my dark circles and I was quite skeptical in trying this product given the past disappointments. I have to say that after few days already I started seeing a massive improvement. I used the duo on my clean skin, morning and evening and massaged it on my under eye skin with the little tool provided which I usually keep on the fridge. I instantly looked more alert and fresh and also noticed that the lines around my eyes became less evident and deep.
I will keep using this product as part of my daily routine and hopefully maintain the results achieved so far.
I am really happy with this product and it would definitely become one of my staples!

Posted by Roberta 3/15/2019

My miracle balm

Most definately reduced my under eye puffiness which was most noticeable and lessened the lines around my eyes,doing what its meant to do,My miracle balm in an eye-catching container,finally found an eye balm that works and a bonus for me was when i applied my foundation my under eyes still looked a lot smoother,top of the list for me.

Posted by mandy tuck 3/12/2019

An amazing eye cream !

where do I start. This beautiful product has done wonders for my eyes in under 7 days as soon as you apply the morning cream you can feel it working and tightening your skin and with the evening cream it absorbs beautifully and has got a silky smooth touch to it. my lines around my eyes have definitely faded I have tried numerous eye creams and I can honestly say this this is the best out there. I use the ultra smart tool after I have let the cream soak into my skin . will not be using any other eye product only this one from now on thank you Elemis it's perfect

Posted by Caroline 3/12/2019

You have to try these

On my word, when the postman dropped these off I opened the package first thing I noticed was how beuitful they look, I could not wait to try them the day time gel is cool and smooth and glides on then when you use the metal ball wow, it feels so good, the night time cream is the same and I’ve notice how my eyes are not has puffed up since using this

Posted by Sandra Almond 3/11/2019

Must have! Outstanding products!!

It's been about two weeks since I've been testing these eye treatment duo,and I can already see results ,so I decided to share my opinion with you guys.

The design of packaging looks really luxury and appealing.These creams are separate :Morning eye balm, and evening eye cream and they come with ULTRA SMART eye tool.

Morning eye balm : The texture is light and absorbs to the skin very fast.Use it with ULTRA SMART eye tool and you will visibly see that your eye puffiness is reduced and your dark circles brightened. It hydrates and smoothes the skin perfectly, so it makes absolutely perfect make up base for your eyes.WOW!

The evening eye cream: The texture is rich, it absorbs into the skin and fights first signs of ageing and also wrinkles, that are already there,through the night.It can visibly minimise your under eye wrinkles ,which I can see on my before and after pics I've taken ;) The skin around eyes looks visibly more plump and youthful in the morning with regular use of this cream,WOW!

It's been 2 weeks and results are AMAZING, so I can only imagine how wonderful results will be after longer use !! I'm so looking forward to it. Right now I can honestly recommend this #elemis eye treatment duo, because I never had an eye cream , that actually gives instant, visible results before.

Ps.Im in love with this ULTRA SMART eye tool.Using it is sooooo reaxing, I love it!!


I copied my review, which I posted on my instagram, hope it's ok :)

Posted by Kamila 3/11/2019

Out of this world amazing

I’ve been using around a week and I’ve seen the difference already that’s why I’m leaving a review so soon. It’s fantasticly AMAZING!! A must buy. This cream is a miracle cream. I’ve always had one big rather deep wrinkle above my eye well it’s hardly visible now. I’ve used twice daily and night and it’s made that deep wrinkle hardly visible now. And around my eyes. It’ makes your skin feel superb. I’ve never seen anything like this it truly is a miracle cream. The new Botox cream I was even considering getting Botox but I won’t now I’ve got this. I shall buy this from now on and yes it’s expensive but so so worth it. Highly recommend

Posted by Twiggy finlayson 3/11/2019