ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum

Wrinkle Smoothing Serum


ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum

Wrinkle Smoothing Serum

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Firms, Smoothes, Rejuvenates
Welcome to the age of intelligent skincare. Introducing ULTRA SMART PRO-COLLAGEN, a range of uniquely engineered treatments that cleverly mimic the resilient appearance of younger skin. This clinically proven* serum, formulated with 12 specialized algae and ULTRA SMART Drone Peptide Technology, targets multiple signs of aging.

    • Multiply your results. Up to 4 times more algae** to deliver the ultimate innovation in anti-wrinkle technology.

    • This serum's innovative ULTRA SMART Drone Peptide Technology delivers an intense boost of hydration.

    • Deep set lines and wrinkles are visibly improved in just 28 days.*

*Independent Clinical Trial 2018. Results based on 32 people over 4 weeks.

**As compared to Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
Best forSmoothing deep set lines and wrinkles
Suitable forAll skin types
Key Actives
  • ULTRA SMART Line Fighting Complex
  • ULTRA SMART Algae Complex
  • ULTRA SMART Drone Peptide Technology
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Product Detail


A potent line fighting concentrate, formulated with a cocktail of 12 specialized algae that helps to promote, protect and preserve the foundations of resilient skin. This velvety serum features the innovative Ultra Smart Drone Peptide Technology consisting of two peptides, one encapsulated within the other. Utilizing the principles of drone navigation technology, the outer peptide guides the inner peptide to cleverly target specific areas of the skin. Only when it reaches its target site is the encapsulated peptide released. This then supports the skin’s natural production of Hyaluronic Acid and restore the skin’s hydration balance for smoother-looking skin.


Your skin thins as it ages, losing the solid architecture of its youth. ULTRA SMART PRO‐COLLAGEN supports the natural scaffolding within your skin, mimicking the appearance of younger skin. ELEMIS formulated this powerful serum with 12 unique varieties of micro algae and seaweeds for visibly transformative results. Algae are powerhouses of nutrition and can adapt to survive in extreme environments, from the glacial waters of the Arctic to the ultra-salinated Dead Sea. Thriving in a range of environments by producing compounds and secondary metabolites for chemical defense, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides, algae is ideal for skin exposed to the constant influx of internal and external stressors that modern life presents. After 28 days, the appearance of deep set lines and expression lines are visibly reduced and skin looks firmer and more radiant.


Formulated for all skin types to target multiple signs of aging.


Use every morning and evening before your moisturizer.


Dispense 1 to 2 pumps onto fingertips and massage upwards onto a cleansed face, neck and décolleté.


100% agreed the product significantly improved the appearance of deep-set lines and wrinkles***

100% agreed the product left skin looking and feeling deeply hydrated***

100% agreed the product dramatically reduced the appearance of expression lines***

100% agreed the product improved the feeling and appearance of skin firmness and elasticity***

***Independent User Trial 2018. Results based on 32 people over 4 weeks. **AS COMPARED TO PRO-COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM ***INDEPENDENT USER TRIALS 2018. RESULTS BASED ON 32 PEOPLE OVER 4 WEEKS.

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