ELEMIS Treatments at the BA Travel Spa

Indulge yourself, go to the lounge a little earlier and pamper yourself before you fly.

You can pre-book treatments at the Elemis Spa in London Heathrow Terminal 5A South and Terminal 3 within 28 days of departure if you are travelling in our First cabin. For treatments at all other Elemis Spas, please ask at the lounge on arrival.

Treatments at London Heathrow

Just For Men
  1. Deep Clean Aviator Facial

    Power-up your skin! Deep clean and energise your skin, combining innovative sonic cleansing and high-potency actives, to fight the effects of flying.
  2. Muscle-Ease Power Back Massage

    For the ultimate journey! Feel recharged and energised as we knead away tired, aching muscles from the back, neck and shoulders.
  3. First Class Power Shave**

    Feel refreshed after the skin-smooth power shave, exclusively developed by award-winning shave guru, Richard Anthony.

    *Not suitable for beard removal and does not include beard design or grooming
    ** Currently not available in Terminal 3
  4. Face
    1. Firm Up and Fly

      Super-lifting on the go! Experience visible results with innovative skin-lifting face technology to help smooth and contour your skin.
    2. Runway Ready Skin Recharge

      Prepare your skin to be runway ready! This highly effective facial combines revolutionary sonic cleansing to revive travel-weary skin.
    3. Jet Lag Eye Reviver

      Pre-flight eye renew! Advanced infusion technology and anti-ageing superactives help soothe tired eyes and smooth away fine lines.
    4. BIOTEC Hands-On facial

      BIOTEC works to switch your skin back on for visibly healthy, nourished and energised skin.
    5. Body
      1. Dream Flight Back Massage

        Take flight! Feel stress-less and rejuvenated as we ease away muscle tension and stiffness from the back, neck and shoulders.
      2. Pre-Flight Reviver - Neck & Shoulder

        Loosen up! Melt away tension in the neck and shoulders to help alleviate stress and leave you feeling revitalised.
      3. Deep Relax Scalp Massage

        The pressure’s on! Help release tension headaches and feel travel-ready with an intensely relaxing scalp massage.
      4. Grooming
        1. Jet Set Power Polish*

          Perfectly polished in an instant! Get your nails shaped-up, then select one of the stunning nail colours from Essie. Optional shape and buff available to male travellers.

          *If the polish application is smudged or chipped we are unable to offer a correction service.
          ** Currently not available at Terminal 3.
        2. Sky High Brow Shape

          Up, up and away! Celebrated brow experts, HD Brows have created a bespoke service to give you an instant brow lift and shape.

          ** Currently not available at Terminal 3.
        3. Stopover Super-Charge

          For those who prefer some private chill-out time, our intelligent massage chair delivers a multi-dimensional massage to banish fatigue and leave you feeling revived and refreshed.
        4. Opening Times

          Terminal 5 Arrivals 06.00-14.00

          Terminal 5 Departures 07.00-21.00

          Terminal 5 B 07.00-21.00

          Terminal 3 Departures 07.00-21.00

        Treatments at JFK

        1. Encourage improved sleep and deep relaxation
          De-Fatigue Skin Booster

          Revive travel-weary skin. Fight the effects of flying to reveal a more radiant, luminous and healthy looking complexion.
        2. Power-Down Neck and Shoulder

          Stress relief! Ease stress and tension in the neck and shoulders as you are enveloped in deeply relaxing aromatics.
        3. Upper Body Heat Wave

          Restful journey! Warming relief from stiff, aching muscles for the back, neck and shoulders in preparation for the flight ahead.
        4. Calm
          1. Relieve anxiety and nervous tension for instant calm
            Pre-Flight Eye Renew

            No more red-eye! Soothe tired eyes and smooth away fine lines and puffiness to leave them bright and refreshed
          2. Deep-Relax Scalp Massage

            The pressure’s on! This deeply relaxing, blissful scalp and neck massage gives immediate release from tension and stress.
          3. Sleep-Soother Back Massage

            Take flight! Drift off as we soothe the mind and melt away tension to leave you feeling stress-free and calm.
          4. Energise
            1. Revitalise and rejuvenate to boost energy levels
              Uplifting Skin-Recharge

              Super lifting on the go! Visible results from this face treatment to help smooth and contour your skin, restoring lost vitality.
            2. Power-Up Face and Body

              Pre-flight boost! Recharge your skin, whilst a deep-pressure hand and arm massage with hot stones will leave you feeling energised.
            3. Anti-Fatigue Power Back Massage

              Fast action! An intensive deep tissue back massage powered by hot stones to relieve sore, tired and aching muscles.
            4. BIOTEC Hands-On facial

              BIOTEC works to switch your skin back on for visibly healthy, nourished and energised skin.
            5. Rebalance
              1. Restore and ease muscle pain and stiffness
                Balancing Skin-Reviver

                Pre-flight prep! Target wrinkles and dryness, to fight the effects of flying and leave skin looking groomed, toned and energised.
              2. Stress-Less Leg and Foot Reviver

                Walking on air! Instantly revitalise tired legs and aching feet, boosting circulation to leave them feeling completely refreshed.
              3. Musclease Power Back Massage/div>

                Just the ticket! Feel rebalanced and rejuvenated after we ease away tension from the back, neck and shoulders.
              4. Opening Times

                Terminal 7 16.00-22.00