Superfood Kefir Tea Mist

Priming, Toning, & Setting Facial Spray


Superfood Kefir Tea Mist

Priming, Toning, & Setting Facial Spray

SIZE: 100ml
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Nourishes, Hydrates, Primes
Feed your skin with this super hydrating 4-in-1 treatment mist fortified with Anti-oxidant rich Superfoods for a fresh and dewy complexion.

    • Balances and tones with Vegan Friendly Kefir Ferment.

    • Brightens with Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, rich in Anti-oxidants for a radiant, healthy-looking glow.

    • Coconut Water replenishes essential moisture.

    • This product is Vegan Friendly, and like all ELEMIS products, it is cruelty free.
Best for A dewy, refreshed glow
Suitable for All skin types
Key Actives
  • Red (Rooibos) Tea
  • Vegan-friendly Kefir
  • Coconut Water
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Hydrate your skin with this 4-in-1 facial spray. Infused with anti-oxidant rich Superfoods of Rooibos Tea extract and Vegan, soy-derived Kefir Ferment to help soothe and brighten the complexion. Organic Aloe Vera, Coconut Water and a natural Prebiotic help to balance the skin, leaving it hydrated, with healthy-looking glow.


This multi-functional treatment tones and primes the skin with hydrating and soothing skincare benefits, locks makeup in place and revitalizes the skin so your makeup looks fresh all day.


Formulated for all skin types.


Close eyes, hold 6-8 inches away, and spray mist directly onto face.


Use day and night as a toner, primer, and setting spray, or throughout the day as a hydrating mist.


94% agreed this product left their skin feeling revitalized.*

93% agreed this product left their skin feeling smooth and refreshed.*

90% agreed this product helped prep their skin for make-up.*

89% agreed this product helped their skin feel hydrated all day.*

Superfood Kefir Tea Mist

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Refreshing delight!

Absolutely loved this product. It has multiple uses. I use it as a spray on Toner after I’ve cleansed, and also keep in my handbag and use it as a refreshing spray during the day. As a busy mum I’m up early and don’t sit down until 9pm so it’s great to refresh my fave throughout the day. The best thing for me though was the smell of the product. It’s got that lovely smell of a “spa” so I felt refreshed all day. Highly recommend.

Posted by Lisa Rhodes 1/16/2019

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Fantastic! Refreshing and brightening

I had a baby 6 months ago, and I've been struggling with dull, tired, sensitive skin which I find hard to keep hydrated. I use this product as a toner, after my usual Elemis cleanser, and it has made such a difference. My skin immediately feels soothed, and retains moisture much better, making my existing moisturiser more effective. The fresh scent lifts my mood and makes this a pleasure to use - so much so I use it as a mist if I need a pick-me-up during the day. People have commented my skin looks brighter, and it feels much smoother and more balanced to me. The dry patches have gone and my skin is much more hydrated all round. I will be buying this when my bottle runs out, but a little goes a long way if you simply spray it on. Fantastic all round!

Posted by Martha Gee 1/17/2019

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Beautifully refreshing!

This product is an absolute essential to have on your make up desk! It is amazingly refreshing and makes my skin look so healthy! I have absolutely loved using this as a primer, as well as a setting spray and a toner! Having a 4-in-1 product is so handy and so quick yet very very effective. I love to pop this in my handbag and use it on the go also, freshening up my day as well as my skin! Highly, highly recommend this product for all skin types, helping to maintain a healthy glow!

Posted by Chloe Denbury 1/17/2019

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Pleasantly surprised

I have been using the superfood kefir-tea mist for a while. It’s the first time I have tried an Elemis product and I can say I’m converted. It’s light weight and absorbs into the skin almost instantly without leaving any stickiness on the face. My pores look less visible. My skin feels hydrated and my complexion has definitely brightened up. The scent is very natural, not very perfumed like other products I use. The scent may not be for everyone but I find it very relaxing. Overall I’m extremely impressed with the results and I plan on making Elemis a part of my daily routine. Looking forward to trying more products from Elemis!

Posted by Mariam Hussain 1/17/2019

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Love this!

Was so surprised by how fab this product is. My skin is super sensitive at the mo, and prone to breakouts and eczema. This spray soothed my skin and also helped my skin stay hydrated and my make up stayed put. Highly recommended xXx

Posted by Gemma Mitchell 1/17/2019

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Invigorating & refreshing

I love using this product and the fact it has multiple uses is such a bonus.
Ive incorporated this product into my daily skincare regime using as a toner & primer. My skin looks fresh & hydrated. My makeup application is flawless and lasts longer. I am so pleased with results.
With a calming spa like fragrance it is refreshing to spritz over makeup throughout the day. I am looking forward to using as a cooling hydrating mist in the warmer months.
Fantastic multi purpose product.

Posted by Leanne 1/17/2019

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Invigorating & refreshing

I love this product, it is so refreshing to use throughout the day and the scent is just define, such a relaxing spa like aroma.
As this is a multi use product I was pleasantly surprised how effective it was for each use. I will definitely re-purchase this is my now my primer and setting spray of choice.

Posted by LEANNE PRIGENT 1/21/2019

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Sooooooo good

Such a good multifunctional product!

I’ve used it as a toner after cleansing and my skin has definitely seen the benefits!

Refreshing when used throughout the day as a face mist, I can’t wait to use this when I go on holiday.

The smell is amazing and so refreshing, I had everyone at work trying it and they all said the same!

I love this new product with so many uses, it’s great value for money and now part of my daily routine.

Posted by Jane 1/24/2019

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Lovely product

I had stopped using toners as I found that my skin felt and looked better without them. However this mist is lovely. My skin feels soft and looks great.

Posted by Katherine Packham 1/27/2019

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No more toners drying my skin out!

To be honest I wasn't really expecting a lot from this product but it pleasantly surprised me.
It smells gorgeous and the pump let's out a generous even spray. It feels very refreshing when applied and doesn't dry put your skin when drying on your face.
A few weeks on my skin looks brighter and feels smoother.
I look forward to using it in the summer out and about to cool myself in the warm weather

Posted by Zoe 1/28/2019

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Most recent customer reviews

Fabulous smell

I love the smell of this product, smells like a spa. It is very nice and light. Its refreshing when sprayed over make up and works well as a primer. Its a nice to have but not sure it will become an essential part of my skin routine.

Posted by claire 4/8/2019

Amazing! My skin loves it!

I was very surprised with this as ive been through hundreds of products to get the result i got from this. My skin is hydrated, nourished and brighter. Love it

Posted by AKR 2/25/2019

Amazing! My skin loves it!

I was very surprised with this as ive been through hundreds of products to get the result i got from this. My skin is hydrated, nourished and brighter. Love it

Posted by AKR 2/25/2019

Excellent Product

Bought this as a facial mist to use during the day as my skin often feels dry in my overly dry office. I use the mist over my makeup for a hydrating boost. The smell is divine and my skin feels soft and moisturised, while looking dewy and fresh. Delighted I purchased this.

Posted by Yvonne 2/19/2019


I absolutely adore this product. By far the best face mist I have ever used. It smells devine but not in a perfume way, just natural. Instantly hydrates,refreshes & gives the skin a healthy glow. Perfect after cleansing or as a refresher. This is going to be heaven in the heat of summer! Thank you Elemis for such a fabulous product. Would give 10 stars if I could.

Posted by Julie Green 2/18/2019

Refreshing spritz in the morning

I have been using the mist for a few weeks now and can highly recommend it. The mist has a unique smell, which is really uplifting. It has slotted into my normal Elemis routine and is my new go to product not just as a toner but as a spritz for my skin during the day too.

Posted by Lynsey 2/8/2019

Easy,convenient and refreshing

I absolutely love it. I was looking for a spray toner however most I used were to harsh this is calming soothing and gentle my skin feels refreshed and balanced and the fragrance is like having a aromatheray experience everyday.I now will be looking to purchase more products from Elemis as this is truly wonderful I highly recommend it

Posted by David Sealy 2/8/2019

Everything I want in a Toner/Mist!

I love this product. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Ingredients list is impressive, I have confidence this product will protect my skin throughout the day if used as a mist.

Posted by louisa 2/1/2019

Superfood mist

I got the opportunity to try out this gorgeous product as part of the Elemis Review Panel. The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of the certainly gives you a bit of a lift in these cold mornings at the moment! I’ve been using the mist to hydrate my skin at the end of a long day and as a toner and primer in the morning under my make up.

As a hydrating mist it works really well to just freshen up your skin and doesn’t leave your skin tight or oily. Under make up it primes my skin really well so that my make up stays put all day. I’ve also used it as a make up setting spray some days and noticed that my make up really did stay on a good bit longer than usual.

As a working mum this is a great product given its variety of uses. The packaging is lovely but it really is the refreshing smell and the noticeable improvements in my skincare routine that I’ve noticed.

Posted by Stacy 1/31/2019

Was Sceptical now pleased

I was sceptical about trying this product but I must admit as soon as I spayed on, it just felt like my skin was a little more refreshed. Not too sure on the scent but maybe a grower! Overall really pleased

Posted by neal 1/31/2019