Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

Anti-wrinkle eye cream

Benefits: Nourishes, Firms, Smoothes

Clinically proven*, this intensive eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and nourishes the delicate eye area.
For all skin types  

SIZE: 15ml
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Product Detail

Clinically proven*, this intensive eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and nourishes the delicate eye area. The powerful anti-aging properties of Padina Pavonica are combined with the Amino Acids, Beta Carotenes and Vitamins B, C and E contained in Chlorella and Blue Green Micro-algae, to help smooth and firm.

Results are enhanced with the anti-oxidant properties of Methylsilanol Mannuronate, an organic derivative of seaweed that locks in moisture to the epidermis. Independent Clinical Trials* have proven the appearance of fine lines around the eye contour are visibly smoothed and toned to reveal truly youthful eyes.

*Independent Clinical Trials 2004

Visible Results


  • Performed over 28 days
  • 40 women aged between 36-54
  • Used daily, morning and evening


Helps reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 60%

What are Independent Clinical Trials?

Independent, scientific tests conducted in a controlled laboratory or clinical environment to clinically measure product or treatment performance. Utilizes the latest and most accurate scientific equipment.


Ingredients of Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

Aqua/Water/Eau, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, PEG-8, Glycerin, Methylsilanol Mannuronate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hexyldecanol, Hexyldecyl Laurate, Sorbitol, Padina Pavonica Thallus Extract, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Butylene Glycol, Algae Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Leaf Extract, Tocopherol, Polygonum Fagopyrum (Buckwheat) Seed Extract, Sorbic Acid.


Padina Pavonica, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Blue Green Micro-Algae, Methylsilanol Munnuroate

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Key Ingredients



Chlorella is a green/ brown algae with proven anti-ageing benefits. It helps support the skin with firming and restructuring properties.

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Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae

One of the most nutrient-rich algaes, Blue Green algae has nourishing, astringent and skin toning properties.

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How to use


Apply daily, morning and evening


Apply one pump to both ring fingers and gently pat around the eye contour.


For maximum results, it can be applied over Absolute Eye Serum (for concerns of dark circles and puffiness) or over Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (for maximum effects on dehydration and fine lines) or under the Pro-Definition Eye & Lip Contour Cream (for maximum effects on a thinning/ ageing skin)

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Love this product

On a cruise earlier this year I had a facial in the spa. The Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal was used on my eyes. I am not one to jump on products, especially on a cruise ship spa. BUT after my first treatment, I had several in my party of friends ask what I did with my eyes. I have always had dark circles under my eyes. I am 69 years old, and now I find that using this product and foundation and eye liner, I am ready to go. I have tried other collagen products. but nothing compares to Elemis.

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Bit strong perhaps?

Having used and loved elemis products for over 2 years and regularly going for facials in Elemis in John Lewis in Southampton this is the first product that has not agreed with me - on application it tingles but after about 30mins to 1 hour I had very red blotchy eyes. I removed this product and nkw have dry scaly patches - I don't know if part of the renewal process that Themis product is meant to remove old skin and that's why the reaction? I use the eye mask both in the facials and at home and don't have any reaction . So for £65 a bottle and only used once I am unsure about purchasing further eye products which is a shame as the rest of the products I have used so far have been great.

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ELEMIS Replied to your Review on 8/10/2017
Hi Lynette,

Thank you for taking the time to post a review of this product and we are so sorry to hear of the unpleasant experience that you have had with it.
We would like to thank you for your loyalty and customer over the past two years and it is with regret to hear of the reaction that you have had.

It certainly is unusual to have a reaction like this to the product and it is certainly not a characteristic of the product to make the skin dry or red. It sounds as though you have experienced an allergic reaction to the actives within this product.

We would recommend to cease use of the product immediately and rinse thoroughly, applying a cold compress to relieve any discomfort. If your symptoms do not subside, please contact your GP for further assistance.

If you would like to look into getting a refund or exchanging this product for something that is more suited to you skin, please contact so that we can help you to contact John Lewis in Southampton or contact them directly on 02380 216 355.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact ELEMIS Customer Care.

Kind Regards,

No more puffy eyes

Looking for the 'holy grail' of eye products,if puffiness and dark circles are your problem look no further. This wonderful product is a lovely fragrance free gel that absorbs almost immediately. A very small amount of product required ( if I'm being picky a full pump is too much) it reduces puffiness and dark circles almost immediately. I have some fine lines and this has improved these slightly, however as I've only used the product for a couple of weeks, perhaps it's too early to expect my fine lines to disappear completely. . Nice to find an eye product that actually makes a difference, thank you Elemis

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Lovely Product Wins Over Doubter!

I've always been lucky with my skin, but having recently turned 40 I've started to notice a few little wrinkles around my eyes, especially when I smile. I've tried eye creams before and been left profoundly underwhelmed, but this one really is different - yes, it's not cheap, but it's the first eye product I've ever used that has made the slightest bit of difference. The texture is just lovely - a light gel that sinks in quickly and easily without the need to drag the skin, and there's no feeling of stickiness as is sometimes the case with eye products. I've been using it every day for three weeks - there's still loads left, and the skin around my eyes is definitely smoother than before. I was a real sceptic before about premium eye products, but this one might just have won me over!

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After trying many different eye creams over the years, I was sceptical that this would be any different. At 51, I am lucky that I don’t have too many wrinkles, however I do suffer from baggy eyes and dark circles. The Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Renewal Cream is a light gel texture, which quickly melts into the skin. After two weeks of use (morning and evening) the skin feels smoother, more hydrated and looks illuminated.

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Pro smoothing

I've been using this product for just over 2 weeks. I already love the pro collagen marine cream and so really wanted to try this.
This product doesn't have any scent which I like as I can have quite sensitive eyes. I did find that I had to use less than 1 full pump (about half a pump) otherwise the product did make my eyes sting. However, with a smaller amount, I had no problems.
So far, I like this product. The texture melts into the skin with very little stimulation required by the fingers. I find that makeup sits nicely around the eye area after applying this without caking. I do think that the product is starting to smooth out my eye area but I haven't noticed any visible reductions in wrinkles yet. I will continue to use this as I do like how my eyes feel after application and I'm hopeful that it will reduce wrinkles in time.

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Desert island essential

I really didn't think I was going to see any results with this product, but was willing to give it a go! My all time favourite product visible brilliance no longer exists so you have to search for alternatives.
Morning and night I have used a pump of cloudy, barely scented lotion around my eyes, it is worth noting that there are many products that as soon as they hit my skin react badly, not this! The silky texture absorbs leaving no sticky residue and no sign of any shine.
I took a pic of my eyes before I started using this and today took another, after all the camera does not lie....I am still exhausted, it never claimed to cure me from three children but there is a definite reduction in lines and bags and I am impressed, would I recommend it, absolutely. It is pricey but it delivers results.

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Not like Barbie - just a bit smoother

In my 20s and 30s I barely wore any cosmetics - lipstick before I went out and that was me good to go. Now in my mid 40s the grey hairs are appearing and the laughter lines (though they look more like canals).

I have been using the Elemis Pro-collagen renewal for almost a fortnight now and can definitely see a slight improvement. Nothing dramatic but the skin is smoother and less bumpy (technical term!).

It's an opaque gel that goes on quickly. You only need a single pump from the sleek canister for each eye so a little goes a long way. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave any stickiness (a plus for those with flyaway hair). There is also no smell to overpower.

Ultimately, the question comes down to cost - is this products worth it and in my opinion, yes it is. I don't want to totally eradicate the lines, but this helps keep them happy ones.

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Eye relief bliss.

Brilliantly cares for my very sensitive and sore eyes, thick texture makes a soothing, slightly tightening eye mask. Under eye skin looks less wrinkled and more luminescent after two weeks. Very little product needed to provide excellent eye care, good texture makes it easy to apply too.

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Love it

Been using this now for 2 weeks, and can see some improvement. The texture is lovely and sinks into the skin almost immediately. I haven't been using it in conjunction with anything else, but if I did I'm sure the results would be even better.

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