Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Super Cleansing Treatment Balm


Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Super Cleansing Treatment Balm

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Deep Cleanses, Softens, Nourishes

This powerful, deep cleansing balm dissolves make-up, daily grime and pollutants. Skin is intensely cleansed, nourished and renewed for a glowing complexion. Luxury cleansing cloth included. For all skin types.

    • Our No.1 bestselling, multi-award-winning cleanser.

    • This cult hero is a favorite among beauty bloggers and industry insiders.

    • Leaves skin soft, smooth and deeply cleansed.

    • The rich, calming aroma smells like a spa in a jar.

Best for Dissolving make-up, daily grime and pollutants.
Suitable for All skin types
Key Actives
  • Elderberry Oil
  • Starflower Oil
  • Padina Pavonica
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Product Detail


This No.1 Bestselling cleansing balm deep cleanses and leaves skin supremely soft. Luxurious Rose and Mimosa waxes are infused with nourishing Elderberry, Starflower and Optimega™ oils and supercharged with anti-aging algae, Padina Pavonica.


This rich balm contains 9 essential oils that lift away dirt and leave skin soft and clean. It is also intensely nourishing and contains powerful marine actives proven to firm your skin.


Perfect to use on a daily basis as a deep cleansing balm or weekly as a nourishing facial mask.


Warm into the palms and then massage over the face, neck and décolleté with light circular massage movements. Moisten fingertips and continue to massage.

Remove with a warm, damp cotton cleansing cloth. For an intensely nourishing treatment, you can also use this product as a facial mask.

Balm may melt when warm but re-sets perfectly when cooled. Avoid contact with eyes.


100%agreed the product glided easily on their skin*

96%agreed that the products helped leave the skin feeling softened and smoothed*

91%agreed that the product helped to leave their skin nourished*​

91%agreed the product is effective at removing makeup*

*Independent User Trials

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Beautiful aroma....

The balm is easy to use and you can do a really good massage with it on the face. Even though they don't recommend using it on the eyes I have done without any problem as I have quite sensitive eyes. I have the 30ml travel pot and have been using it for 4 weeks now and I have only used 3/4 of it so far.

Posted by Sue 3/4/2015

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Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm - Love it!

This balm is lovely to use, beautiful scent and makes your skin feel amazing. I followed the instructions for the more nourishing face mask and it was so easy and the scent is so relaxing. Afterwards my skin was so soft and glowing. I can thoroughly recommend this product.

Posted by Claire Fauilkner 4/22/2015

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Heaven in a tub!

The first time I used this product was after 16 hours flying and 2 weeks in China, my skin was sensitive, sore and dry... The heat, pollution and air conditioning had taken its toll. I was nervous to use something new on my face with my skin being so sore but I knew than any of my other products would be to harsh. I shouldn't have worried as from the moment I began to massage the balm into my skin it instantly felt soothed and clean. It also easily cuts through my long wear make up and removes all traces easily. I love using it at the end of the day as a mini facial before bed, the amazing oils in the product leave you relaxed and clean for a good night sleep. I have the 100ml jar but will definitely be going for the 200ml next time! I love it! Oh, and as with all Elemis products, it looks gorgeous on display in your bathroom!

Posted by Claire W 4/24/2015

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Love this!

I love using this balm in the bath. I feel like I am having a spa experience and it is a real treat. I massage the balm into my face and after 10 mins I put the warm face cloth on my face and practice deep breathing like it says in the instructions. The whole experience is so relaxing and gives me a sense of well-being. The aroma is lovely and the the oils leave me feeling relaxed. I feel like every last trace of make up is removed and skin is glowing. My favourite cleansing product by far!

Posted by Lesley 4/27/2015

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treat for skin

When ever i use this its feel like treat for the skin.Very soothing and calming.very nice texture.just glide on the skin dose not pull the skin if you cleanse for bit it.

Posted by quratulaan 4/29/2015

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Facial in a flash

Love this! The balm glides on the skin and removes all traces of make up. I enjoy using it as a face mask too in the bath - the fragrance is amazing and in just ten minutes you feel as if you have had a facial. Not sure I could live without this little gem!

Posted by Charlotte Dewhurst 4/29/2015

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Elemis Staff Replied to your Review on 5/12/2015
Thanks for your lovely review
Thanks for your lovely review

Pro-collagen cleansing balm

An amazing cleanser. Beautiful aromas, intense and luxurious texture which cleanses thoroughly. Leaves the skin feeling nourishesd and is soft after use. Excellent value for money as a little achieves a lot. Just love using this product.

Posted by Sharon Blackburn 5/3/2015

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Heaven in a pot!

Wow, from start to finish this product is a delight!
The texture of the cream is rich and of premium grade, it glides onto the skin with decadence. And the aromas are a joy in themselves. When removing the cream comes off with ease leaving my skin feeling nourished with a healthy glow. After using for a fortnight, I'm delighted with the results, the dullness has gone and I feel my skin has become a little more even.

Posted by Dominique Redford 5/5/2015

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Best Cleanser Ever!

Wow! I just love, love. love this cleansing balm. It takes the chore out of cleansing and makes it a treat to look forward to each day . The balm smells divine, glides on effortlessly and takes make up and grime off in an instant. My skin is super moisturized afterwards too.It is simply the best I've ever tried. Not cheap, but a definite "must have" and will become my one and only cleanser.

Posted by Emma Tyjas 5/11/2015

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Spar in a Jar

This amazing smelling balm is now one of my must have products. It has a lovely consistency,it glides on smoothly and gently but totally removes all traces of make up,leaving my skin feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed. Also used as a face mask for a relaxing spa like experience. I have had many compliments on the appearance of my skin since using this product daily. Would not be without it.

Posted by Gail 5/18/2015

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Most recent customer reviews


This cleanser has transformed and healed my skin. My skin is thoroughly cleansed, smooth and calm. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin texture since I started using it. I’m hooked because it is so effective. I enjoy cleansing my skin so much now and I’ve purchased other Elemis products as well

Posted by Susan 9/17/2019


This cleanser has transformed and healed my skin. My skin is thoroughly cleansed, smooth and calm. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin texture since I started using it. I’m hooked because it is so effective. I enjoy cleansing my skin so much now and I’ve purchased other Elemis products as well

Posted by Susan 9/17/2019


Fantastic cleanser that is amazingly relaxing at the end of a long day. This is going to be a my new evening cleanser.

Posted by Lorna 9/13/2019

Love this but product was defective

I absolutely love this cleansing balm - it is delightful and works so well - melts the makeup off and leaves your skin so clean and hydrated. I was so excited to get my new cleansing balm but so disappointed that the container was not filled properly. It has a huge hole under a thin top layer. I contacted customer service about my problem and sent a picture of my product. Their answer was to send me a travel size next time I order. I don't find this acceptable. From now on I will buy it on Amazon or elsewhere that has customer service that can be depended upon. Time and time again I see YouTube creators and other Influencers receive free products from Elemis. It seems like they would have at least let me exchange it. So disappointing for such an expensive product.

Posted by Michelle 8/30/2019

A MUST have in your beauty routine... even for oily/combo skin!!!

This is like heaven in a jar for your skin! I was so hopeful that this product would work but I had my doubts before trying given its texture and consistency. Let me just say... WOW! Not only did this product make my skin so happy but it WORKED so far beyond any expectation I had. After removing my makeup with my wipes and micellar water, I looked like there was nothing left on my face but in an effort to get all my eye makeup removed, which is why I purchased this product in the first place, I went in with this little gem. It felt so nice that I decided to just make it a full face cleanse instead of just my eyes. After gently massaging this spa experience onto my face, I took a cloth soaked in tolerable hot water and laid it on my face for about 30 seconds and then proceeded to wipe it away from my eyes and then the remaining areas of my face. I was soooo shocked!!! It was amazing how much makeup and dirt actually came off my face during this step!!! It definitely provided a gentle deep cleaning that I was not expecting but I was so grateful to get. NOW, IF YOU HAVE OILY/COMBO SKIN PLEASE READ THIS NEXT SUGGESTION!!! I have oily/combo skin so this next part was key for me in order to incorporate this now 'cant live without' product into my skincare routine. You more than likely can not just use this as your main cleanser if you have oily/combo skin. You should use this as your first step in cleansing and make your second step your normal facial cleanser. This will give you the most benefit by removing any excess dirt but without causing a breakout or making you unusually oily. Please dont pass this guy up because of the fact that it's a 'balm' and you have oily/combo skin. There are benefits that you will LOVE to this product even with these skin types. All in all, I support and recommend this product 100% with ALL skin types with the above mentioned steps. Try it, you wont regret it.

*** I purchased this product myself, I was not given anything for free to try or in exchange for my review.***

Posted by Tara Saunders 8/25/2019

Happy Surprise!

It’s so great to order a product for the first time and to be ECSTATIC over it. After one use my skin looked noticeably smoother and more clarified and radiant. I found a new favorite product. I love it! It has an amazing smell and it’s a beautiful cleansing experience!

Posted by Susan 8/20/2019

Regular cleansing balm vs. rose

Tried the new rose version first which didn't agree with me. So much happier with the original. It hydrates while cleansing including the eye area. If you use this daily, you won't need a separate eye cream.

Posted by Ann Greenberg 7/4/2019


I fell in love with this the first time I used it a few years back. I've never used anything like it and haven't found anything close to it since. It smells amazing, washes my makeup off easier than anything I've used before including makeup remover and face washes and leaves my skin so soft and glowing. You will not regret spending the money and a little goes a long way!

Posted by Sabrina 6/8/2019


This cleansing balm is amazing. My skin feels so soft after using it. I'm 57 and have already noticed a significant difference with all of the pro collagen products. Everyone keeps asking what I'm doing different? I got rid of all my other products which I've never done before. I'm hooked!

Posted by Dana Graziano-Jones 5/30/2019

Elemis cleansing collagen balm

This product is amazing I have been using it for two weeks and it leaves my face soft and super clean .

Posted by maria esquivel 5/27/2019