Fall Skin
Fall Skin

Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

Skin conditioning cleansing oil


Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

Skin conditioning cleansing oil

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Cleanses, Soothes, Softens

    • This nourishing cleansing oil soothes, softens and lifts impurities without stripping the skin.

    • Blending Winter Rose oil, rich in Omega-9, with skin-conditioning Chia Seed, it effectively removes make-up whilst maintaining the skin’s natural barrier.

    • Vitamin-rich Pomegranate ensures that skin is left looking healthy and radiant.

Best for Cleansing oil that conditions and moisturizes
Suitable for All skin types
Key Actives
  • Chia Seed Oil
  • Rose
  • Pomegranate
Product Detail


Blended with over 90% natural oils, our new clinically proven* Cleansing Oil has been formulated to ensure it maintains the skin’s delicate acid mantle at its optimum pH 4.5 - 5.5. Maintaining this optimum level ensures that the beneficial microflora on the skin are kept in balance to keep skin healthy. *Independent Clinical Trials


Gently yet effectively removes make-up and impurities. Contains over 90% natural oils. Softens, soothes and supports the moisture barrier.


Apply every morning and evening


Massage 1-2 pumps of the light-weight oil into dry skin and then add warm water. The oil will melt into a luxurious milky lather that cleanses the skin. Simply rinse off to reveal a clear and nourished complexion.


Follow with the appropriate ELEMIS toner and moisturiser.


Apply morning and evening to a dry skin, massage over the face, neck and décolleté then introduce a little water to transform the oil to a light milk. Rinse off with warm water. Follow with your appropriate ELEMIS toner and moisturiser.


88%agreed the product left skin feeling soft and supple*

86%agreed that the product left skin feeling conditioned*

85%agreed the product left skin feeling nourished*

*Independent User Trials

Fall Skin



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Magic makeup remover

This product magically removes all my makeup with barely any effort, I leaves my face so fresh and clean but without stripping it! My face feels so soft and afterwards but there is no oily residue like some oil based cleansers. I'm prone to acne bet this is so gentle and kind to my skin that I've had no problems. Plus it smells amazing!

Posted by Kerry 12/21/2015

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Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil

Love this , took a couple of time to perfect the process of shaking enough to then activate the product. Smells divine , a real pleasurable experience in the morning , soft , gentle and nourishing to skin , once rinsed away you are left with a plumped surface , almost as if you have applied a primer to the skin .

This leaves the perfect base for applying your moisturiser and make up as everything seems to glide on easier , leaving a more professional finish.

Posted by suzanne 12/21/2015

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Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

Was initially unsure about an oil for cleansing but am now converted. Very effective gentle cleanser and comforting to my mature dry winter skin. Smell is wonderful and uplifting too. Excellent product.

Posted by Kate 1/2/2016

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I was a bit nervous of this product at first as I am new to facial oils but I can now see why they are such a hit! As with all the other Elemis products I have tried this does what it says it will and feels truly nourishing. It is an excellent cleanser that glides onto the skin (no greasiness here!) removing all traces of make up with ease. The smell is lovely and delicate.. I have been using this for about a month now and have noticed I no longer require quite as much moisturiser as I did previously.

Posted by Freya 1/12/2016

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Effective cleanser pleasant texture & smell

I'm a great fan of the cleansing balm & was a little cynical before using the oil; after using it now for 3 weeks, I'm a convert. It works well as a make up remover (even mascara) & as a simple facial cleanser. Although it's an oil, the texture is not greasy. Despite having mature skin, I can still experience the odd break out from excess oil, no such problems with this cleansing oil. It left my skin feeling soft & clean. I used 2 pumps when removing make up otherwise 1 pump was enough, so the product will last 3 -4 months with twice daily use. The only minor criticism I have is about the reference to turning into a light milky texture ... it becomes a very very light milky texture once you start applying water ... don't expect it to be white.

Posted by Jean 1/20/2016

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New Year new me

On Jan 1st I started using the new cleansing oil, morning and night and I have been absolutely delighted with the results. At first I was worried it would leave an oily film like other oil cleansers but this want the case. My skin felt clean and fresh and after a week it had started to glow. As I've got older I thought that youthful glow was just going to be a distant memory but I was wrong so I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, specially those who wish to recover youthful looking skin. This product is easy to apply and rinse off, it doesn't leave my face feeling tight with any residue like many cleansers I have used over the years, it also have a lovely natural fragrance that comes from oils used. It removes every trace of make-up and leaves skin soft, supple and radiant. I am so delighted with this Omega Rich Cleanser and I hope that when you try it you will be delighted to.

Posted by Rosemarie Wilcock 1/23/2016

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Super Product!

I have been using Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil for 3 weeks. Firstly, this smells gorgeous but the fragrance is subtle so not too overpowering. Secondly, I love the texture which just glides over the skin so give yourself a little facial massage. It removes all traces of makeup leaving the skin feeling soft but not dry like some cleansers. You only need one pump so the bottle will last for ages.

Posted by Helen 1/23/2016

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Spoilt for choice

This product is just beautiful, texture and smell. I have been using the Pro collagen balm for some time now and didn't think it could be bettered, but with this oil I am now spoilt for choice. I have just ordered another one. Please don't stop making either of them.

Posted by Catherine 2/24/2016

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Best ever cleanser..smells gorgeous..I'm hooked.!x

Posted by Sue 3/31/2016

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Amazing stuff

I was very skeptical about using an oil on my already slightly oily skin, but I took a deep breath and went for it. I am so very glad that I did. I am using this daily, and despite it sounding counter intuitive, my skin has been less oily since I used it- to the point where I barely bother with my make up any more! My skin no longer breaks out, and it definitely looks younger- I was panicking about the subtle appearance of smile lines on my face, which this seems to have completely erased! It smells lovely, it feels very nice and it leaves my skin velvety soft.

Posted by Amii 4/1/2016

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Most recent customer reviews

Oil cleanser wow

I have very dry skin that breaks out a lot. Every single cleanser/makeup remover/moisturiser makes me break out. Until I found this ! It effortlessly removes all
Makeup without any scrubbing without seconds. It leaves my skin feeling plumped and soft with no greasy ness or tightness. All of my spots have gone after 6 days of using this product and somehow my freckles have lightened and my whole face is a lovely colour. 100% hooked and something I could never live without now

Posted by Laura 9/6/2019

Love it!

I absolutely love this cleansing oil! It feels incredible on your skin and takes very little to completely cleanse your face. The smell is beautiful and the texture is lovely! This is a perfect first step to cleanse before any other skincare. Sometimes I even double cleanse, using this first to remove my makeup, then I apply the cleansing balm and leave that on as a mask, then rinse. It leaves my skin looking soft and youthful! Absolutely give this product a try, you’ll love it!

Posted by Jenn 12/26/2018

Fantastic cleanser

Both my daughter and I use this lovely cleansing oil. My daughter swims regularly and consequently the chlorinated water dehydrates her skin, she is also prone to congestion and break outs. This cleanser has helped change her skin by helping to both balance and rehydrate it. Her skin I looks healthier, calmer and she has less break outs.
I love it because it is a very effective cleanser and it makes my combination skin smooth and balanced.

Posted by Deborah 11/10/2017


As usual with an Elemis product my expectations were high. It did not disappoint. It smells wonderful and glides on to the skin, you can feel it softening and comforting the skin. It feels so wonderful you forget you are using a cleanser. It is not at all drying or striping and is a very enjoyable experience. Add water and it then feels more like a cleanser. Left my skin soft, plumped and gently but thoroughly cleansed. Highly recommend.

Posted by Susan Abou Elela 9/12/2017

Looking good

I note that this product says good for oily skin, I have dry skin and have really found this product good for my dry skin, so I am not sure if its for oily or dry, please will you tell me

Posted by Lesley 8/21/2017

Best Cleanser!

Absolutely LOVE this face oil! Its perfect for my dry skin and takes a full face of make up off! I always use this at night time before bed, but i also like to use it when my skin is feeling a little tight/dry.

Its also really helped with my acne around my chin area.

Have re-ordered twice now and will be again when its all gone!

Posted by Ellie 6/28/2017


This cleanser truly changed my skin. I suffered from hormonal acne and once a month my skin would be awful around my chin. I got this as a sample and started using it and the results were fantastic! My skin is clearer than it's ever been and it makes my skin glowing and soft. Worked wonders for me!

Posted by Nicole 6/24/2017


I can't live without it! Absolutely love this cleanser!!

Posted by Helen 4/21/2017

Soothing to dry skin

I had stopped looking after myself and skin had become dry, flaky and sore. Decided to give this a try and honestly within a few uses my skin feels more hydrated, smoother and comforted. I find it quicker and less sticky than cleansing balm but with similar effects.

Posted by Eleanor Campion 3/19/2017

Oily Skin Convert!

I was very nervous about using an oil on my 49-year-old oily/prone to breakout skin. The smell is delicate! I take my time, massaging the oil into my skin and then add water and massage a bit more before removing with a warm washcloth. My skin is wonderfully soft, smooth, and my breakouts are going away! Using an oil felt counterintuitive, but perhaps my skin has been needing this vital moisture all along? Please do not stop making this product!

Posted by Kristen Maheu 2/9/2017