What is double-cleansing?

22nd July 2019


Some of us have been double-cleansing (and even triple-cleansing) for years without knowing it. But thanks to K-beauty and the elaborate multi-stepped skincare regimes of South Korean women, we’ve been hearing a lot about it. Although popularized by Korean beauty bloggers (who sometimes practice up to 10 different skincare steps), Japanese women have actually been double-cleansing using cleansing oil for centuries.

Double-cleansing is simply the act of removing your make-up and SPF, excess sebum and dead skin until all signs of grime and build-up are removed before actually getting down to cleansing the skin. This is to ensure that your skin is really clean, clear of any barriers, and prepped and primed for receiving all the benefits of your products. You will definitely see better results whether you’re using Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for anti-aging or White Brightening Even Tone Serum for pigmentation. Thankfully, there’s a whole library of textures available to make the experience more of an everyday treat than a chore.

How to double-cleanse

If you’re wearing eye make-up and lipstick, it’s best to address this first before cleaning your whole face. White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover is a bi-phase make-up remover that rids your complexion of both oily make-up and everyday dirt from the delicate eye and lip areas. Be careful not to drag the skin as you go – this make-up remover dissolves even waterproof mascara so make-up should come away easily.

For your first cleanse, ideally, you should use a cleansing oil or balm as this will remove make-up more effectively. Follow this up with a facial wash, a cream cleanser or a cleansing milk to remove water-based dirt. This is when you get down to really cleansing the skin and preparing it for your serum and moisturizer.

Start with Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil, Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser or Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and really massage it into your skin to dislodge dirt and make-up.

  • Remember to take it below the jawline and around the ears where you may have blended in foundation.
  • Use a muslin cloth or a wash cloth to wash off the product. Make sure to use running water to saturate the cloth before washing your face and again when rinsing out the grime that you’ve just removed so as not to transfer it back to your skin.
  • Using gentle circular motions with the cloth will help remove dirt, particularly on the T-zone and in the ridges around your nose and lips.

These products are intensely moisturizing as well as cleansing due to their high natural oil content, but if you’d rather use water in both phases of your double-cleanse, Smart Cleanse Micellar Water is the answer. Micelles remove both oil-based and water-based dirt so you can be sure that you’re wiping away all traces of the day. In fact, it’s so gentle you can use Smart Cleanse Micellar Water as an extra step in your cleansing routine to be sure that your face is completely make-up and dirt-free.

For your second cleanse, now is a great time to incorporate a treatment cleanser which is focused on a particular skin concern you may have. We recommend Sensitive Cleansing Wash for sensitive skin, BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser for tired skin or Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash for skin that needs smoothing and refining.

  • At this point your skin should be free from make-up and SPF layers so cleansing should be less rigorous.
  • Using a muslin cloth or wash cloth soaked in hot water and pressed to the face at this point will remove any residues from your cleanser.
  • Don’t forget to tone after cleansing to make sure that your skin is softened and ready for your serum and moisturizer.

There are no hard and fast rules to double cleansing - whichever ELEMIS products suit your skin best can be used. As long as your skin is clean and clear of dead skin, it will be more receptive to the active ingredients and nutrients in your products. Now you can relax and go to bed knowing that your skin is working optimally during its overnight renewal phase.

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