Meet Katie Jane Hughes

18th June 2019

ELEMIS’ NEW Resident Glow Expert

With over 12 years of experience as a make-up artist for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Glossier and Cosmopolitan, ELEMIS is proud to announce that Katie Jane Hughes is our new resident Glow Expert.

New York based but hailing from Southport, Merseyside, Katie’s signature playful approach to make-up and skincare comes with a love of experimentation that has won her 280k+ fans on Instagram and beyond.

Over the coming months, Katie will be sharing skincare tips and tricks you’ve never thought of: how to blend your facial oil with your makeup base; how to use a face mist to set your look with a glossy sheen. Add to this Katie’s desire to “normalize skin texture” and empower the look of naturally healthy skin over Instagram’s usual filtered perfection, and you can see why we’re in love.

But what about the woman behind the skincare? We Facetimed Katie between her morning workout and coffee pick-me-up to talk guilty pleasures, the best New York hangouts and why Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads will always be her fave…


On Childhood

“I’ve loved beauty since I was a baby because my Mum was a singer. She was a normal Mum of four during the day but she would transform into this glamazon singer with an amazing stage presence at night. I think it meant the transformative power of make-up and beauty was just ingrained in me from a young age.”

On Career

“I started out in the industry by specializing in nails. I worked in salons at 17 and then moved to London and started doing nails backstage at shows, on set for shoots; it was my way in, so I just kept chipping away. My husband’s American so we moved to New York after a while. I wanted to rebrand myself as a make-up artist, so I was eager to get a fresh start. When you get known as an expert in something, it’s so easy to find yourself pigeonholed and itching to break free. It has been make-up and skincare ever since.”


“Since I can remember, ELEMIS has been a prestigious brand for me. I’ve always associated it with an attainable, accessible elegance. There’s always one product in a brand that sells you on it and for me that was the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. They’re super gentle but they get rid of any dead skin that’s clinging on and they make my make-up look so much better. I use them once every other day.”

On Skincare

“I’ve never been one to get facials regularly because I personally think my skin can look really amazing with the right skincare routine. From ELEMIS, I’m loving the Pro-Collagen Rose Hydro-Mist, both variants of the cleansing balm—Rose and original—the Peptide 24/7 range and Superfood Facial Oil.”

“I like to cocktail them, mix them and play with the textures. For example, I like to add a drop of the Superfood Oil to my face cream to make it a bit richer, or I blend a drop in to my foundation to give it a sheer dewiness.”

On Coffee vs. Tea

“I live in New York, so I love coffee. I have a lot of my meetings in coffee shops like Stumptown. I just love the ritual of it. That said, when I’m back home in the UK, I do like a cheeky sip of my Dad’s tea. He’s a builder so it’s literally two teabags, two sugars, loads of milk. It’s really nostalgic and special.”

On New York

“I love New York first for the people and second for the convenience. You walk down the street and you hear a million different accents…Irish, American, Scouse (that’s usually me!), Arabic. It’s so broad!”

“Everything’s also open 24/7 which in some ways is a bit of a bummer, because you don’t really switch off. You do find yourself thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if things were closed on Sundays and people could just chill and do their own thing?’

But, it’s one of those things where you think one way about it, and then as soon as you’re away for a while, you can’t wait to get back.”

“When it comes to hanging out, I love going to get my nails done with Momo at Oh My Nails! She’s amazing. Bareburger is heaven for burgers in a relaxed, chilled out vibe.”

On Guilty Pleasures

“My ultimate guilty pleasure is probably crème brûlée. No. Panna cotta. It’s exactly the same texture as Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream! Halfway between mousse and jelly! I love it.”

On Natural Beauty

“I find it so troubling to see how filtered some people’s faces can be on Instagram. Sure, if making yourself look completely flawless makes you happy and makes you feel good then go for it, but I’m trying to educate the people who don’t realize that’s not real.”

“Some people do have freak-of-nature-flawless-skin, but most of us don’t. I think that it’s important to be real with people and put images out there that say ‘Look, I’ve got pores, I’ve got fine lines, I’m not going to edit them out.’ They’re part of my face and I don’t want to get rid of them, I just want to make my skin look the best it can.”

On Tidying Up

“I find unwinding a bit of a struggle, but if I’m feeling anxious or stressed, a good way to chill is to put on a good playlist and just start tidying up. I find it so therapeutic. Organizing is amazing. I’ll just go to my make-up table and start packing up stuff that I’m not using. Make a donate bin, get everything in order, listen to music and let your mind be at ease.”

On Glowing Skin

“I love my skin to look super luminous throughout the day, so I like to layer on moisture, paying particular attention to the high points of my face. It’s a great tip for making your complexion glow!”



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