What's Your Skin Story?

3rd January 2019

Rewrite your skin story this January with curated 4-step collections for radiant, healthy skin.

After weeks of indulging, the new year is a time to pause, take stock and positively plan for the year ahead. This January, ELEMIS has collected together the tools you need to give your skin a fresh start, with four expertly curated skincare systems. Each one is unique, featuring signature products, packed full of potent ingredients from above and below the earth’s surface.

“We all know those common New Year’s resolutions; eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more. But what about your skincare?” says ELEMIS’ President and Co-Founder, Noella.  “After a busy and indulgent festive season, chances are your skin is starting to show the after effects. It’s the perfect time to make a change for good and put your best face forward.”

Spanning the complete ELEMIS range, these four collections feature simple steps and incredible actives to give you beautiful skin in 2019. Let’s start at the beginning; let’s rewrite your skin story.

Choose from…


Like a juice cleanse for the skin, these nutrient-dense superfood ingredients help give you a lasting, outdoor-fresh glow.

Extracts of Broccoli, Avocado, Kale, Pumpkin Seeds and more work together with an active Pre-Biotic to balance, nourish and hydrate your skin. The result? An outdoor-fresh glow to defy winter-skin standards.


Take a shortcut to radiance with our revolutionary Tri-Enzyme technology to exfoliate and even skin tone.

A build-up of dead skin can easily mask the vibrant complexion that lies beneath. Say goodbye to that lacklustre look with our Dynamic Resurfacing range. Using patented Tri-Enzyme technology, these gentle formulas reveal fresher, brighter skin whilst helping to boost the natural exfoliation cycle.


Synchronize your skin with the power of Peptide4 and exclusive extracts of Star Arvensis and Night Scented Stock.

Fancy a well-rested look, day or night? The challenges of modern life can impact on our circadian rhythms; reducing the number of hours we sleep and causing tired, dull skin. Powered by super-hydrating botanical extracts, our Peptide 24/7 range helps restore that well-rested glow, reviving, brightening and illuminating for replenished skin around-the clock.


Step into the new year with intensely hydrated and plumped skin. Clinically proven to improve firmness and hydration in just 14 days.*

By now, we all know the iconic power of Pro-Collagen’s marine actives, but if your skin needs a reminder, or if you’re new to the firming and plumping game, opt for this collection to intensely hydrate and smooth. Rich marine actives help you cleanse, brighten and illuminate for younger-looking skin.

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