5 Ways to Brighten Tired, Dull Skin

11th January 2019

“There aren’t enough hours in the day, and my skin is starting to show it…”

The alarm rings shrilly, forcing you to open your eyes and roll up in a jolt with messy hair, puffy eyes and a creased complexion. We all know the feeling. Whether you’re a working Mom, a late night scroller; climbing the career ladder or simply suffering from a stressful lifestyle, a lack of sleep can play havoc on your wellbeing, health and skin.

When time is scarce and the pressure is on, the last thing you need to be worried about is the state of your complexion. So we’ve created the Peptide 24/7 Refresh and Renew Collection. Perfect for helping you start fresh with an around-the-clock synchronizing routine. Forget tea bags and cucumber slices. It’s time to call in the Peptides…

What are Peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids found naturally in your skin that help form the building blocks of healthy protein structures and keep your skin looking fresh, plump and taut. Without them, skin cells can become disorganized and sluggish.

Why do I need them in my skincare?

Aging, pollution, lack of sleep and stress can all have a negative impact on our skin health, throwing our circadian rhythms out of sync and preventing proper cell turnover and collagen expression. Powered by Peptides and exclusive botanic extracts of Night Scented Stock and Star Arvensis™️, ELEMIS’ Peptide 24/7 range is ideal for helping your skin build up resilience, supporting your natural processes of renewal for a well-rested look, day or night.

Featuring the complete Peptide 24/7 range, plus a Gentle Foaming Facial Wash to delicately purify and refresh, the Peptide 24/7 Refresh and Renew January collection is ideal for giving you a wide-awake look this new year.

Top 5 Tricks for Tired Skin

Shower smart

Choose an invigorating shower wash for your morning rinse, and avoid water that’s too hot as it further dehydrates tired, stressed out skin.

Take some me-time

Using the illuminating Peptide Thousand Flower Mask from your Refresh and Renew collection, take a mid-week pick me up with a face mask and a few soothing breaths. Powered by thousands of fallen flowers, rich in Fulvic and Humic acids, this cooling, mousse-like mask is great for reviving and supporting dull skin, plus the ritual of making time for you helps de-stress and reset your mindframe.

Fake the look of 8 hours sleep

Hailed as "an indulgent night-time treatment" that will "repair and revitalize skin" by Vogue, 100% agreed after using Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil, it looked like they’d had 8 hours of sleep. Apply before bed every evening to support and hydrate your skin through the night.

Drink up

So much of that worn out, puffy look is caused by bog standard dehydration. Start your day with a slice of lemon and hot water and keep a large bottle of water by your side throughout the day to remind you to hydrate. Avoid sugary drinks and try to cut off your caffeine after 3pm.

Get bright-eyed

97% of users agreed that the skin around their eyes looked younger and well-rested after using Peptide⁴ Eye Recovery Cream, so place a small amount on your ring finger and pat around the eye contour, morning and night, to revive and brighten puffy, tired eyes. If you’re dealing with some serious dark circles, blend a triangle of concealer under the eye and dot some highlighter into the inner corners to help cheat the look.

Ready to rewrite your skin story for revitalized skin in the new year?



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