How to: Remove Halloween Makeup

30th October 2018

Take your paint off the ELEMIS way with tricks and treats from our Training and Education Director, Nicci Anstey.


It’s the easiest way to get in to the Halloween spirit. A dash of glitter; a gory swatch of latex; a little fake blood. We’re talking Halloween makeup. Thanks to the dawn of makeup tutorials on Instagram, YouTube and beyond, everyone can be an artist. But what about caring for your skin?

The scary truth is that Halloween makeup can wreak havoc on any complexion, not to mention sensitive skins. Harsh paints, drying glues and pore clogging silicones can all contribute to redness, breakouts and dullness come November. So, we spoke to ELEMIS’ Training and Education Director, Nicci Anstey to get her take on the best way to remove even the most elaborate of Halloween makeup styles.


“The first thing to know is that if your skin is better prepared and conditioned, it’s going to be much more resilient,” says Nicci. “If you’re getting theatrical with your makeup, get your skin in to great shape in the days leading up to the big event.”

Opt for the Superfood Facial Wash, formulated with a natural Pre-Biotic to restore the skin’s balanced ecosystem; apply facial oils morning and evening and consider doing a mask like the Papaya Enzyme Peel the day before or the morning of.




“It’s so tempting to go wild with whatever you can find in the house, but you really must make sure the paints, adhesives and products you’re using are cosmetics,” Nicci advises. “Don’t go rooting around in the tool cabinet and be wary of using anything too heavy! The most important thing after that is to use brand new or freshly cleaned brushes and sponges to avoid spreading bacteria around.”


Once you’ve prepped your skin with a good cleanser and moisturizer—the Superfood range is going to be ideal for feeding a healthy glow here—use a pea sized amount of the Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm as a makeup primer.

“It’ll create a barrier on your skin and even out your texture to bring you party-ready radiance.”


 “The White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover is going to be best for stubborn things like your matte lipsticks and glitter eye looks.” Formulated with White Peony extract to hydrate, White Tea to soothe and Vitamin B5 to condition lashes, this versatile cleanser can even be used on sensitive eyes or for contact lense users. For everything else, swipe cotton rounds liberally soaked in our Smart Micellar Water all over the face and follow with a good massage of the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm.



“It might be a hassle after a late night of partying, but your skin will really thank you for a thorough clean.”

“And all this applies to the Draculas and Frankensteins out there too! Men should cleanse and hydrate with our Superfood range and specially formulated men’s collections to ensure there’s no scary aftermath.”


Sensitive skin or skin that’s already irritated will be more prone to breakouts and redness after a heavy layer of makeup. “For a quick fix—try the Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask. The extracts of Honey and Bergamot are really going to soften and soothe your skin” recommends Nicci.

Staying in?

We don’t blame you! Pop on your favorite Halloween film (Nicci loves Coraline and Liam Neeson’s High Spirits) and unwind with a mask.

“I’ll be on a flight on Halloween night, so of course I’ll have my Pro-Collagen Marine Mask and Hydra-Gel Eye Masks with me. They’re the ultimate travel staples, so hopefully I won’t be too much of a fright when I land!”



Need some Halloween Makeup inspiration?
Check out our some of our favourite influencers’ looks and removal routines over on Instagram.



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How to: Remove Halloween Makeup

How to: Remove Halloween Makeup

Take your paint off the ELEMIS way with tricks and treats from our Training and Education Director, Nicci Anstey.   It’s the easiest way to get in to the Halloween spirit. A dash of...

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