The Science of Seaweeds

6th April 2017


The ocean is the equivalent of the Amazon in terms of biodiversity, with every kind of seaweed containing a variety of precious active ingredients such as minerals, nutrients and oligo elements. Due to the challenging environment of the sea – salt levels, fluctuating UV and heat – seaweeds have developed remarkable resilience and properties to protect themselves; properties that motivate our approach to skincare.

Seaweeds are highly researched, with proven efficacy in many areas and are the basis of many naturally derived ingredients. They inspire the development of results-driven, highly effective formulations.

So, what is the science behind seaweeds in skincare? Primarily, seaweeds contain sugars in the form of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, both of which assist in defending seaweeds in their natural environment. It is these natural sugars which are particularly excellent for maintaining moisture, moisturize levels, and nourishing the skin.

A diverse species, each seaweed adapts to thrive in its own environment. Taking inspiration from the individual and unique mechanisms each seaweed uses to protect and restore itself in extreme conditions, the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen range is formulated to support and help restore various functions of the skin that are challenged as we age. Let’s take a closer look…


Padina Pavonica

Rich in water-attracting polysaccharides and fatty acids, this Mediterranean seaweed helps to moisturize, leading to a firmer and more supple feeling skin. The building blocks of healthy, younger-looking skin.



A powerful blue-green algae extract that helps to firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is composed of approximately 45% protein, and once prepared, the amino acid profile is remarkably similar to that of human collagen fibers. In-vitro testing has demonstrated that the extract can improve synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as minimizing their breakdown.



A red micro algae which has the unique ability to produce a protective coating around itself which in turn can be harnessed to help protect the skin from moisture loss.


Laminara Digitata

Intensely nourishing, this giant kelp is nature’s nutritional powerhouse. Rich in essential minerals and vitamins, it is a superfood for the skin. In-vitro testing has shown that it encourages optimal cellular function and protecting against damage caused by oxidative stresses.


Coralline Algae

Composed of a number of minerals such as Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium, it is effective in improving the overall appearance of the skin. Speak to a therapist to discover more about the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen range or to book a Pro-Collagen Age Defy facial.


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