15th September 2016



Maximize the goodness and use our Superfood Facial Oil in multiple ways.

Living as we do in a culture fascinated by fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, health and well-being, we’re all familiar with the term “superfood”: A food – often a vegetable or fruit – that’s extra rich in beneficial, health-promoting properties we should include in our diets.

Traditionally, experts recommended that we consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Yet recently, new research has claimed this is far too conservative. Really, we may need almost double the intake of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables.

That's why ELEMIS has decided to put our skin on a healthy diet. Our new Superfood Facial Oil contains not 5, but 9 superfood oils, including Broccoli seed, Poppy seed, Cucumber seed, Macadamia, Rice Bran, Daikon Radish, Rosehip seed, Flax seed and Meadowfoam seed.



Together, they feed the skin with ultra-nutritious elements - from anti-oxidants to vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids - to make it smoother, stronger, more supple and more glowing. In short, it’s skin health in a bottle.

Better still, it can be used in multiple ways, so you’ll always get your 9 a day. Here’s how:

1. As a bedtime booster: Yes, it may sound like we’re stating the obvious, but an oil is a great way to deliver an extra boost of nourishment and hydration to the skin as it goes through its regenerative overnight processes. Apply it over your regular serum, or mix a few drops into a creamy moisturizer and slather it on before bed.

2. As a makeup primer: Many people fear that by using an oil in the morning, their makeup will slide around and they’ll end up looking shiny. Not so, provided you use the correct amount. The mistake we often make with oils is to use as much as we would of a cream or a serum. But the richness of oils means we only need about three drops for the entire face. The texture of an oil also naturally invites us to massage it into the face. Take the time to do so and not only will you boost micro-circulation and create an overall lifting effect, you’ll also ensure the product is fully absorbed before applying makeup.

3. As a highlighter: If you want to emphasize your cheekbones and create a more chiseled, lifted look, highlighting is a great way to go about it. But instead of using a shimmery highlighter to do so, pat a small amount of oil along the tops of cheekbones to reflect the light and impart a radiant glow.

4. As a frizz tamer: Even if your hair isn't naturally fizzy, it only takes a humid day or sudden downpour to make most of us puff up. When frizz strikes, rub a few drops of oil over sections and ends to smooth and condition.

5. As a brow groomer: Brows are big in beauty right now, but getting them groomed and glossy doesn’t require a makeup bag full of tools and tricks. Simply use an old toothbrush to skim a tiny amount of the oil upward through brows to maintain their shape and shine.

6. As an S.O.S moisturizer: Oils are fantastic for delivering a hit of hydration that works fast – even on very dry skin. When your cuticles get crackly or your elbows and knees are rough, massage in the oil each day to get them feeling smooth in no time.


So many superfoods, so many uses. Start getting your 9 a day now.




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