18th August 2016



That summer feeling doesn't have to fade when you walk back through your front door.

After an amazing vacation with family, friends or your significant other, it's easy to succumb to that sinking feeling when you return home to everyday life.

Don't despair. A few simple lifestyle tweaks can help you stay in your vacation groove.

Here's how:

1. Scent your space: We’ve all experienced the power certain scents have on our subconscious. One whiff can take us back in time to our childhood or a major event. Of all the many smells that make us think of summer jaunts – crisp white cotton, sun tan lotion, salty air, coconut – it’s the scent of sunshine on warm skin that’s most evocative. When you’re back home without the weather's help to recreate that heavenly fragrance, pick a perfume that contains warm, sensual notes of sandalwood and jasmine with a hint of vanilla or honey. Instantly, you're dialed right back to your vacation destination.


2. "Taste" sunshine: When we’re removed from the familiarity of our everyday lives – with the same supermarkets and cafés surrounding us – we often make different and smarter food choices. Think octopus salad, grilled swordfish, gluten-free curries and tropical fruit puddings. All of this and more you’ll find in 2012 Masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo’s recipe book, "Sunshine on a Plate." The melting pot of culinary ideas from French, African, Indian, British and Chinese cuisine make up the food culture of her native Mauritius. $17.99 for the Kindle edition at amazon.com.


3. Feel far away: Like smell, our sense of touch has a huge impact on our mood. So it makes sense that the fabrics we choose to surround ourselves with can help alter our state of mind. Think of fur, cashmere and velvet and your mind will say "winter." Touch canvas, cotton or linen, and your brain will be more inclined to think summer. So embrace summery fabrics in your home via cushion covers, napkins or throws. Even bringing accessories like terra cotta plant pots and shells inside will lend your abode an outdoorsy, vacation-y feel.

4. Get your glow on: Everyone feels better with a sun-kissed vacation glow. Sadly it disappears all too quickly once we return home to sun-starved shores. For those who want to retain a soft, post-vacation warmth to their skin, apply our Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion. Not only will it hydrate skin to prevent your tan from peeling, it also helps maintain your darker skin tone. You'll look like you’ve just jetted in from sunny climes for as long as possible.




5. Cheat time: One of the joys of vacation is that time ceases to exist. No morning alarm clock, no school run, no meetings. You can do what you want, when you want. So on weekends, indulge yourself with the same sense of freedom. Switch off that alarm, hide the digital devices, ditch your watch and tune in to your inner body clock.

Ready to lie back and think of blue skies? Keep the vacation going with these essentials:


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