22nd June 2016

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The secrets of women worldwide revealed.

When it comes to setting trends that change the way we approach staying healthy, keeping fit and looking youthful, Great Britain is undoubtedly a key player. All across the globe though, beauty companies, spas, gyms and bloggers are also creating trends.

So what do they know that we don't? We took a metaphorical trip around the world to steal the secrets of women everywhere. Here's what we found:

1. Fake full lips like Koreans: A major force in the U.S. for only the past 18 months or so, "K Beauty" has been influencing beauty in other countries for years. And while Koreans are known for setting the skincare agenda, this year they've also hailed ombré lips as the look for others to follow. Simply apply your lipstick, focusing on the outer part of the lips. Then blend a very slightly lighter shade into the center. The play on light and shadow instantly tricks the eye into thinking lips are fuller.

2. Do calisthenics like Australians: If you thought calisthenics went out in the 80s, think again. Australians are known for their love of fitness and living an action-packed, healthy lifestyle. Currently trending Down Under? Good old-fashioned calisthenics. Based on body-weight exercises that incorporate pushing, pulling, jumping, swinging or bending movements (think jumping jacks, squats, push-ups), they're great for boosting strength, agility, aerobic fitness - even your mood. And the fact that they're done without equipment means joining a class isn't necessary. You can just get jumping at home or in your local park.

3. Eat pickled herring like Norwegians: As one of the staples of the Scandinavian diet, pickled herring is a rich source of vitamin D, a nutrient many of us lack that's vital for keeping bones and teeth strong. The essential fatty acids in herring also help protect the heart and maintain brain function. So beneficial, Norwegians even eat it for breakfast.
pickled herring
4. Go electric like New Yorkers: New York, New York – the city that gave us express nail bars, speedy blow-outs and the juicing revolution. Now, ladies who like to look after themselves are booking microcurrent facials. An electrical current is applied to skin via wands and flows through the facial muscle, causing it to contract and tighten. Almost like a skin workout. Luckily, it’s not just Manhattanites who can benefit; our new BIOTEC Line Eraser Facial uses the same microcurrent technology to firm, tighten and energize skin.

Go electrical biotec treatment
5. Get super-watered like Londoners: And finally, to London. After all, we're trendsetters too. It's not simply that it's getting warmer and temperatures on the Tube (our version of the subway) will soon reach the boiling point. The reason Londoners are in love with super waters is that there's now one for every situation - and every skin need. From mineral-enriched mists that increase cellular hydration to spray-on SPF, from smart waters that detoxify and re-balance to micellar waters that remove the grime of urban life, water is having a serious moment.


Tempted to bring some international influences into your beauty regimen? Here’s how...


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