8th June 2016


Skip those energy robbers and get ready to bounce through your day…

Superfood: A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. We all know the term – but with so many foods now being touted as ‘super’, how do we know which ones will really make a difference to our bodies inside and out? Here are 2016’s top superfoods that promise to supercharge your breakfast – and supercharge your day.



1. Lucuma: This tropical fruit native to Chile, is a potent source of electrolyte-balancing potassium as well as vitamin B, multiple minerals and fibre. Tasting slightly like maple syrup, it maintains a low glycaemic index, making it an excellent alternative to sweetener. How to use it: In powder form and add it to your pre-workout morning smoothie.


teff grain and flour i- a wooden spoon against grained wood background

2. Teff: As 2016’s answer to quinoa, this is the gluten-free grain to know. Not only does it regulate blood sugar levels, helping us maintain a healthy weight – but it also contains calcium, iron, manganese, protein, amino acids, fibre and vitamin K. All in all, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. How to use it: To make teff porridge by simmering it in hot water with cloves for about 10 minutes, then adding fruit, nuts and yogurt as you please.


Heap of green powdered spirulina algae in a saucer, with copy space. AdoberGB colorspace.

3. Spirulina: This single-cell green algae is a dietary multi-tasker. Containing chlorophyll, phosphorous and biotin, it can help do everything from support a healthy immune system to boost energy levels and help ward of type II diabetes. How to use it: In powder form, it tastes revolting – so pop a pill with your breakfast each morning.



4. Mushrooms: The humble fungus is back in fashion due to being rich in B vitamins that provide the support our nervous systems need to maintain our ‘always on’ modern lifestyles. The fact that they can also help boost the immune system and add flavoursome meatiness to meals means they earn extra brownie points: How to use them: In your breakfast omelette or on gluten-free toast.



5. Cactus water: Move over coconut water, the low sugar, low calorie cactus water is currently creating a storm amongst the Los Angeles health tribe. Extracted from the prickly pear fruit of the cactus plant, it’s rich in calcium and magnesium. How to use it: To rehydrate after your workout.


Now complement your morning superfood routine with these super skin saviours...


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