The Power of Positivity

9th May 2016

Shot in Coles Bay, Tasmania


This month, the Creator of ELEMIS Therapies and Co-Founder, Noella Gabriel, is pondering the power of positivity…


Positive thinking is not just for motivational speakers. Research into neuroplasticity provides mounting evidence of what some of us have always known - we can change the way that we think. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create and learn new neural connections. The mind’s ability to adapt is as much about the will to change as it is about the body’s natural reflexes - simply reminding yourself of three things to be grateful for at the end of every day can dramatically change how you feel about your circumstances over time. Perhaps feeling upbeat, hopeful and optimistic is not necessarily about feeling “happy” it’s about weighing up the possibilities and thinking well of them. “Content” is probably a better word to use and being content is a good starting point for cultivating good health.

For me, positive thinking is key to good health. On one of my many travels, I was in China where I was told,

“Every disease is a consolidation of a mental state”

We manifest good health from within and a positive mental state is a big part of that. The energy you surround yourself with in everything you do should be positive. The power of positive thinking is way beyond our measure – in our well-being, our health, our mental state and in our relationships, both business and personal.

So now that spring – the season of new beginnings – has sprung, there’s no better time to nurture your inner positivity.

Here’s three ways to cultivate a positive mental state…

  • Focus on the positive by writing down three things that went well - no matter how small - at the end of each day.
  • Carry out one random act of kindness each day. Making someone else’s day will add to your positivity reserves.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin B12 which helps promote feelings of wellness. You’ll find it in sardines, salmon, lentils, spinach and beetroot.


Noella’s picks to keep skin feeling healthy and happy this month...



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