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Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Hair, nail and body oil


Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Hair, nail and body oil

SIZE: 100ml
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Nourishes, Conditions, Softens
This truly exotic oil is rapidly absorbed providing superior moisturization for dry, parched or mature skin.

    • Transport yourself on an exotic journey with this luxurious body oil.

    • The rich aroma of coconut and Frangipani Flower of the Gods.

    • Absorbs instantly and leaves the skin satin-smooth.

Best for Superior moisturization for dry, parched, or mature skin
Suitable for All skin types
Key Actives
  • Coconut
  • Monoi
  • Frangipani
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This truly exotic body oil is quickly absorbed to provide superior moisturization for dry, parched skin. Monoi Oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian Islands by soaking Frangipani flowers in Coconut Oil. 


Provides superior moisturization. Free radical protection for dry skin. Leaves the skin feeling satin smooth. Absorbs deeply into the skin. Scented with the exotic aroma of Frangipani Flower of the Gods.


Apply after bathing, apply oil to damp skin, massaging over the entire body. Concentrate on hands and feet for an intensive moisturizing manicure or pedicure.


The product solidifies at cooler temperatures. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to return it to a silky liquid. After bathing, apply oil to damp skin, massaging over the entire body. Concentrate on hands and feet for an intensive moisturizing manicure or pedicure. For a weekly treat, massage a small amount into hair. Cover with a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes, shampoo and rinse. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly.


For best results use after Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream and exfoliate with Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow

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Tropical delight!

The scent of this body oil reminds me of tropical holidays; it intense at first (but not overpowering) and settles to a subtle lingering fragrance that I can still smell on my skin hours later. It is a light, silky textured oil that absorbs really well leaving my skin soft and smooth to the touch and I've found it works wonders on elbows, feet and hands where I sometimes have stubborn dry patches.

This is a fantastic product for some 'at home' spa indulgence

Posted by Helen 4/26/2015

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for many years this has been my favorite body treat.
It always goes on holiday with me as it is wonderful to apply after sunbathing. I apply it to slightly damp skin and let it soak in to leave me smelling delicious.

Posted by K H 4/27/2015

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3 in 1 Wonder Product, Transforms your skin.

Taking you far away to an exotic island. The Frangipani Monoi Body oil is a 3 in 1 product and much more.

The key ingredients of Frangipani, Coconut oil and white gardenia flowers take you to sensory heaven the aroma is divine and lasts. After I prepare my skin with a body brush whilst running my bath,
I add the Tranquil Touch Bath Elixir under the running water and start my Elemis spa@home experience. I place the Body oil in a container of warm water at the side of the bath so that when
I’ve finished my bath the solid consistency will have turned to liquid ready for use. The product is of a solid form in the bottle and when placed in warm water turns to an easy to apply oil, which drops out the bottle easily and doesn’t poor out everywhere, You open the bottle by turning the little silver point on the cap, not the whole lid as my husband once tried. When you have finished the oil turns back to a solid.

I always think my Spa@home starts from the moment I close the bathroom door and take some me time. I close my eyes and breathe deeply taking in all the aromas and relaxing just like you would do at a spa. Once I’ve finished my bath, I then apply the oil to damp skin all over my body making sure I pay particular attention to the areas that are prone to dryness for me it’s my elbows, knees and the soles of my feet. I pop on my robe and slippers take myself off to the bedroom where I then apply the oil to my nails and cuticles, I lie on the bed and do more deep breathing to get the full effect of those beautiful essential oil fragrances, it really is sensory heaven.

The oil leaves my skin so soft and nourished, I noticed that after just one application my elbows where not as sore and didn't catch on my clothing. Has a forty something lady, with mature, dry and ageing skin, this product is just what I need and I have noticed a considerable difference to my skin, it feels softer, smoother and hydrated I now use less product than I did 6 months ago a little really does go a long way, The bottle will last a few months.

I also use this as a weekly treatment on my hair. I have long ombre coloured hair and its dry from the colour. I massage the oil from mid length down my hair, apply it to dry hair and wrap in a hair towel for about 15-20 minutes
then wash off, shampoo and condition as you would normally, I've noticed I use less shampoo and conditioner has a result of using the oil as a weekly treatment.

I decanted some of the oil into a pot that I keep for when I just want to apply to my nails and my elbows, it does go back to its solid form, all you have to do is rub your finger over it and then you are able to use it as you would normally, This is great for when you are out and about or travelling. You can also get the oil in a 35ml travel size which is great for holidays.

In summary this is one of Elemis's wonder products no wonder it has won so many awards. My skin is now a lot softer and certainly hydrated an aroma that lasts into the next day and has summer
approaches I have super hydrated legs that shimmer that I'm proud to show and not cover up. My hair shines from the weekly treatment and my nails are nourished and have become stronger and more hydrated. I also use other products in the Frangipani range and they all complement each other very well.

Posted by Helen Brown 4/28/2015

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This is a beautiful product, a sensory delight, so easy to use and amazing results. I use this on my dry, highlighted naturally curly (but always straightened) hair and it is magical, has totally transformed my styling regime, my hair now behaves like hair, exceptional results and a must to take on my upcoming holiday. I also use this all over my body as an intense hydrating moisturiser, it isn't at all heavy, sinks in quickly and feels so luxurious. My top tip is to smoother it all over my feet and then put a pair of cotton socks on top whilst it sinks in, the results are phenomenal, I really can not praise this product enough.

Posted by Cheryl 4/28/2015

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Effective and luxurious

Such a beautiful scent and a little goes a long way! As it needs warming before use it really feels like a luxurious treatment. I have very dry skin particularly in feet and this is a godsend now the sandals are out again. Love it!!

Posted by Alison Houghton 5/4/2015

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Little bit of luxury at home

Absolutely love this oil. I use just after a shower a few times a week and when I get the opportunity to have a long soak I pour a little in the bath and then use on my damp skin afterwards. The aroma envelopes you, making you feel like you are in your very own spa. I also use on my feet and dry patches as over the winter my feet don't get as much attention as they should and this oil sinks right in and you can feel the difference straightaway. Haven't used it on my hair yet but will soon. Wonderful product.

Posted by Ramona Downer 5/15/2015

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Escapism in a bottle

This wonder product manages to tick all my boxes!

The aroma transports you to a peaceful tropical oasis from the first sniff.....I like to rub a little on my palms and inhale deeply before concentrating on applying to whichever area I am targeting that day.

This multi talented product quite simply improves the moisturisation level of wherever you place it, hair, feet, cuticles, skin, lips, and in a way which is pleasurable.
Rehydrating my parched skin is no longer a chore, in fact regular use of this has improved the overall quality of my skin. I carry a small bottle with me for emergency fixes.
Fabulous product.

Posted by Maureen Ferguson 5/31/2015

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Heavenly Results!

I have very sensitive skin complicated by psoriasis. I have tried, literally, dozens of prescription and over-the-counter creams, soaps and ointments. After seeing Elemis on QVC, I bought the trial kit of Elemis favorites. After a week of using the shower cream and applying the oil on my wet skin after the shower, I notice a marked improvement in my psoriasis, as well as the overall condition of my skin without psoriasis. I've had, approximately, a 70% improvement in my psoriasis after 6 weeks of use. The scent is heavenly and the result is beautiful!

Posted by Lynne 6/3/2016

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Stunning Product!

When I received this item I was amazed at durability of it. It claimed that it could be used as a bath product, body, manicure/pedicure and hair product and I must admit I was a little sceptical. I first tried this product in my bath. I lit a candle, poured some oil into a warm running bath (after melting the solid form in a container of warm water) and laid back and relaxed. I have to say that it was one of the most relaxing baths I have ever had. The scent and feel of this product is pure luxury and you can easily forget your in your bath at home and feel as though you are in a luxury spa. After I got out of the bath and dried myself my skin felt baby soft and the scent stayed on my skin. I had an amazing sleep that night and could still smell the scent on my skin when I woke up in the morning.
I next tried the product on my hair. Now I must admit I was a bit worried about this as I have extremely fine flat hair and was concerned that the oil may make my hair greasy and lank. I applied the oil to my hair, wrapped it up in a towel and left it for the recommended 15 minutes. I then shampooed and conditioned. When I blow dried my hair I immediately noticed a difference. My hair was soft and extremely shiny and there was no greasiness whatsoever. I was so amazed by this as I have used many oil treatments on my hair previously and they have always left my hair flat and greasy. I am converted to this now and will definitely treat my hair to this once a week.
I have also used this product on my extremely dry hands and feet and it is wonderful. I still can't believe how soft it leaves the skin, even the heels of my feet! If you fancy a DIY manicure and pedicure then this is fantastic and you really do get spa results.
Overall, I think this item is fantastic and I have recommended to all my friends and family. I am definitely concreted and love the fact that it has so many uses in product.
Once again Elemis have come up trumps and delivered what they promise on the label.

Posted by Hayley Moore 5/2/2015

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Wonderful oil without being greasy

Last month my husband & I went on a 14 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. I went to the spa and got a manicure & pedicure. The last part of the treatment was this wonderful oil on my legs, feet, hands and arms. Later on I went for a head, shoulder & neck massage. It was applied to my head, and I slept with it on my head that night. I have psoriasis on my scalp as well as other places. My scalp felt wonderful and no itching and scabs. It washed out with one simple washing and left no greasy look. I have even applied it to my scalp since I've been home, however this time I left it on for a couple days. I had a scab and put some on it and it dried up. I am totally thrilled with this great body oil. I now have two regular bottles, plus a travel size. I LOVE IT!!!

Posted by Deloris 2/24/2017

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Most recent customer reviews


Coming from the fragrance and beauty industry for many years I find it hard to believe that elemis would sell monoi tiki Tahiti oil that cost only $6 repackage it for $56. shame that and an educated consumer would not know that but it is the identical product at least you're not lying about what it is..its been around for years.

Posted by Dee 6/13/2019


Im in love with this fragrance, I bought the Christmas advent calendar to try a little bit of everything after reading the rave reviews. I really want to use this oil but I cant get it out of the bottle no matter how many different ways Ive tried. It smells the same as the cream lotion, so I'll continue to buy that instead. Please make the opening bigger.

Posted by Stacey Ellis 5/16/2019

Saved my skin!

I have severe dry skin on my lower legs. It's so bad that scabs don't heal; eventually they fall away and leave scars. After using this product for few weeks my skin is improving and some of the old scars are beginning to fade. I love how it feels, I love how it smells and my skin has never felt better. This is by far the best Elemis product I've tried so far. I'll definitely buy this again!

Posted by Luke 7/31/2018


This product is fantastic on my thick dry hair. Leave it on overnight for it to really have an effect.

Posted by Laura 7/30/2018

Takes too long to liquify

I purchased this product when I had a foot leg message on a recent cruise. After getting home is when I discovered it takes forever to liquify. It’s not something you can just use, you have to plan ahead. If I want to use it after my shower I have to remember to put it in a sink of hot water ahead of time. The other problem is the tiny little cap with slippery finger!

Posted by Lauren 5/18/2018

Bali in a bottle

Firstly the smell. Heaven. We went to Bali on holiday in September 2017. This body oil is basically a bottle of Bali at home. It is beautiful.
Now the oil itself soaks into the skin quickly and does not leave a greasiness behind. It leaves the skin beautifully soft.
I personally have thick, dry hair. I've tried so many conditioners and hair products, but this oil is perfect. It is a body/skin oil but I find it works perfectly on my hair to add shine and make it nice and soft. I add a drop while it's damp and then another for shine after ivr blow dried my hair.
This is a none fuss easy to use all round amazing product for men & women.

Posted by Calum Shaw 4/29/2018


A million uses in one bottle!
We can use this from feet ,elbows,hair,cuticles you name it all over and as a Male it is superior quality to be able to pre moisturise before shaving it helps the razor glide much much nicer than other actual products for pre shaving. It’s smell is truly unique and invigorating and comforting and cocooning it envelops your senses into a mystical tropical world without the scent of coconuts ! It’s a pure luxury for men or woman.

Posted by Kirt Armstrong 3/28/2018

My favourite body product ever

This body oil is astonishing. It smells divine, makes your skin supersoft and makes you feel amazing. I wish I discovered it sooner. I use it every day after shower and the smell and feel immediately fix my mood. It made such a difference to my skin from the very first applicatioon. Will be my staple product for me from now on. Can't complain from the extra attention from my husband as well - added bonus! :)

Posted by Stela 11/28/2017

I can’t live without this

I have mature and sensitive skin, due to long term medications my skin has thinned so much I get skin tears, I’ve tried everything possible to keep my skin supple and moisturised, this is fabulous, due to a lung condition I have to be very careful with scented products, this does not aggravate my lungs at all and my skin is absolutely soft. I’ve read reviews where people have an issue with solidifying and melting, when I’m in the bath, I pp the bottle in with me, when I have a shower, I leave it in the sink with hot water, either way when I’m ready to moisturise the oil is ready so there’s no problem.

Posted by Danielle 10/12/2017

Great product!

I was introduced to the oil while on a cruise. Loved the feel and smell so I had to buy some. The warming up of the bottle was much easier than anticipated. The tiny cap was also a surprise, but once figured out was just fine with it. I have noted that after one week of the product being warmed up and liquefied, it remains that way. There are no solid pieces in the bottle. So I am wondering if I "messed" it up. It still smells great and hydrates my skin.

Posted by Ann Graham 9/24/2017