Triple Cleanse
Triple Cleanse

Dynamic Resurfacing Serum

Skin smoothing serum


Dynamic Resurfacing Serum

Skin smoothing serum

SIZE: 30ml
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Renews, Smoothes, Refines
This resurfacing serum, with four flower Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Selastin and patented Tri-Enzyme technology, smoothes the skin's surface, revealing a stunning complexion. Helps to reduce appearance of pores and wrinkles.

    • Get stunningly smooth skin withthis cooling resurfacing serum

    • Help gently resurface dull and dry skin, revealing a radiant complexion.


    WINNER "Best New Skincare Treatment Product- Prestige"

    CEW Beauty Awards 2017

Best for to reduce appearance of pores and wrinkles
Suitable for All skin types
Key Actives
  • Patented Tri-Enzyme Technology
  • Amino Acids
  • Papan
Product Detail


This resurfacing serum smoothes the skin’s surface to reveal a stunningly smooth complexion, while helping to reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Patented Tri-Enzyme Technology, gently and effectively resurfaces the skin’s upper layers.


The unique synergy of four flower AHAs from Hibiscus, White Lily, Gardenia Tiare and Freesia optimize the non-abrasive resurfacing action. Mineral and vitamin-rich Selastin™ has been shown to reduce the size of pores whilst anti-oxidant rich encapsulated Vitamin C and Amino Acids help to even skin tone and support the natural microflora of the skin, without upsetting the pH balance. Skin appears renewed and smooth.


Use morning and evening, avoiding the eye area.


Apply to cleansed skin avoiding delicate areas around the eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly.

Always use an SPF during daylight hours and avoid UV exposure while using the Resurfacing range.


89%agreed that skin looked smoother

81%agreed that skin texture looked more even


Triple Cleanse



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Stunning smoothing serum

I consider myself something of an exfoliating aficionado - whether it be physical or chemical, by aha's, bha's, enzymes or machine I have always stood by the importance of exfoliating to aid my other products absorb and to keep my pores clear, especially as I tend toward oily, breakout prone skin. So I was excited to discover this new offering from Elemis. And it didn't let me down. As per usual the sensory experience was second to none with a beautiful scent and texture. I liked the slight tingle, a sign of the actives, and within a few days my skin was noticeably smoother, brighter and more even. A little goes a long way so whilst quite pricey it should last, just as well as this will now take its place in my product staples. Thanks Elemis.

Posted by Richard 7/24/2016

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Beautiful sensations

I have long been a user of elemis products. I do use the resurfacing face wash and night cream plus the facial gel. This gorgeous product did not disappoint. It has a light fruity smell; not obtrusive yet you can feel the smell. It's light and sinks into your skin. It's not heavy at all and certainly does not leave a greasy residue. A little goes a long way, if you are an elemis user you will know this as all of their products do last. My desire is to have that dewy look, which I believe I have achieved. Will even venture out now with no foundation on! And being in my 50s this is no mean achievement trust me. I ordered this product and will continue to use it. By using my staple elemis products along side it I believe it enhances the effectiveness of this beautiful product.

Posted by GINA MCLEOD 7/27/2016

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Wow.smooth skin

Love this skin is even in tone and smells pores are viasbly reduced and early signs of aging smells like all the resurfacing range if you use the face wash you will know the fresh scent.look forward to further results as am 2 weeks in and often it takes 4 weeks for full effect.definitely reccommend this product.

Posted by Nicola 8/1/2016

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Amazing Product

I have been using the Dynamic Resurfacing Serum for three weeks now and my skin has never looked so bright and smooth.
The serum feels like silk when applied and has a lovely fresh scent that isn't overwhelming.
I have noticed since I started using it that my skin hasn't felt or looked dry even once.
I definitely will be buying another bottle when I run out as it simply the best serum I've ever used. Extremely impressed.

Posted by Victoria 8/3/2016

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I am a 24 year old male with combination skin. I use alot of elemis products (I adore the resurfacing wash) already so was really excited to receive this. Needless to say elemis haven't disappointed! The serum is light, fresh, easily absorbed and smells great. I have noticed a real difference in the smoothness and clarity of my skin, even the pores on my cheeks are must less visible! Highly recommend this!!

Posted by Chris Everett 8/8/2016

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Love this!!

Been using this product 4 weeks, I've been looking for something to bright up my skin, as it starting to look a little dull. This product is amazing it's made my skin soft, and complexion appear much brighter. The cream feels amazing and silky and smell fresh and sink straight into skin. I highly recommend this one !!

Posted by Sarah 8/8/2016

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You need this product!

I am a long standing customer of Elemis and this product does not disappoint. It has a light fruity smell and a lovely silky texture to the serum, which allows it to sink into the skin. My skin looks radiant and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Posted by Tracey 8/11/2016

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I have been looking for a decent serum that delivers on its promise for a while now. A bit dubious at first as "resurfacing" sounds like the product may be harsh on the skin but this is absolutely not the case. The product smells lovely (no harsh chemical smell that I have noticed with other serums) and sinks into the skin without any residue. I particularly like the pump dispenser as it gives you just the right amount for good coverage. Have I noticed results? Definite improvement in skin tone and texture after one weeks use so it will definitely become a staple. Thanks Elemis I am impressed!

Posted by Sarah I 8/16/2016

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Avid user of elemis for 2 years now but nothing seemed to help with my 'open' pores before , especially on my chin. Thought I would try this and bingo my skin has never looked so good. Even the tiny thread veins seem to have faded.... Thank you

Posted by Anita Marjoram 8/26/2016

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This serum has a subtle clean smell. It's quite light in texture and one pump is more than enough to leave your face feeling moisturised.
I've been using this product for a month now and I can see a big a reduction in my pores. My skin feels a lot smoother and looks fresher.
Elemis is onto another winner with this product!
Love it.

Posted by Julie Anne 9/7/2016

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Most recent customer reviews


I’ve been using the dynamic resurfacing serum since June 1st, after I was recommended the product after a facial and have not noticed a single difference. My pores are still huge, I have problem spots/acne, and fine lines on my forehead. I’m 30 years old and am very disappointed in this product, especially due to the extremely high cost.

Posted by Courtney 8/4/2019

WHAT results?

My mom, aunt, cousin, best friend, boss, co-worker, and I have been using this in conjunction with the facial wash from the line for three months now. It's not amazing as we expected.
We read reviews that these products addressed and improved various aspects of complexion: lines, bumps, pores, dullness, tone. This has not happened for us. We have not experienced noticeable improvement in our complexion, nor has anyone else who sees us either occasionally or less often.
As most clients agree, these products do not promote adverse effects, which is why we have used them long term, but they are comparable to discount store lines which dermatologists recommend, for a fraction of the price of Elemis.

Posted by Yesenia 5/19/2019

Dynamic Resurfacing Serum - How To Use

Can someone please advise how much and how best to use this product? It's somewhat vague. Thanks!

Posted by Lesley 8/20/2017

It's yet to convince me.

I've got oily skin and noticeable pores on my nose and chin. However, having completed a bottle of the serum using it everyday, I'm yet to notice any difference to my skin. The serum felt nice on my skin and did not cause any issues e.g. breakouts but I'm really hesitant to buy another bottle because it's expensive for the size and it's a big gamble to take if I still don't notice any difference. It's a shame because I really needed this to work!

Posted by Connie 7/17/2017

Flaky skin and poor instructions!!!

I received a 10ml sample of this serum with another order from Elemis. I have a few sun spots and pigmentation near my smile lines and the corners of my mouth. I have seem many presentations on QVC about this product so was very looking forward to trying this as it claims to help with the issues I am suffering from.

I followed the instructions on the sample bottle which states "Use morning and evening, if contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly". I used one pump morning and evening for 3 weeks on my entire face (except the eye area) and my skin started peeling, it was particularly bad around the corners of my mouth.

I contacted Elemis and spoke to one of their therapists who quickly made up and excuse "We recommend that you don't use it around your mouth". I informed her that the instructions doesn't specify to not use it in any particular area, it doesn't even say don't use it around the delicate eye area. She then said I had had a reaction to it and advised me to stop using it.

I have stopped using it and flakiness has cleared up but my skin still feels dry and tight. It will probably take a few months for my skin to return to normal.

I understand that everyone's skin is different and we react differently to products but the instructions on this product are very poor. If it's not safe to use around the eye and mouth area then please say so.

Posted by Ayesha 7/4/2017

Elemis resurfacing

So I have been using this for a while to review and to be fair a bottle lasts a pretty long time. As with all elemis it's a great product. My one criticism is that it isn't as highly perfumed as some products but that may appeal to some. The texture is lovely and it absorbs really well. Certainly makes my skin look really healthy. It is pricey but a little goes a long way so it does last pretty well. Definitely not greasy.
Overall a great product and well worth a try particularly if you would rather have a more subtlety fragranced cream.

Posted by Mel 4/22/2017


I have to rescind my first review - I don't think that I can be without this product. The difference in my pores, skin clarity and fine lines is nothing short of remarkable. I am glad that I continued to use it rather than giving it away. My aesthetician remarked today that my skin looked fresh and new, although I had a peel! Thank you, Elemis!

Posted by Kristen 4/7/2017

Not for me

Although I love how this serum has faded recent marks from a breakout, It never fully absorbs into my skin (but perhaps in my haste to apply I am using too much?) I think that a moisturizer and not necessarily a serum will be best for me. But the product works as advertised and has a nice scent.

Posted by Kristen Maheu 2/9/2017


This serum has a subtle clean smell. It's quite light in texture and one pump is more than enough to leave your face feeling moisturised.
I've been using this product for a month now and I can see a big a reduction in my pores. My skin feels a lot smoother and looks fresher.
Elemis is onto another winner with this product!
Love it.

Posted by Julie Anne 9/7/2016

Wonderful Serum

I absolutely adore this serum. I've been using it for about six weeks now and would definitely use it again. Just before I received this product, I read that people with 'normal' skin shouldn't use moisturiser, so this came at the perfect time. My skin regime consists of washing three times with a cleanser morning and night, using this serum morning and night and using a scrub 3-4 times per week.

First of all, this product smells DIVINE. All Elemis products smell good, I've found, but this really does smell gorgeous. It feels good on your skin too - it feels smooth and gentle, and not greasy at all; with any excess product, I rubbed it into my hands as a sort of lotion.

In terms of how much to use, I found that one squirt, two at most, was enough. Since using the product, my skin has felt smoother and my pores have got smaller. I started using it about a month before my wedding, and felt great on the big day.

I would definitely recommend this product and plan on getting it again when mine runs out. An absolute staple!

Posted by Heather Carr 8/30/2016