BIOTEC Skin Energizing Night Cream

Skin activating night cream


BIOTEC Skin Energizing Night Cream

Skin activating night cream

SIZE: 30ml
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Energises, Replenishes, Smoothes
This energizing night cream is powered by the patent-pending BIO-ENERGY complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper.

    • Switch your skin back on with the power of BIOTEC.

    • Enriched with trace elements and Calcium PCA to help boost night-time nourishment and skin vitality.

    • Key actives help encourage enzymatic processes, leaving skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth.
Product Detail


The trio of acids, blended with a potent phyto-bioactive, helps support and maintain dynamic cell energy.

Trans-epidermal water loss is limited, the skin’s barrier function is reinforced and the complexion appears smooth, energized and replenished upon waking.

Due to natural ingredients in this product, slight color variations may occur.


Boosts night-time nourishment. Limits trans-epidermal moisture loss and reinforces the natural barrier. Skin looks healthy and revitalized.


Apply every evening to cleansed skin.


Massage 2 pumps into the skin to activate. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly.


For best results use after BIOTEC Skin Energizing Cleanser and complete the BIOTEC skincare system with BIOTEC Skin Energizing Day Cream


82%agreed that the product left their left their skin looking healthy and revitalized.*

80%agreed that the product left their skin feeling fresh and energized.*

*Independent User Trials



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Amazing cream!

This truly delivers. I am so impressed with the results from this cream. I wake up and my skin looks glowing and fresh. (not easy to achieve when your're 54) Fantastic product which I strongly recommend.

Posted by Angela Mallory 3/2/2016

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Biotech Skin Energising Night Cream

I applied two pumps of this product, as directed - to cleansed skin. The two products combined well and absorbed into my skin immediately. The product felt very nourishing and non greasy. My skin felt more alive and looked radiant after only using this product for a few days. I am really impressed with the results this product has given me in a short space of time and will definitely continue using it - a wonder product !

Posted by Susan Edgington 3/3/2016

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Fab night cream

This night cream leaves my skin glowing in the morning. A welcome addition and change from my pro collagen oxygenating night cream.

Posted by Calvern 3/8/2016

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I love how Elemis never sit on their laurels and are always researching and developing new products. This night cream is the third step in their fantastic and effective new Biotec range. They saved the best for last. The consistency is half way between a serum and a richer textured night cream. The fragrance is lovely, not too overpowering. The recommendation is to use 2 pumps. Personally, I needed an extra pump but that may just be down to personal choice. My skin still felt moisturised and still appeared radiant in the morning.
My new go-to product. I can't recommend it enough.

Posted by Lorraine 3/11/2016

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I love this night cream

After trying many night creams and feeling like my face is sticking to the pillow and giving up all together here comes the best product I have used. It feels light, absorbs very quickly, smells beautiful and when I wake the next day my face feels and looks refreshed.

I would highly recommend this night cream.

Posted by Faye 3/14/2016

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Completes the package

This night cream completes my Biotech trilogy.
I put it on at night knowing it will do its magic as I sleep. The Biotec range has improved my skin condition no end. Thank you Elemis.

Posted by Claire Smith 3/14/2016

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Midnight treat!

Wow this stuff is impressive. I didn't like it on at night so I didn't feel my face was sticking to the pillow but I felt my skin drinking this up immediately! It's serum texture gives your skin a lovely soft texture. It wasn't greasy but defiantly felt packed with goodness and my skin looked so soft and refreshed the next day. I wouldn't hesitate in buying or recommending this to anyone! Brilliant skin drink !

Posted by Davina 3/14/2016

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Luxury at home.

A vital part of the Biotech trilogy. Two pumps of the bottle is enough to thoroughly moisturise face and neck until the morning. Easily absorbed and skin is noticeably more luminous after one treatment and improves over time. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to retrieve a youthful glow and complexion.

Posted by Siobhan 3/14/2016

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Perfect Step 3

I usually like a heavier night cream but do find getting into bed with one of those on makes me sticky. This product is light but it works, my skin is brighter and more radiant without the stickiness of past products I've used. Thanks Elemis, I'm so pleased

Posted by Merissa 3/14/2016

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My little bit of heaven!

After one week of use I can honestly say my skin is so soft. I have had positive comments and feel full of confidence and energised. Thank you so much!

Posted by Evelyn Rebecca 3/14/2016

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Most recent customer reviews

Biotech skin energizing night cream

A new elemis customer I was impressed with the product...until just under halfway through it one side of the pump stopped pumping the product. Not happy at all. Big price to pay (I paid around £75 for it, and half of it is wasted!! Gutted. Really loved it.would give it 5 stars if pump worked and I could actually get it out...

Posted by Rowland 9/4/2019

Wyo. Corgie Queen

This is Amazing product I can say I have spent this much but it so worth every penny. I got to have a facial while on a cruise and they used it on me. I was hesitant but when I went to wash my hands I was dumbfounded! I was looking younger my lines on my face seem to disappear. Now that I have been home I use it daily and I can run around with no makeup, my laugh lines that make me look mad when not smiling have plumped up! I finally feel like I look my age maybe younger I’m 48! I also have sensitive skin, eyes due to a medical condition. One reason I don’t use make up and creams. I have had no issues whatsoever. I will never use anything else! I love love love this product.

Posted by Stacie Gottsch 7/3/2019

Biotec night cream

My skin was really tired looks dull after i have been using biotec night cream im so happy my skin feels hydrated , rediant it's obsorb quickly so light to use
I'm really happy with product

Posted by Femida 11/11/2017

Night night sweet dreams skin!

Lovely night moisturiser - so light on application and absorbs quickly unlike many night creams.

I wake up with skin which feels hydrated and it helps to hide my tiredness from broken nights with my son! My skin looks and feels more radiant with dull patches brightened.

I am so impressed with the whole BIOTEC range and am keeping this firmly in my Christmas, Birthday and Mothers Day lists!

Posted by Laura 3/31/2016

Light and nourishing

This is nothing like a typical night cream! It is light and easily absorbed, leaving no stickiness. One pump is plenty to cover my face and neck which makes it extremely good value and the difference in my skin is clear to see. My skin is noticeably brighter each morning and the dark circles around my eyes are lighter too. After only 3 weeks use, I am seriously impressed. This is a must have range ♡

Posted by Carla 3/21/2016

Wonderful skin to wake up to!

After double-cleansing with the Biotec gel, this night cream is a feast for the senses. It is a cream, serum and essential oil rolled into one. Its texture allows for a gentle massage into the skin and the product dissolves without trace.
The magic happens while you sleep, and I have been waking to refreshed, soft and smooth skin, just glowing with health. Highly recommended.

Posted by Sue 3/21/2016

Converted to night creams!

I've always just used PCMC as a night cream too as I love it so much. However, after using this for a few weeks I can definitely see the benefits of a dedicated night cream. Other night creams tend to be heavy but this is the exception. It was easy to apply and the effects in the mirror the next day are quite surprising. My skin looked plumper and rested. This along with the day cream has helped ,e to change the amount of make up coverage I need and increased my confidence by giving my skin a natural clarity.

Posted by Manpreet 3/20/2016

Third Step to Heavenly Skin

Again, I have been using this as the the third step to my Biotech Trilogy for 3 weeks, and have to say that these products arrived on the market with perfect timing. Having recently been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, both under and overactive, my skin and hair have been really suffering. These products have re-energised and revitalised my skin wonderfully, to the point where I have been receiving compliments.
A little again goes a long way with the night cream, it's not sticky or heavy to use before bed. On waking, my skin feels like it has slept perfectly, even if I haven't, so I consider this a marvel.
The packaging is gorgeous, I adore dual-phase creams. I think being a scientist it makes me think they are really going to do something special. This product does.

Posted by Allison 3/19/2016

Night cream for results

Using this for just over 2 weeks. Absorbs residue on pillow. Completes Biotec regime to give clear,fresh looking skin.

Posted by Mary Stephanie Walsh 3/19/2016

Everything a night cream should be

Beautiful moisturising but absorbed quickly with no overpowering smell and works it's magic overnight so you wake up to a refreshed and clear complexion. I would recommend using this alongside the cleanser and day cream for maximum results, this whole range is outstanding!

Posted by Helen H 3/17/2016