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Choose Night Cream


ELEMIS has many products to nurture you and your body through this unique time. From light, moisturizing oils that will keep stretch marks at bay to invigorating gels for weary limbs.
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  1. Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend

    A luxurious and lightweight oil rich in plant collagen designed to keep pregnant and postpartum skin moisturized and supple, helping to prevent and treat stretch marks.
      • A celebrity favorite and beloved by moms and moms-to-be, worldwide, to prevent and help reduce the look of stretch marks.
      • Luxurious, rich blend of exquisite, lightweight oils that absorbs easily into the skin.
      • Softens and smoothes dry skin and conditions the nails, hair and scalp.

  2. Online Exclusive Pregnancy Programme

    Nurture you and your body through this unique time, keeping stretch marks at bay and invigorating weary limbs.
    Save 34% - Worth $151.50  

  3. Instant Refreshing Gel

    An instant revitalizer, perfect for tired legs and muscle tension, especially on the shoulders and neck.
    Suitable for use during pregnancy.

  4. Skin Nourishing Milk Bath

    This unique formula is rich in vitamins that help to nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.
      • The creamy and light milky formula can be poured into an ordinary bath to transform it into a nourishing escape
      • The special Milk Protein base, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, contains natural plant collagen from Japanese Camellia Oil and Oat Extract
      • May be used on the scalp or on localized areas to help with dryness
      • Excellent for excessively dry skin, as it leaves your body feeling satin soft and in perfect harmony

  5. Treat Your Feet Foot Cream

    Rich in conditioning Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this intensely moisturizing formulation melts beautifully into the skin, smoothing and hydrating rough dry areas.

    Suitable for use during pregnancy.

  6. Skin Nourishing Shower Cream

    Veils the skin in a Milk Protein cocoon, gently cleanses, enriches & balances.

    Suitable for use during pregnancy.