5 Things That Happen To Your Skin Overnight

18th October 2017

Everything that happens to your skin between lights out and dawn break…

Ah, beauty sleep: Does it really exist – or is it just something our mothers dreamt up to get us into bed when we turned the light back on for the 11th time every night?

The truth of the matter is that in the dead of night, when we’re fast asleep, not only is our skin free from daytime sunlight, environmental aggressors and other (stress-riddled) lifestyle factors, but it also undergoes a number of significant changes. So beauty sleep is a genuine reality – and when we don’t get enough, our skin is all too quick to show it.

Here, we explain everything that happen to your skin when you’re asleep – and why we’re sticklers for a solid 8 hours here at ELEMIS HQ.

1. Dryness:

Our experts refer to it as “trans-epidermal water loss” which, simply put, means that the skin becomes particularly prone to dryness overnight. This means that not only is it essential that you apply a nourishing moisturiser, but that you (double) cleanse before bedtime too. Any make-up residues left over from the day will simply stop your beauty products absorbing – and prevent them from doing all that hard work.

2. Cell turnover:

Just like our body has an inner clock, so too our skin has its own circadian rhythms. The rate at which cells are produced within the skin generally peaks between the hours of 11pm and 4am, giving us that fresher, plumper appearance once we wake from a great night’s sleep. So close that laptop, switch off the light – and make sure your eyes are firmly shut by 11pm.

3. Exfoliation:

We tend to think of exfoliating the skin as something we actively have to do using skin products. Yet during the night, the skin undergoes a natural exfoliation process that allows dead skin cells to move up and out of the pores, revealing a smoother, more even complexion by morning. If your skin is prone to dullness, you can give it a helping hand by using our Gentle Rose Exfoliator as part of your evening routine.

4. Repair:

During the day, our skin has a variety of threats to deal with – most notably, UV light and pollution. Freed from the constraints of coping with these aggressors at night, it is able to focus on any damage caused by free radicals throughout the day. Which is exactly why your night products need a high concentration of antioxidants to help support this internal repair mode.

5. Nourish:

In our busy modern lives, factors such as stress, alcohol, sugar, caffeine and blue light from our phone and computer screens mean that regular, good-quality sleep can be hard to come by. But worry not, as our Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil is designed to help your skin maximise every minute of slumber. This deeply nourishing elixir contains Perilla Seed Oil to hydrate and counterbalance nighttime moisture loss, plus a peptide extract that supports its natural regeneration process. We even grew our new superbotanical – Night Scented Stock oil – in the wilds of the British countryside for its high Omega-3 essential fatty acid and vitamin E content, to bolster antioxidant repair and improve the skin’s elasticity when you wake.

Apply it to freshly cleansed skin (our Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is excellent for this time of year), layer it over a serum like our Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir – or you could even blend it with a drop or two of the Superfood Facial Oil if you need an extra boost.

And guess what? 100% of our testers agreed that they looked like they’d had 8 hours sleep. Which is why we like to call it “beauty sleep in a bottle”.



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