28th August 2015

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Toodle-oo post-holiday blues…


Sigh. The beach is but a memory, the sun lounger like a long lost friend, and your once shiny new bikini now languishing sadly in the back of your wardrobe. Hitting terra firma and returning to the daily work grind after the languid days of a summer holiday can feel like the end of the world. But sun, sea, surf and email-free days aside, just what is it about summer holidays that leave us floating on air? We broke down the psychology of the holiday high – then realised that actually, it is but a few tiny tweaks away. Here’s how to reclaim it…


1. The sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D, of course. Having long been connected with a reduced risk of long term illness, vitamin D is not only necessary for strong bones, but deficiency may affect your mood and even contribute towards depression. While unique in being the vitamin the body can make through absorption of sunlight, as we age, the skin becomes less efficient at producing D. So up your dietary intake by making sure you eat oily fish such as sardines, mackerel and salmon – plus egg yolks, beef and liver – on a regular basis.


Vitamin D Healthy Foods | INSIDE ELEMIS


2. Happy snaps: Remember the distant days of queuing in Boots to get your camera film developed? The irony is that today, while we’re more likely to share our holiday snaps with the world via social media, having all of our pictures stored on our Smartphones means they often get buried in a camera folder just a few days after you get back. So get creative with an LG Pocket Smart Mobile Printer: An ingenious mini printer that syncs with an App on your phone, producing hard copies of your holiday memories to be admired forevermore.



3. Mellow yellow: Not only is it the shade of sun-soaked climes, but according to colour psychology, yellow is also the hue of confidence, optimism, creativity and friendliness – all things that make us feel great. Bring some light back into your life with a quick lick of Farrow & Ball colours for your home interiors…





4. Sunset cocktails: We human beings are sensual creatures. Strike a match to this and imagine you’re back beside the beach bar with this (Malin + Goetz) Mojito Candle




5. Travel log: If you can’t take a real trip, taking an imaginary one via the exquisite writing of Paulo Coelho is surely the next best thing. His highly-acclaimed book, The Alchemist charts the story of an Andalucian shepherd boy who journeys to the Egyptian pyramids to seek his fortune and meets some fascinating characters along the way…


Now let your beauty regimen help you recapture that summer high with these post-holiday heroes…


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