The Next SUPER QVC Today’s Special Value Is…

2nd February 2018

When you discover the ingredients in the new SUPER range that will appear on our next Today’s Special Value on February 3rd, you could be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the healthiest recipe, as ELEMIS has certainly brought the best of the kitchen to your skin.

Taking inspiration from the best that nature’s Superfoods have to offer, our new plant-based Superfood 4-Piece Skincare Collection feeds the skin from the outside in with essential vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and anti-oxidants. The result? Outdoor-fresh, luminous, bright and radiant skin.

What’s so special about this new collection is that Superfoods, including kale, avocado, matcha and quinoa are cleverly combined with a natural Pre-Biotic, to help maintain our skin’s natural ecosystem. After all, our skin is not a static surface, but a living ecosystem and our first line of defence that needs a balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria, nutrients and vitamins for optimal barrier function and health.

There's no complicated routine, simply 3 easy steps and I can't tell you how much you will enjoy the way these products look and feel on your skin. Whatever your age or skin type, we all want skin that looks and feels healthy, bright and luminous!

Step 1

Start your day by applying an almond-sized amount of Superfood Facial Wash onto dry skin, massage over the face, then add water and watch this supergreen gel change into a creamy lather, reviving and refreshing the skin whilst it deeply cleanses. Kale, broccoli and wheatgrass set to work leaving the skin bright and radiant. For me, this product really acts as a catalyst and gets my skin ready for the day, so my make-up adheres better and looks fresh. Follow with whichever toner you are using for your skin type.

Step 2

Apply 2-3 drops of Superfood Facial Oil over the face. This natural blend of highly concentrated superfoods, particularly supergrains, is the lightest of all our oils yet is packed with omegas 3, 6 and 9, which play a significant role in what you need for healthy-looking skin. These omegas cannot always be synthesised by the body, yet we need them to give skin resilience and help soften and smooth. For me, it’s like a ‘superfood smoothie’ for the skin in the morning and I can literally see my skin radiating with happiness when it receives this oil.

Step 3

Wow! Where do I start with Superfood Day Cream? ELEMIS is truly living up to its name of ‘Skin Explorers’. I have never seen an ingredient listing quite like this, a formulation that completely feeds, replenishes and plumps skin. I like to think of this product as a ‘fertiliser’ for skin, as it only feeds the ‘good’ bacteria and is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and essential omega fatty acids. This wonder day cream also contains the next generation in AHA's - Lactobionic Acid - so it has a slight renewing effect yet even the most sensitive skin can use it. Matcha Tea, Ginger Ferment, Green Mandarin Water and Goji Berry are just a few of the free radical-scavenging, antioxidant-boosting cocktail of ingredients that are combined with a sugar-derived Pre-Biotic to ensure your skin’s microflora is perfectly balanced. In the morning, apply 2-3 pumps and evenly smooth over the whole facial area.

The Bi-Weekly Super-boost!

Filled with an abundance of superfruits, exfoliating gets enjoyable with our Papaya Enzyme Peel. Calming and non-abrasive, now there’s no reason for patchy, redness-prone or sensitive skin not to exfoliate.

Papaya enzyme slowly breaks down those tired dead skin cells that are ageing us and preventing our products from working effectively. The combination of papaya and pineapple gets to work while bladderwrack algae detoxifies and cleanses the skin. All this is cocooned in milk whey, so no over-exfoliating can occur. Apply this creamy fruit cocktail all over the skin, avoiding the eyes and lips, leave for 10 minutes then rinse off. Tone and apply Superfood Facial Oil, then the Superfood day or night cream (which will also be launching on our TSV day).

I’ve used the Superfood Facial Oil on many of my clients and love how nourishing it is. With the addition of new products to the range, even more Superfood ingredients and a Pre-Biotic, I can't wait to see how much more I can help my clients. I’ve seen the benefits of the range first hand - after being quite poorly recently my skin should have suffered, but instead it’s healthy and glowing.

Join us on QVC UK this February 3rd at Midnight so you can see for yourself how fantastically it works!



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