history - the Elemis journey
When Elemis launched in 1989 the professional spa industry was far from the sophisticated and skilled industry it is today. Elemis has been fundamental in the success of this phenomenal growth and has year on year brought to market new innovations to keep it ahead of the field.
Séan Harrington is awarded CEW (UK)'s Special Industry Award 2013   Read more
Séan Harrington is awarded CEW (UK)'s Special Industry Award 2013 Arrow
The CEW (UK) Special Industry Award is presented each year to a man or woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and the advancement of women in their beauty careers. This year it goes to Séan
Harrington, Managing Director of Elemis, one of the most highly regarded
figures in the beauty industry.

“The Board of CEW (UK) are delighted to give the Special Industry Award to Séan Harrington. He has done an outstanding job of leading and inspiring his team to make Elemis a world class skincare brand. Congratulations!” Caroline Neville, President of CEW (UK)

“It is a pleasure and an honour to have been awarded the Special Industry Award by the prestigious CEW. For me this is the pinnacle of my career with Elemis and means so much to all of us within the Elemis family. As with all brands there is a journey and Elemis has been my passion, my life and my heartbeat since the first day. This is due to two amazing, wonderful and
exceptionally talented people: Noella and Oriele.
In addition, the entire Steiner family and organisation have supported us throughout to make our dreams a reality. I am privileged and extremely grateful for CEW (UK) to generously endorse and recognise the efforts and commitment we have given to establish Elemis as a leading British beauty brand. I would like to thank Caroline Neville, the CEW (UK) board and
members with whom I look forward to celebrating this very special achievement for me and my family.” Séan Harrington, Managing Director.
Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream   Read more
Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream Arrow
Elemis Introduced Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream, as an addition to the Pro-Intense Lift Effect programme, harnessing the science of plant stem cell technology. Designed to target the sagging of jowls, cheeks and chin, this rich cream layers the lipid barrier and works overnight to stimulate the cell’s biological energy cycle to deliver a lift effect.
"Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream is for tired, dull and slackening skin. We specifically included a night cream as part of the Pro-Intense Lift Effect programme as an overnight stimulant to encourage cell-renewal to strengthen the matrix of the skin where calcium has depleted. When applied to cleansed skin, this beautiful textured rich yet lightweight cream is easily absorbed. We love how ‘padded out’ the skin looks in the morning.” Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development
Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lifting and Firming Facial   Read more
Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lifting and Firming Facial Arrow
Elemis proudly introduced their most intensive facial yet.
Strong, deep and powerful hands-on lifting massage techniques target sagging jowls, cheeks and chin, whilst helping to reduce the puffiness and fluid retention associated with sagging skin along the jawline. The facial contours appear shaped, lifted and firmed after just one treatment.
88% of women tested stated that it was the most effective firming and lifting
facial that they had ever had, in an Independent Consumer Trial on 49 women in July 2013.
Treatment benefits
• Powerful lifting massage techniques help tone and shape facial contours
• Reduces the puffiness and fluid retention associated with sagging skin along the jawline
• Targets jowls and double chin
• Helps promote cellular activity
• Skin feels uplifted and firmer
• Restores vital moisture levels
"Today’s clients expectations have changed. We now live in a results-driven market. This expectation is the driving force behind our product and treatment design. I’ve always believed that one of the best anti-ageing approaches to skin is the power of hands-on therapy combined with great actives to deliver immediate, visible results. Our NEW Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial uses a unique massage technique performed with a bio-active Amber Massage Balm to chisel the chin & jowl area to restore contour and shape to the face. We are proud to share our user trial results that are testament to this.” Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Harpers Bazaar Hot 100 - Best Cleanser   Read more
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Harpers Bazaar Hot 100 - Best Cleanser Arrow
We are proud to announce that Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has won Best Cleanser in Harpers Bazaar Hot 100 Beauty Product Awards.

This super-cleansing treatment balm is expertly formulated with exquisite oils and waxes to dissolve make-up and the day’s impurities leaving you with a luxuriously cleansed, deeply nourished and glowing complexion.

Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System - 30 day programme   Read more
Elemis launches Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System - 30 day programme Arrow
After 3 years in development, Elemis introduced Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System which is designed to re-energise and protect the skin cells at the epidermal junction to reveal a more lifted, firmer and shaped facial contours.

How does Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System work ?
A scientific blend of plant stem cells lupin and arjuna bark extract together with brown-red seaweed kalpariane™ deliver a ‘cocktail of lipids’ to the skin. Lupin and arjuna help strengthen the ‘patchwork’ of the skin to add extra padding and support where skin has become slackened and flat. They work by attaching themselves to a cell that isn’t full and round at the deeper epidermal junction (see diagram below) to help them stay full and plump as it rises to the epidermis, the outer layer, resulting in firmer, smoother, redefined skin.
Elemis launches White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover   Read more
Elemis launches White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Arrow
With the cosmetic world moving faster than ever to meet people’s expectations for long-lasting make-up. This creates demand for a high tech make-up remover able to gently remove even the most stubborn make-up, including waterproof mascara, without causing skin sensitivity.
The challenge was to create a product that had a fine balance between effectively removing all traces of eye and lip make-up, avoiding sensitivity whilst leaving skin hydrated. After numerous formulations, this has been exceeded through the perfect blend of oils and natural spring water.
Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover, is a bi-phase formula that effectively removes eye make-up and lip colour, whilst delivering a clean, soft and hydrated after-feel. Ophthalmologist tested.
Why use bi-phase technology?
Waterproof make-up combines pigments, pearls, oils and waxes which
can be difficult to remove because they are held in place by a waterproof film.
The oil is essential to remove it. The water helps rinse the oil phase away
and allows the water soluble actives of marine spring water and white flower
extracts to be added to the formulation.

Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development, says
"This was a real challenge, I must admit! It took many formulations to develop, but it was when we discovered bi-phase technology that we were able to create a product that delivers the results we wanted. The main challenge our customers told us about, was that make-up removers can cause skin irritation and sensitivity after use. It was important that this product
didn’t drag on the eye area, didn’t cause any sensitivity and didn’t leave skin with an oily residue and I am proud to say this ticks all the boxes. As with all Elemis products, caring for the skin is primary, it must offer a ‘wow’ factor experience and give optimum skincare benefits. This turns a usually everyday chore into a joyful part of your daily skincare regime.”
Elemis launches Skin Nourishing Body Scrub   Read more
Elemis launches Skin Nourishing Body Scrub Arrow
Rich and creamy for super skin nourishment!
This luxurious creamy body scrub contains natural exfoliators of rice, bamboo and bora bora sand to gently polish the skin, whilst sweet almond, macadamia, and wheat germ oils nourish and condition. An exquisite milk protein base rich in vitamins is combined with organic oat extract to help leave skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

Spa tip: Works wonders to prep skin for self-tan application to ensure an even, bronzed glow. And for happy soles, pay special attention to your feet so they are smooth and healthy to show off your pedicure with confidence.
Elemis launches Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow   Read more
Elemis launches Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow Arrow
An exotic spa holiday in a jar.
Transport mind, body and soul to the shores of the South Pacific with Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow. Capturing the exotic essence of Tahiti, this Salt Glow uses ingredients from the award-winning Frangipani range. Perfect for prolonging that holiday feeling. For application in gentle circular motions to damp skin in the bath or shower. Ideal for weekly use to remove dead skin cells and restore skin radiance.
Spa tip: Pay special attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. Great pre and post holiday to maintain a healthy, even glow.
Elemis launches Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm   Read more
Elemis launches Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Arrow
Elemis Introduced an exciting new generation “hybrid moisturiser”
whose instant skin-flattering qualities are as compelling as its ability to hydrate the skin.
More than a look-good cream, this is a feel good cream. Sweep on this soft balm and the benefits are instant. The finish has diligently been created to deliver the optimum amount of sheen and luminosity for a healthy, vibrant glow.
This is a proper, effective moisturiser designed to be applied directly onto clean skin. The ingredients, as you would expect from an Elemis product, are all hardworking and pertinent to the cream’s success. And then the scent:
a neroli, bitter orange, bergamot and lemon mélange, which is clean and mood-enhancing, and adds enormously to the pleasure of the application.
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream celebrates its 10th Anniversary   Read more
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream celebrates its 10th Anniversary Arrow
“Elemis sells one Pro-Collagen Marine Cream every minute around the world.”
It only feels like yesterday when we challenged ourselves to formulate the
first Elemis anti-ageing moisturiser. Combining ground-breaking marine actives with cutting-edge science, our key objective was to achieve positive, visible results, under scientific clinical trials.
After 3 years, 52 formulations and 2 clinical trials, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream was born, superseding all of our expectations in the results our clients experienced.
10 years later, the extensive range of Pro-Collagen formulations has achieved
over 50 awards. I am so proud to see Pro-Collagen as such a British skincare icon, loved by so many people and a worldwide best-seller.
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Elemis
created an exclusive aquamarine 100ml Supersize Limited Edition. The embossed silver lid showcases the powerful hero ingredients, that deliver extraordinary anti-ageing results.
Elemis launches its fastest ever selling retail product, Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm   Read more
Elemis launches its fastest ever selling retail product, Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Arrow
Launched in the year that multi-award-winning Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream celebrates its 10th anniversary, this balm-with-a-difference has been two years in development, perfecting the sublime texture and sensesoothing
blend of naturally active aroma-therapeutics.
Featuring rich, skin-nurturing oils grown within the UK, this make-up-melting balm is bliss to apply and ultra-effective. Simply unscrew the generous jar, and enjoy the signature blend of geranium, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, ho wood, orange, menthol and clove, blended into the highest-quality
wheatgerm and oat, starflower and elderberry oils, perfectly fused with mimosa and heaven-scented rose wax.

Much, much more than simply a cleanser
Designed to sweep away make-up and grime, Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is a true skin treatment, its magic apparent from the moment your fingertips first touch the soft, luxurious balm.
The unique, sophisticated fusion of fragrant oils and waxes is designed to break down micro-particles of make-up that can build up over time creating ‘shading’ on the skin. (This is particularly a challenge with long-wear make-up and silicone particles). At the same time, targeted oils absorb excess sebum, which can otherwise attract the bacteria that trigger breakouts. And though skin’s left perfectly cleansed, the lipids ensure it removes any impurities without stripping or drying the skin, delivering a heavenly sensation of comfort. This makes Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm suitable for all skin types, even combination and oily complexions.
Freshskin by Elemis launches the Skin Clear range for teens to twenties   Read more
Freshskin by Elemis launches the Skin Clear range for teens to twenties Arrow
Skin clear combines a powerful combination of active ingredients and active fragrances from the highest quality essential oils to rebalance, regenerate and renew oily, problem and blemish prone skin.
Active Ingredients
At the heart of each skin clear product is Iris Complex - a potent blend of 3 active, anti-blemish ingredients that work in synergy to maximise the individual benefits of each ingredient and deliver a more powerful treatment to the skin.
Elemis launches the most Advanced Ant-Ageing Eye Treatment yet!   Read more
Elemis launches the most Advanced Ant-Ageing Eye Treatment yet! Arrow
A super light-weight formula that packs heavy-weight results.

Taking 3 years to develop, Elemis launched Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye
Treatment. This revolutionary formula targets fine lines and wrinkles, and contains powerful plant actives combined with a sophisticated complex of amino acids, fundamental to healthy skin function.

Key Benefits for use:
- Amino acids deliver healthy, fresh and dewy looking skin
- Supports skin around the delicate eye area
- Activates circulation for improved brightness and clarity
- Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- A weightless texture that doesn’t overload the eye area
- Helps defend the skins barrier function from external attack

“Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is a light texture designed not to overload the delicate eye area. Using the ring finger on each hand, apply product using a gentle tapping motion from the outer to the inner corner and around the eye contour bone. Ensure you do not drag or pull the skin.
Apply under Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal or Pro-Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream daily. As a special eye treatment layer under Absolute Eye Mask twice a week. Once applied the eye area will feel moisturised and rejuvenated.”
Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development
Noella Gabriel wins 'Inspirational Achievement' Award   Read more
Noella Gabriel wins 'Inspirational Achievement' Award Arrow
We are delighted to announce that Noella Gabriel, Director of Sales and Product & Treatment Development WON the 'Inspirational Achievement’ Award at the Inspiration Awards for Women 2011 held at Cadogan Hall, London on Friday 7th October 2011.

The Inspirational Awards is a ceremony like no other. It celebrates inspirational women from diverse backgrounds who have inspired a nation. Along with projecting positive images of women and acknowledging those who are good role models, the event raises money and profile for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Noella Gabriel: “I am absolutely honoured and thrilled to have won! I have always strived to enjoy what I do and do my absolute best at what I do. Every day has its own challenges but I love to learn and that keeps me really motivated in life and at work. Thank you to everyone who voted.”
Melting Cleansing Gel wins award!   Read more
Melting Cleansing Gel wins award! Arrow
Elemis was awarded Best Premium Skincare launch for Melting Cleansing Gel at the Pure Beauty Awards 2011.
Winners at the ELLE Beauty Awards!   Read more
Winners at the ELLE Beauty Awards! Arrow
Elemis scooped Best Body Scrub for Sp@home Tranquil Touch Body Polish at the ELLE Beauty Awards 2011
Elemis teams up with Alice Temperley   Read more
Elemis teams up with Alice Temperley Arrow
Two new collections each presented in a stunning, luxurious bag designed by British designer Alice Temperley, exclusively for Elemis.

Plus £1.50 from each sale goes to Mothers4Children, a charity dedicated to providing practical, emotional and education support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people and to transforming the quality of life and provide hope to orphans in developing nations.

Elemis Flagship Spa opens at St. Regis Bangkok   Read more
Elemis Flagship Spa opens at St. Regis Bangkok Arrow

We are proud to announce the launch within the St. Regis Bangkok. The existing Elemis flagship spas in London, Miami have been hailed amongst the world’s finest day-spas, and Elemis Bangkok is poised to follow suit. The menu comprises over 25 treatment options, all developed by Elemis and delivered by highly trained Elemis therapists using professional spa strength Elemis formulations to achieve maximum results. The St. Regis Bangkok is ideally located on Rajadamri Road close to Bangkok’s major business, shopping and entertainment areas and just a five minute walk to the famous Lumpini Park.
Elemis Spa at the St. Regis Bangkok is an extraordinary setting of spa elegance that reflects the Elemis balance of tradition and innovation, offering a luxurious haven of rejuvenation from the hectic pace of Thailand’s capital.
Beyond pampering, guests of Elemis Spa will have their beauty and wellness concerns lavishly addressed with scientifically-proven treatments, lifestyle enhancing products and wellbeing traditions that encourage continuing
transformation, all tailored to meet their individual needs.
“We are very grateful of the opportunity to have an Elemis spa at the prestigious St. Regis Bangkok. This is a hotel that offers exceptional service and client experience and we wanted the spa to mirror those key values. We wanted somewhere you can escape to within the city for locals and hotel guests. Client experience is always paramount and like all our other flagship spas we hope that it will become a spa destination you cannot miss.” says Sean Harrington, Elemis Managing Director
Elemis launches Sp@Home Bodycare   Read more
Elemis launches Sp@Home Bodycare Arrow
Elemis Sp@Home is an exciting new bodycare concept bringing you spa results into your daily routine. This therapeutic bodycare range consists of five beautiful categories that deliver results whilst indulging the senses.

The five categories are:

- Body Exotic
- Body Soothing
- Body Awaken
- Body Performance
- Body Anti-Ageing

The Sp@Home range contains best-sellers from the Elemis hall of fame, plus 14 NEW products with beautiful aromatics.
Elemis launches new range for teens to 20s   Read more
Elemis launches new range for teens to 20s Arrow
Being young is all about having a packed life and that’s just how it should be.

From teens to mid-twenties it is important to have a trusted skincare range that will nurture skin, help prevent premature ageing and brighten tired, dull and lifeless days... not to mention the effects of those late nights!

As the leading British skincare brand with a heritage for formulating products for a busy lifestyle, we believe that skincare begins with Elemis freshskin.

Each product is formulated with active raw ingredients, such as elderflower, rosehip seed oil, apple, blackcurrant, goji berry, geranium combined with skin kind bases specially chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, prevent damage, moisturise and boost skin’s elasticity to keep it youthful for longer.

Created by Noella Gabriel, Elemis’ Director of Product & Treatment Development, freshskin was not only inspired by her 3 nieces, but also driven by her team of young freshskin beauty therapists.

“I strongly feel that this age group is trapped in the ‘inbetweener’ age group, - skin that needs more than just basic cleansing. We really want freshskin to become a girl’s first serious skincare regime using high performance ingredients with lightweight textures, beautiful essential oils making the products not only perform but delight the senses. We’ll be so proud when in decades to come people can say they grew up with Elemis and it’s still their skin’s best friend.”

Noella Gabriel,
Director of Product & Treatment Development

Elemis wins Best Premium Bodycare Award   Read more
Top Sante has awarded Elemis Best Premium Bodycare in their Glow Health & Beauty Awards!

"With heavenly products straight from the spa, this brand knows how to deliver on indulgence and results. The Skin Nourishing Milk Bath has long been a favourite, and now you're loving the new Skin Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion with soothing extracts of oat kernal and lipid-rich sesame."

New Melting Cleansing Gel   Read more
New Melting Cleansing Gel Arrow
Using scientific dual-phase technology, this ultra purifying cleanser is perfect for challenged, tired, dull or stressed skin. Skin protective organic Argan Oil, mattifying Rice Silk and purifying Rosemary Leaf are combined with powerful anti-pollution Moringa Peptides.

Delicately melting from a luxurious gel, to a rich milk, the complexion is instantly transformed and cleansed, without compromising the skin’s delicate microflora.

The result is a silky smooth and purified skin perfectly prepared for your Elemis moisturiser.

Elemis launches second fragrance   Read more
Elemis launches second fragrance Arrow
Following the successful spring launch of our first active fragrance Eau de Parfum, Elemis, we are proud to introduce our second creation Eau De Parfum Exotic.

When Elemis was born 20 years ago a conscious decision was made to take on board the responsibility of educating clients’ sense of smell by introducing them to an active fragrance, not just a pretty scent. We began with medicinal active fragrances, for example, Rosemary, Pine, Thyme and Chamomile moving the client on to sensual aromas, the Exotic fragrances of Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani and Osmanthus.

Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic is an intoxicating blend of warming and spicy Sri Lankan Cinnamon Bark, Pink Pepper and Clove Bud Oil from the Comores Isles that is chased beautifully by the floral heart of night time blooms of Ylang Ylang, fresh whiteness of Indian Jasmine Sambac and precious Tuberose.

As the fragrance evolves, it deepens and darkens into the base notes, the notes that linger and are a fixative. The warm, woody fusion of Frankinscense, mysterious Somali Incense, centred with Cedarwood grown in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and finally the finishing touch of Sandalwood.

Sensual, mysterious and exotic, new Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic takes you on a journey via your senses with the host of exotic notes transporting you to a faraway place.

New Pro-Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream   Read more
New Pro-Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream Arrow
A rich textured cream containing active plant stem cells from Edelweiss that works with the skin's natural function at the 'dermal-epidermal junction' level to protect the shape of skin cells, tighten the collagen network and hydrate evenly throughout the day.

The Pro-Intense Triple Effect is designed to:

- Redensify
- Plump
- Firm

Over 71% of users assessed their skin to be visibly plumper, effective at filling out lines and left their skin looking more youthful.*

*Consumer test on 59 women over 28 days.

Elemis adds to the skin nourishing line   Read more
Elemis adds to the skin nourishing line Arrow
Two new luxury skin nourishing products for shower, hand and body incorporating the award winning formula of all time bodycare favourite Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath.

Skin Nourishing Shower Cream 300ml
Nourishing Camellia, Macadamia and Jojoba Oils are carried in an exquisite Milk Protein base to leave the skin satin soft, supple and healthy looking. Perfect for a heavenly daily shower.

Skin Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion 200ml
Soothing extracts Oat Kernal and Shea Butter give skin a beautiful,
natural radiance whilst lipid-rich Sesame leave the skin soft and healthy looking.

Noella Gabriel receives award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’   Read more
Noella Gabriel receives award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ Arrow
Elemis’ Noella Gabriel, Director of Sales, Product & Treatment Development received the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ at Professional Beauty Awards 2010.

Renowned as one of the industry’s most influential innovators, Noella has over 30 years experience of creating cutting edge spa-therapies and skincare products. She joined Elemis in 1990 where she created the brand’s very first face and body spa-therapies. For every new innovation that Elemis introduces, Noella is the genius behind it.

The touching speech by Laura McCreddie, Managing Editor, Professional Beauty read...

"Creating products that are effective is a hard enough task but creating icons requires other skill entirely. It requires a certain alchemy - an elusive mixture of talent and timing. This year’s recipient of our Outstanding Contribution award has both those things in abundance.

She has been the brains behind this brand for the past two decades and helped shape its rise from small independent to the worldwide spa stalwart. The products she has created have won numerous industry awards and she has ensured that the brand is always at the cutting edge in terms of ingredients and formulations. But it is not just us at Professional Beauty that think this. Our readers think so too.

In our online poll her name came out top. In our monthly industry survey, the Insider, readers from both the beauty and spa sectors voted her as their choice for this award and she is also the person they’d most like to interview.

To list all the reasons why this year’s winner deserves the award would take half the night and I know you want to get on with the drinking and dancing but it would be remiss of me not to mention some of her achievements. There is the anti-ageing system that has attained cult status, the introduction of clinical trials to the brand and a portfolio of treatments that combines the most up-to-date scientific methods with the holistic therapies that are her passion. And that’s not all. She has also applied her inimitable style to the brand’s retail arm through which she has helped change the public’s perception of spa-ing - proving that it can be done anywhere from department stores to airline lounges.

She also manages to find time to train the next generation of beauty therapists. To say the industry would be lost without her may be an overstatement but it would certainly be a very different place."

On winning the award Noella Gabriel said:

"I am overwhelmed that Professional Beauty Magazine has honoured me with such an accolade! Skincare has been my passion for over 30 years and the sector has drastically transformed from those early days when I trained as a therapist! I am privileged to work with such a great brand. Elemis has played a huge role in helping to change that landscape by never compromising on product launch or treatment development. I am so proud to be recognised for especially in a year where Elemis is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. So far, 2010 is proving to be incredibly strong and I am looking forward to revealing Elemis’ next 5 years of developments."
Elemis launches "Treatments on Tour" SpaBus   Read more
Elemis launches "Treatments on Tour" SpaBus Arrow
The Elemis SpaBus took our treatments to the people by visiting various locations and events in the UK. The aim of the SpaBus was to raise essential money for charity Mothers4Children by donating £1 from every treatment performed on board.

Elemis wins Best British Brand at the CEW (UK) Beauty Awards   Read more
Elemis wins Best British Brand at the CEW (UK) Beauty Awards Arrow
We are delighted to announce that Elemis has won 'Best British Brand' at the CEW (UK) Beauty Awards ceremony held on Monday 19th April at Intercontinental Hotel, London.

The Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) Beauty Awards are the Oscars of the Beauty Industry and are recognised as the industry's highest honour as voted by the beauty industry insiders. These Awards recognise innovation and creativity in beauty products.

We wish to thank everyone who has supported Elemis on its 20 year journey and we look forward to continued growth and success.
New Modern Skin Facial   Read more
New Modern Skin Facial Arrow
Designed especially for skin challenged by modern living!

Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, this purifying treatment helps remove damaging toxins, regenerate skin cells and rebalance sebum.

The results: remineralised, rebalanced and renewed skin.
Elemis launches first fragrance   Read more
Elemis launches first fragrance Arrow
Before you even touch Elemis, you pause... and breathe it in, letting the aromas relax, revitalise and inspire you.

This exuberant, aromatic signature scent exquisitely combines the exciting notes that we have gathered from across the globe for our distinctive therapies.

Far from a simple spritz, this is something altogether more significant. A full-strength eau de parfum, created in Grasse, the home of classic fragrance and the result of a close collaboration between Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development for Elemis and her French perfumer.

Limited Edition Skin Nourishing Milk Bath   Read more
Limited Edition Skin Nourishing Milk Bath Arrow
Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath was launched in a classic glass decanter bottle, 20 years ago. To celebrate 20 years of excellence this award-winning, cult beauty product has been re-packaged in a beautiful Italian glass decanter, reminiscent of the original.

A truly unique formulation, adored by both mothers and children, this limited edition has been chosen as the perfect product to partner with the Mothers4Children charity, with a donation of £1 from every sale going towards helping vulnerable children.

New Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser   Read more
New Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser Arrow
The latest new generation cleanser. This rich, luxurious anti-ageing cleansing cream gently and effectively removes make-up, nourishes skin and boosts radiance.

After two years in development, this formulation contains anti-oxidant Moringa Seed Peptides to protect and purify, Great Burdock to balance oil flow plus Noni, high in Vitamin C and minerals to nourish skin. ‘Superberry’ Assai Fruit found in the Amazon forest is rich in minerals, multi-vitamins and helps reduce high colour to give the skin instant radiance. The natural active base combination of White Bees Wax, Xanthum Gum and Shea Butter is supremely rich and easily loosens and removes make-up whilst softening and moisturising the skin. The active herbal fragrance and plant extracts of Sweet Brazilian Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli soothe and balance.
Elemis Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence   Read more
Elemis Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence Arrow
We celebrated our 20th Anniversary at One Marylebone on Tuesday 2nd February.

Journalists and Celebrity fans from over the years gathered to join us, for an evening of pink champagne, British themed canapés and sweets to celebrate 20 years of success plus to see the unveiling of limited edition collections that will raise money for charity Mothers4Children who we are supporting this year.

The event was hosted by Elemis’ Directors Sean Harrington, Managing Director & Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development and Mothers4Children Creative Director, Lisa Bilton

Celebrity guests included: Lisa B, Yasmin Le Bon, Trinny Woodall, Jenni Falconer, Angela Griffin, Konnie Huq, Susie Amy, Natalie Pinkham, Sarah Cawood, Marie Helvin, Amanda Wakeley, Angela Radcliffe and Yasmin Mills.

You can watch highlights from the event here.

To see more photos from the event click here.

Mothers4Children, was set up by model-mum Lisa B and supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. Through different fund-raising activities, its goals are to provide practical, emotional and education support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people and to transform the quality of life and provide hope to orphans in developing nations. The mission of Mothers4Children is to see a world where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential.
NEW Visible Brilliance   Read more
NEW Visible Brilliance Arrow
The science of instant skin radiance.

Due to environmental pollution and lifestyle stresses, important minerals in the skin can degenerate resulting in your complexion looking dull, lifeless and lacking in a healthy glow.

Pure innovation, this double-action serum actively brightens and re-energises dull, fatigued and stressed skin for instant luminosity.

Key Results:

- Revitalises and re-energises the skin
- Leaves a delicate iridescent finish
- Features appear rested and smooth, with a youthful radiance

NEW Exotic Lime and Ginger Duo   Read more
NEW Exotic Lime and Ginger Duo Arrow
A luxurious daily bodycare collection, these two new products are delicately fragranced with active aromas of Citrus and Ginger essential oils, treating both the mind and the body.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Hand and Body Wash contains soothing extracts of Thyme, Nettle and Chamomile in a deep cleansing Soya, Wheat and Milk Protein base. The rich creamy lather is super gentle, leaving your skin feeling soft and perfectly nourished.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Hand and Body Lotion contains a purifying peptide from Moringa Seeds, detoxifying Camphor Bush and skin-smoothing Paracress in a lipid rich Sesame Seed and Shea Butter base. Pure luxury on your skin.
New Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask   Read more
New Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask Arrow
Peel Away the Years...

This innovative, active gel-mask instantly smoothes and firms the skin for a younger, more radiant complexion.

Your take-home facial with tri-enzyme technology.
NEW Face and Body Sensation   Read more
NEW Face and Body Sensation Arrow
Experience the perfect Elemis treatment duo, a sensational massage combined with a prescribed booster anti-ageing facial.

Choose from the unique Re-Energiser, an ‘ice-cool thermal' massage to relieve stress tension and ease aching muscles, or Tranquillity, a 'thermal-soothing' massage to induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind.

You will then be treated to your intensive booster anti-ageing facial,
designed to smooth out wrinkles and restore youthful radiance:

• Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial
• Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial
• Visible Brilliance Facial
• Skin IQ+ Men’s Facial
Elemis launches Pro-Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift   Read more
Elemis launches Pro-Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift Arrow
Containing Elemis’ new Micro-Lattice Technology developed specifically for the body, this instantly absorbed, concentrated gel-serum provides an instant feeling of skin firmness and lift - creating an invisible ‘body-stocking’ effect.

As we age, Collagen and Elastin degenerate and cell cohesion loosens, resulting in loss of firmness and slackened skin.

This concentrated gel-serum contains a powerful anti‑ageing Peptide, Acacia, Paracress and marine extract Padina Pavonica. The perfect solution for slackening skin on the buttocks, abdomen and arms.
Elemis opens in Japan   Read more
Elemis opens in Japan Arrow
Yu Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Chinzan-so, Tokyo
October 2008. Elemis proudly announced a partnership with the Yu Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Chinzan-so, one of the most prestigious spas in Tokyo, offering an oasis of luxury and serenity, isolated from the bustle of the capital city.

Mandara Spa Royal Park Hotel, Shiodome
November 2008. Elemis launched at Mandara Spa at Royal Park Shiodome Tower. Bringing a touch of the Tropics to the bustling city… an oasis in which you can relax and unwind as you close the door on the outside world. An unforgettable experience awaits guests at this full-scale Asian resort-style city spa.

Hankyu Department Store, Osaka
The Elemis retail concept launched in Japan in October offering the ultimate spa-therapy in just 30 minutes with the unique SpaPod Power Booster Facials, SpaBar and SkinLab facial mapping analysis.

Elemis has opened 113 department stores across 14 countries since October 2005:
- 22 UK Stores
- 62 USA Stores
- 29 International Stores
Elemis wins at this year’s CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2008   Read more
Elemis wins at this year’s CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2008 Arrow
Elemis is proud to win two prestigious awards at the CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2008.

The Elemis Body Sculpting System scooped Best New Bath & Body Product – Prestige and the Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay won the Best New Men’s Grooming Product – Prestige.

Both Elemis body and skincare products were voted as the most innovative in each category.

CEW (UK) has over 500 insiders working across the beauty industry with 300 votes cast in this year’s awards for the 201 products nominated in 26 categories.
New Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream   Read more
New Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream Arrow
Enjoy a moment in paradise!

Envelop your body with this exotic infusion of Tahitian Monoi Oil fragranced with Frangipani flowers.

Perfect for thirsty skin, this deeply hydrating cream wash gently cleanses, leaving your body beautifully soft, supple and delicately fragranced.

Suitable for sensitive and very dry skin.

Free from Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Parabens
Elemis’ Noella Gabriel wins CEW Achiever Award   Read more
Elemis’ Noella Gabriel wins CEW Achiever Award Arrow
Elemis is proud to announce a coveted industry accolade for one of its founders, Noella Gabriel. Director of Product and Treatment Development, Noella has received the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Achiever Award for her career in beauty that spans nearly 30 years, 19 of which she has spent growing and nurturing the Elemis brand.

The Achiever Awards are bestowed upon a special group of women selected by the CEW (UK) Board who are home-grown beauty industry talent.

For her recognition of achievement, Noella Gabriel said “I am so proud to be recognised among such a talented group of women and to work alongside my Elemis colleagues who together have helped me achieve so much for such a wonderful brand.”

Caroline Neville, President of CEW (UK) said “Women need role models. It shows they can have a fabulous career ahead of them in this industry. Noella Gabriel is such a role model. A leading voice in the skincare and spa industry, she has developed many award-winning products and has been a key influence behind the innovative Elemis retail concept. All the time she has demonstrated a high degree of humanity and a willingness to teach others. The Board of CEW (UK) salutes Noella on her Award and achievements.”
New Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask   Read more
New Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask Arrow
Your take-home facial with quartz lifting power

Elemis introduces the NEW Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask to the highly acclaimed Elemis Anti-Ageing System.

As we age, Collagen and Elastin degenerate within the skin, resulting in deep wrinkles and the loss of firmness and elasticity. This luxurious cream mask combines the power of Quartz with Padina Pavonica, adaptogenic Noni, Moringa and Argan Tree Oil to instantly uplift and hydrate the skin, minimising the signs of ageing for a more youthful, firmer appearance.

Key results:

- Reduces skin crêpiness
- Smoothes out fine lines
- Face lifting effect
Elemis launches at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5   Read more
Elemis launches at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 Arrow
In March 2008, three NEW luxury, state-of-the-art travel spa facilities launched in a pioneering spa destination environment at Heathrow Airport’s British Airways Terminal 5 Lounges. Exclusively designed by London consultants, Davies + Baron, in co-operation with British Airways and Elemis Marketing Director, Oriele Frank, the new Elemis spa facilities consist of an Arrivals Spa, a Departures Spa and a Satellite Spa, offering targeted 15 minute treatments specially devised by world innovator in spa-therapies, Noella Gabriel.

Davies + Baron have designed a calming environment using controlled lighting, natural materials such as wood and slate, combined with a warm, soothing colour palette to create a relaxing atmosphere that will appeal to both men and women alike. Layers of fabric create depth and privacy around the treatment areas, whilst permitting a discreet glimpse inside.
Cocooned within Elemis Travel SpaPods, passengers can expect to receive maximum results in minimum time.
Elemis launches NEW Maximum Day and Night Creams   Read more
Elemis launches NEW Maximum Day and Night Creams Arrow
NEW Maximum Moisture Day Cream
This fresh feeling day cream with adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to your skin's needs. Providing continuous hydration whilst actively helping to protect against environmental toxins, the lightweight formulation visibly improves skin's condition.

Unique desert plants Myrothamnus and Tamarind are known for their adaptation to extreme climactic fluctuations whilst being rich in anti-oxidant power. Combined with the moisturising virtues of African Baobab Tree, Saw Palmetto Berries and Black Poplar Bud, rich in trace elements and vitamins, skin is perfectly hydrated and energised.

NEW Maximum Replenish Night Cream
This calming night cream with adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to your skin's individual needs. Providing targeted replenishment, whilst actively supporting the cell's natural regeneration process, this nurturing formulation delivers optimum results while skin's cells are at their most receptive.

Extracts of desert plant Prickly Pear, known for its adaptation to extreme climatic fluctuations has been combined with Lotus Flower, Liposomes and a trio of exotic oils, Marula, Hemp and Argan.

Skin awakens rested, renewed and feeling replenished.
Elemis signs 5 year agreement with British Airways   Read more
Elemis signs 5 year agreement with British Airways Arrow
Elemis is proud to have been chosen by British Airways to operate Elemis Travel Spas at British Airways terminal lounges at London Heathrow Airport and New York's, JFK.

Elemis exclusive Travel Spa-Therapies are available complimentary for FIRST, Club World and Executive Club Gold Members flying longhaul. These 15-minute treatments on a state-of-the-art Intelligent Massage Chair offer maximum results in minimum time.

Elemis also provides in-flight amenities on-board all British Airways' Club World cabins.

NEW Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream   Read more
NEW Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream Arrow
Sleep and re-oxygenate your skin...

Developed with the revolutionary Padina Pavonica, this luxury, moisture-rich night cream is clinically proven to help increase oxygen levels in the skin and assist the skin's natural regeneration process.

After 28 days usage, the skin's oxygen levels are increased by up to 41%* to help accelerate dermal respiration.

When used in conjunction with existing products in the Elemis anti-ageing system, the result is an overall improvement in long-term hydration and skin elasticity.

*Independent clinical trials 2006.
Elemis launches Time Defence Anti-Ageing Duo   Read more
Elemis launches Time Defence Anti-Ageing Duo Arrow
Elemis introduces two NEW scientifically proven anti-ageing products to its Time For Men line-up – Time Defence Wrinkle Delay and Time Defence Eye Reviver.

Time Defence Wrinkle Delay 50ml
This anti-ageing moisturiser is packed with high performance ingredients. It's clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 83% and increase hydration by up to 72% in 28 days!**

Time Defence Eye Reviver 15ml
This lightweight anti-ageing eye cream is clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 37% and increase hydration by up to 82% in 28 days**.

For the ultimate in-salon results, Elemis also re-launched its Skin IQ+ and Total Time Out to incorporate these incredible new products
Elemis wins two beauty oscars at CEW (UK) Beauty Awards   Read more
Elemis wins two beauty oscars at CEW (UK) Beauty Awards Arrow
Elemis is proud to win the prestigious CEW (UK) Beauty Awards for two of its new product launches in both the male and female skincare categories.

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum wins Best New Skincare Product (Prestige) and Elemis Time for Men Daily Moisture Boost wins Best New Men's Grooming Product (Prestige).

Both Elemis skincare products have been voted as the most innovative product in each category.

CEW is made up of 500 insiders working across the beauty industry with 5000 votes cast in this year's awards of the 170 products nominated in 21 categories.

Elemis launches NEW Body Sculpting System   Read more
Elemis launches NEW Body Sculpting System Arrow
Elemis introduces the NEW Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum and Body Sculpting Firming Cream as part of its new two phase Body Sculpting System.

Harnessing powerful ingredients in the fight against cellulite such as Bitter Orange Petal for drainage as an alternative to the commonly used Caffeine - which is a toxin - the Body Sculpting System is clinically proven* to reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin, leaving a slimmer, smoother body contour in just four weeks.

Designed to target problem areas such as hips, buttocks, thighs, backs of arms and inside of knees, the new Body Sculpting System focuses on four key actions to effectively counter the stages of cellulite production and create a visibly toned silhouette:

� Helps to inhibit fat storage
� Assists breakdown of fatty deposits
� Helps support the body’s natural drainage
� Smoothes, tones and redefines contours

NEW Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy   Read more
New for 2007, this professional salon and spa treatment uses the NEW clinically proven Elemis Body Sculpting System to visibly redefine and smooth your silhouette.

In addition to flushing and aiding the digestive, circulatory and lymphatic system, this advanced treatment incorporates specialist colon cleansing massage techniques on the stomach area for outstanding results. This powerful spa-therapy also targets stubborn cellulite and sagging skin.
Elemis launches its destination spa into Bergdorf Goodman, USA   Read more
In April 2007, Elemis launched its globally successful retail concept into Bergdorf Goodman bringing destination spa and facial therapy into the USA retail setting, embracing architecture, design and vision.

“We are very excited to be working with Bergdorf Goodman. This is a great synergy as it provides us with the opportunity to marry two luxury brands whose reputations for prestige and quality precede them.”

Séan Harrington, Managing Director of Elemis

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing range competes with doctor brands   Read more
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing range competes with doctor brands Arrow
With fierce competition from US Doctor brands, Elemis launched to wonderful recognition and acclaim the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing range that safely and gently smoothes the skin, revealing a youthful new look.

Efficacy trialled with superb results, this range is already proving to be a best seller alongside the Pro-Collagen range.

To support these innovative salon and homecare products, the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial is already set to be the next best facial in the industry. Elemis had this facial clinically trialled to measure the benefits and efficacy after one treatment – the results were phenomenal. Journalists love Elemis’ innovation and this product range and treatment supersedes them all.
Elemis launches Time for Men Daily Moisture Boost   Read more
Elemis is muscling in on the male grooming industry and quickly becoming recognised as a leading creator of award-winning skincare products specially formulated to treat men’s skin.

Time for Men boasts an A-list celebrity following including Christian Slater, Jay Kay, Max Beesley and Will Young. It is a well-known fact that men are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in excellent skin maintenance in order to look their best.

Men’s Health Magazine recently quoted that 70% of men admit to using a moisturiser. In response, Elemis introduces Daily Moisture Boost, a sophisticated skin hydrator, to help nourish and soothe the skin post shaving.

Elemis Daily Moisture Boost is a lightweight moisturiser designed to immediately recharge and hydrate without overloading the skin whilst defending it from harsh external pollutants.
Elemis wins AsiaSpa Product of the Year   Read more
The Bacarrat AsiaSpa awards heralded Elemis as the Best Spa Product of the Year 2006.

The BASA Awards are specifically designed to celebrate innovation in the Asian spa and wellness industry. Specifically they were motivated by a desire to give back to the industry that it gives so much, by recognizing creativity, originality and excellence.

As the spa industry continues to develop, with more and more spas offering increasingly sophisticated design and treatments and the service to match, the BASA Awards provides a way to benchmark the best of the best, helping to push the standards across the Asian spa and wellness industry.
Elemis voted Best in Marketing and Promotions by Professional Beauty   Read more
The Professional Beauty Awards recognise the professionalism, perfectionism and customer care that is involved in running any health & beauty business.

Celebrating the best in the business, these awards are the focal point for health and beauty professionals. Within the growing professional beauty industry these awards seek to acknowledge industry achievements whilst helping to raise the standard of service provided.
Prima Magazine Beauty Awards Vote Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask Best Face Mask   Read more
It’s definitely a favourite! Winning for the second year in a row, Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask beat some fine contenders and keeps its crown as the Best Face Mask 2006.
U Magazine Awards Skin Brush and Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt   Read more
Elemis Skin Brush sweeps up in the Best Body Brush Category whilst Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt wins Best All Round Bathroom Treat.
CEW Votes Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth and S.O.S. Survival Cream the Best of the Best   Read more
CEW Votes Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth and S.O.S. Survival Cream the Best of the Best Arrow
Cosmetic Executive Women is an organisation made up of the industry's most knowledgeable and experienced beauty professionals including the world’s top journalists and beauty editors. They voted Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth the Best Innovative Skincare Product and S.O.S. Survival Cream Best New Men’s Grooming Product.

One of the highest accolades in the beauty industry, this is clear confirmation that Elemis is competing with the leading skincare houses to phenomenal affect.
Celebs on Sunday Vote Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth Best Botox-a-Like!   Read more
This survey placed Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth at the top of the list in products that work like botox. No need for painful, invasive treatment, it is all available in one daily application of Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth!
Natural Health and Beauty Magazine Vote Elemis top again   Read more
Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt was the clear winner in the Best Body Oil category. This exquisite body moisturiser leaves the skin satin smooth without any nasty oily feel, with an aroma that’s out of this world.

Total Glow Self Tanning Cream came out top in the list of Fake Tans. With so many out there on the market this was a real coup for Elemis.
Elemis Retail Revolution   Read more
Elemis Retail Revolution Arrow
Not content with just having the retail product on a shelf, once again Noella, Sean and Oriele pushed the boundaries of development launching revolutionary new concepts that brought the world of spa to the retail department store.

Two years in development, three unique elements were developed - the Elemis SpaBar, SkinLab and SpaPod changed the vision of retail.

Elemis launched in the UK in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester and London; Debenhams, London; John Lewis Nottingham, Bluewater, Brent Cross and Oxford Street, Nordstrom USA and Siam Paragon Thailand.

This new venture opens the Elemis world to a whole new audience. You can experience spa results in store for the first time, with cutting-edge technology to help you understand your skin and power-boosting facials that leave you thinking you’ve spent three hours in the spa!
Prima Magazine’s Inaugural Beauty Awards Love Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask   Read more
Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask is the perfect beauty ‘flash treatment’ before special occasions. A great pick-me-up, it deep cleanses and restores the glow to dulled complexions.
Elemis Sunwise win Best Suncare Range at the Natural Health Beauty Awards   Read more
With so many suncare ranges available on the high street, this award continues to recognise Elemis’ Sunwise range as a thorough treatment range. Not only does it protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays but continues to treat the skin whilst the body relaxes in the sun.
Elemis voted Best in Marketing and Promotions by Professional Beauty   Read more
Professional Beauty, the industry's leading authority, once again awarded Elemis for the Best Marketing and Promotions. In this competitive market, this demonstrates Elemis’ commitment to exceeding customer expectations to remain the world’s leading spa and skincare brand.
Elemis launch new Time for Men products and spa-therapies   Read more
Elemis launch new Time for Men products and spa-therapies  Arrow
Whilst all Elemis products are completely unisex, this new range focussed on men’s unique skin requirements. 7 power-packed treatment products provide the ultimate three-phase programme to deliver results for cleansing, shaving and protecting.

At the same time Elemis re-formulated its treatment menu to focus specific facials on men’s more defined needs. These facials super-clean, calm irritation and de-stress the body.
Elemis wins SpaAsia Crystal Award   Read more
Elemis took top honours at the 2005 SpaAsia Crystal Awards, winning Best Spa Brand for the second year running. These awards ensures that excellence is honoured regardless of size, that nominations that go forward to the public vote are based on quality and integrity and they have sought to ensure that benchmarking standards in the industry guide nominations. An honour and a great achievement for Elemis two years running.
Timetospa.com – Elemis gets into e-commerce   Read more
The official e-beauty and lifestyle store for the Elemis brand, this new site is developed to provide a seamless e-commerce offering to the Elemis customer that offers more than just a shopping cart. With a revolutionary spa diary service, lifestyle programmes and advice from trained therapists, the customer is part of a highly professional e-commerce club.
Anti-Ageing System makes light work of wrinkles   Read more
Anti-Ageing System makes light work of wrinkles Arrow
Always pushing the boundaries, Noella Gabriel understood that there had to be more to wrinkles than fighting them in isolation. There are so many factors that affect our skin such as the environment and our lifestyles that Elemis discovered the need to independently tackle each element to achieve the best possible results and so the Elemis ‘Anti-Ageing System was launched with 3 distinct actions.

First, Anti-Pollution Detox tackles those cell destroying oxidants with powerful Anti-Oxidants and Micro-Encapsulated Vitamins. These oxidants can potentially create a barrier for further nutrients to penetrate deep down. By helping to fight these harmful skin blocking toxins further treatment is much more effective.

Second, Active Cellular Delivery replenishes collagen and elastin, key elements of the skin’s structure. By enhancing inter-cellular communication, actives are transported to a deeper cellular level where they release their powerful cell regenerating activity.

Thirdly, Extra-Cellular Restructuring combines collagen supporting and cell plumping actives with hydrophilic (water attracting) bases to strengthen and effectively restructure the outer skin matrix. This helps develop a more youthful appearance due to dramatically improved skin elasticity and firmness.
The first clinically trialled facial in the world   Read more
The first clinically trialled facial in the world Arrow
As with all products, the unique anti-ageing range had been trialed within Elemis’ own treatments before national roll-out. With such amazing clinical results from using the products alone, Elemis wanted to know the true effectiveness on the skin during treatments.

This hadn’t been done before and the results were astonishing. Elemis tested its Visible Brilliance Facial. Moisturisation levels of the skin are proven to increase by up to 38% and elasticity by 28% after just 1 treatment. This helps to instantly firm, rejuvenate and plump up the skin whilst reducing dark circles from around the eye contour.
Launch of Time to Spa amenity range   Read more
Launch of Time to Spa amenity range Arrow
Elemis’ innovative ‘Time to Spa’ amenity range launched globally into prestigious hotels and spas for all to enjoy. Elemis has always prided itself on its lifestyle range and with great energy embraced the demand for products to help treat jet-lagged passengers, stressed travellers and weary sports enthusiasts.
InStyle celebrate Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel and Elemis Skin Brush   Read more
To be recognised by such a celebrated title was justly rewarding for Elemis. These two products are mainstays of the Elemis range and have been delivering phenomenal results for many years.

Papaya Enzyme Peel uses natural fruit enzymes to moisturise, repair and protect the skin.

Skin Brush helps to combat cellulite by visibly improving the skin’s texture. Kick starts circulation and sweeps away dead skin cells for beautifully smooth, soft skin.
Elemis wins SpaAsia Crystal Award   Read more
Voted Best Spa Brand in the first ever SpaAsia Crystal Awards, the Elemis brand was recognised for its dedication to delivering products and services that offer phenomenal results in spa and at home.
Elemis launches its Miami flagship spa   Read more
In 2003 Elemis took the success of its flagship spas in London and Hong Kong and built the Elemis Spa, Miami. With a unique flavour, tailored to the melting pot of cultures in Miami, the Elemis Spa Miami promises an exotic and sumptuous experience to indulge and heal the skin, body and mind.
Winner of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards – Princess Worthy Bath Soak   Read more
One of Elemis’ hero products, Skin Nourishing Milk Bath took top accolade in these esteemed awards in 2003. Its Milk Protein base is rich in nourishing Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals. Natural plant collagen feeds the skin, whilst keeping it soft and supple. Excellent for sensitive and excessively dry skin conditions.
Professional Beauty vote Elemis number one in promotions and marketing   Read more
In 2003 Elemis was recognised by the industry for its customer focused promotions and marketing. This award was testament to the understanding and relationship Elemis maintains with its customers to ensure they have every opportunity to experience the results from this award-winning range.
Elemis changes the face of skincare with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream   Read more
Elemis changes the face of skincare with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Arrow
Anti-Ageing was very much the focus for 2003 with the introduction of the revolutionary Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. Taking over 3 years to develop and 15 sets of formulations, plus two sets of efficacy trials.

Elemis believes that consumers in this category demand real results in the fight against time, not miracles in pots! Elemis’ discovery of Padina Pavonica would change the face of skincare forever. Independent clinical trials proved that it helps reduce wrinkles by up to 19% in just 15 days. It launched with phenomenal success and is still Elemis’ top selling product today.
Elemis day-spa London wins European Day Spa of the Year   Read more
Elemis day-spa London wins European Day Spa of the Year Arrow
The most prestigious awards programme for hotels, spas and the travel industry voted the Elemis day-spa, London Europe’s Leading Day Spa in 2002.

The World Travel Awards celebrates the success of this vast industry and recognises the leaders in these highly contended fields. Votes are taken from ten’s of thousands of travel professionals who enviably get to experience the world’s most exclusive venues the travel industry has to offer.
Highly Commended in New Women Beauty Awards   Read more
The Elemis Sunwise range was highly commended in the Best New Suncare Product category in New Women’s inaugural Beauty Awards.

Not simply a barrier from the sun, this range of exquisite suncare products treats the skin to incredible nourishment, whilst protecting it from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Aromatic Tahitian Monoi Oil leaves a beautiful aroma whilst restoring maximum moisture and optimum protection for the skin.
New ingredient discoveries   Read more
New ingredient discoveries Arrow
Elemis’ development continues. In 2002 Elemis launched the Papaya Enzyme Peel, introducing natural fruit enzymes to exfoliate, whilst treating the skin at the same time.

The Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow was added to the Exotics range following huge demand from customers experiencing the product during treatments. This was the first oil based body scrub on the market not to separate from the sea salt and continues to be a favourite.
Elemis launches into US landbased spas   Read more
Already available in Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand, Elemis launched into the US. Today Elemis is available at some of the most prestigious resort spas and esteemed day-spas across the US.
Elemis day-spa Hong Kong Launches second flagship spa   Read more
The vision of Lucy Whittaker, the Elemis day-spa Hong Kong launched to tremendous acclaim into a very different market. Warmly welcomed and operating today as a very successful business, Elemis was becoming truly global. In one of the most hectic cities of the world, the Elemis day-spa Hong Kong is a true sanctuary for the soul.
Elemis day-spa London launches to rapturous response   Read more
Elemis day-spa London launches to rapturous response Arrow
To support and enhance the new spa-therapy menu, Elemis wanted to create a flagship to showcase the brand and treatments that reflected its heritage. The interior vision and dream of Oriele and Sean, the build was to be a blend of cultures that had inspired the Elemis therapies – from the Moorish Suite to the Balinese and Thai Suite, no expense was spared to create the perfect home for the brand.

Rich in décor with hand-woven silks from Thailand and beautiful bespoke cherry furniture, the Elemis day-spa was the talk of the industry, breaking all boundaries. Creating a warm, inviting environment where clients could escape from the pressures of everyday life, this was pure sensory heaven.

When the door to the Elemis day-spa in Mayfair, London opened, the Elemis story came to life and delivered beyond all expectations. Celebrity adored and with a loyal male and female clientele, Elemis has a reputation for outstanding therapy and service.
A new spa-therapy menu pushes the boundaries of the spa industry   Read more
2001 was a milestone for Elemis. For 2 years Noella had been reading, travelling, practising and researching the new Elemis spa-therapies. Locked away in Harley Street, Noella developed 24 new luxury spa-therapies for face and body treatments that were launched to huge acclaim at the Elemis day-spa, London in 2001.

Facial techniques and spa body treatments were influenced by practices used in Japan, India, Thailand and Bali. The culmination of many cultures, these spa-therapies delivered a completely new treatment experience. Professional treatments in the UK took on a whole new identity. It became about a journey of the senses, of discovery, a new level of well-being that enabled both the mind and body to consciously respond with positive results.
Elemis launches award-winning Sunwise range   Read more
Elemis launches award-winning Sunwise range Arrow
With skincare and bodycare performing exceptionally well, Elemis saw a niche in the professional market for suncare. Conventional suncare uses artificial filters that create a barrier between skin and product. Elemis’ award-winning Sunwise range combined ingredients such as the Tiare Flower and Monoi Oil that protected the skin, whilst allowing its superior ingredients to treat the skin deep down. Plus, the aroma is out of this world!
A new range… a new Elemis   Read more
A new range… a new Elemis Arrow
The ‘New Vision of Elemis’ was born in 1998. Formulations were complete and the redesign of the packaging a huge success. Elemis launched an amnesty taking back all old products to start a clean distribution with the new look.

Launching into the professional arena was the ultimate test. 1998 was a turning point for Elemis, with the industry really standing up and taking notice of a company not afraid to take risks and challenge the conventional way of beauty.

During this development it was decided that Elemis should launch a new treatment offering to support this new range. Noella Gabriel was given an open brief to bring to the market the ultimate luxury spa-therapy menu.
Absolutes – Elemis’ ground-breaking discovery   Read more
Absolutes – Elemis’ ground-breaking discovery Arrow
Whilst the Elemis range was in redevelopment, it knew it had to be groundbreaking to succeed. With this in mind, Elemis introduced Absolutes, the purest form of living energy that can be transferred from plant to skin. This innovation meant Elemis could achieve results never seen before in the repair and maintenance of the skin.
Elemis acquired by the worlds largest spa service provider   Read more
Elemis acquired by the worlds largest spa service provider Arrow
In 1996 Elemis were acquired by the SteinerLeisure Group who floated on the NASDAQ stock exchange USA. With a larger distribution network and the spa industry booming, Elemis needed to invest in taking the brand, products and professional treatments to the next level in order for it to compete in this fast moving industry.

Sean, Noella and Oriele worked relentlessly behind the day to day operation for the next 2 years in the ‘New Vision of Elemis’ totally reviewing and reworking all the branding, formulations and packaging. A new logo was developed, over 600 new packaging components were sourced and every product was re-designed, re-named and re-marketed.

See www.steinerleisure.com
Elemis launches on QVC   Read more
Elemis launches on QVC Arrow
In 1995 Elemis had its first show on QVC The Shopping Channel. The one-hour show, titled In the Salon with Elemis, was designed to replicate the professional spa environment and hosted by an Elemis therapist.

A huge success, Elemis has appeared on QVC monthly ever since! Although the show, now titled Elemis Skin Therapies, has developed since its launch the philosophy remains - Elemis premium products are demonstrated by an Elemis expert in the comfort of the viewers home.
Cruising the world   Read more
Cruising the world Arrow
Elemis was chosen to be one of the main product and treatment lines on board over 100 cruise line spas. This was a time when the Elemis brand was really put to the test, with worldwide customers now using the range, Elemis was growing in demand and reputation.
Elemis launch into the professional spa environment   Read more
Sean Harrington soon joined forces to help develop an extensive business plan that would change the direction of Elemis to provide a comprehensive service oriented range of products, combined with a dynamic treatment offering for professional salons and spas.

Elemis face and body treatments were developed to meet this need and during this development phase, relationships were built with high street salons and spas in preparation for a national roll-out. The need, the desire and passion from the industry was overwhelming.

Oriele Frank joined the team in 1993 to push the boundaries of the brand and develop Elemis through innovative marketing, packaging, design and product development.
The beginning of Elemis   Read more
The beginning of Elemis Arrow
Elemis was born in 1989 in London, UK. Linda Steiner had a dream to formulate a retail range ‘as near to nature as possible’ with ‘no expense spared’ and brought in a world-class formulator and expert Jan Kusmirek. Noella Gabriel joined the team as a leading professional therapist and educator of the Elemis range. Elemis launched in 1990.