minds behind the making

Every product, treatment and spa created by Elemis is about achieving a purpose, a goal and finding results that haven’t been seen before. To achieve this mission day in day out wouldn’t be possible without the commitment, vision and drive of the people of Elemis.

Elemis is about the entire team; marketing, PR, sales, accounts, HR and distribution and without these dedicated people, Elemis would not be the success it is today.

This team of loyal personnel is headed by the industries most knowledgeable, passionate and forward thinking experts of Séan Harrington, Noella Gabriel and Oriele Frank. From Elemis’ inception in 1989 to the phenomenal brand it is today, they create the vision, and drive the Elemis team to bring that vision to life.

A key figure in Elemis’ success has been the ongoing support of Jan Kusmirek, one of the world’s leading authorities on organic ingredients, Essential Oils and medicinal plant extracts. His expertise has enabled Elemis to discover some of the world’s most cutting-edge ingredients and manufacturing techniques to guarantee every product delivers maximum results.

Séan Harrington Séan Harrington, Managing Director

Séan Harrington, a leading figure in the international spa industry, has spearheaded this dynamic company since 1990. Travelling the world, researching and carving a niche for Elemis in the global spa industry, Séan has continued to push the international expansion of the brand.

Back in the early nineties, Sean embarked on the start of an exciting journey. As outlets grew and demand for the product increased, Séan became the driving force behind the new vision of Elemis in 1998. This new concept went on to position Elemis at the cutting edge of the professional spa industry and set Elemis on a path to success. Séan is an inspiration in the spa world, finding new avenues and development opportunities around every corner. Never being afraid to try new ideas and always challenging the brand to be the best it can be, Séan is often seen as devils advocate, demanding from his team that every new concept is the ultimate the industry has to offer. If it doesn’t meet these standards then it is back to the drawing board.

By travelling, researching and enveloping himself in the industry Séan has been behind every milestone of Elemis; the UK development and international global expansion, the new vision of Elemis following the merger with Steiner Leisure in 1996, the launch of the Elemis day-spa London and its new spa-therapy menu in 2001, the ground-breaking new anti-ageing range in 2003 and the biggest landmark to date of launching into retail in the UK, USA, Thailand and South Africa in 2006.