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ELEMIS is delighted to announce a collaboration with five extraordinary people who embody the ELEMIS philosophy and way of life. These are experts in their fields, masters of style and beauty, purveyors of healthy living and guardians of nature, all of whom in some way represent our ethos.


The Nutrition Expert

Amelia Freer

Nutritional therapist and healthy eating expert Amelia Freer is right at the forefront of clean living. Her first book, ‘Eat.Nourish.Glow’ sold out in its first week, heralding her war cry to steer us away from ready-made, additive-crammed foods towards making fresh, healthy choices with her in-depth knowledge and delicious recipes.


The Fitness Expert

Steve Mellor

Performance specialist, nutrition expert and trainer Steve is known as the ‘miracle worker’. With a client base that covers the fashionable and the famous, Steve will soon be extending his expertise in muscle definition from the great outdoors of London’s parks to his first gym.


The Style Expert

Bay Garnett

Vogue Contributing Fashion Editor and champion of thrift store cool, Bay Garnett is a style Titan whose aptitude for finding buried fashion treasure in the backstreets of the Upper East Side is second to none. She has been turning to ELEMIS to keep her skin refreshed through long days on set and interminable fashion weeks for as long as she can remember.



The Make Up Expert

Kelly Cornwell

Kelly is the artist who makes The Beautiful beautiful, so she knows that the most flawless make-up results start with the blank canvas of a healthy skin. She has been relying on ELEMIS as an integral part of what she uses on her famous clients for shoots and red carpet events for years.


The Botanical and Horticultural Expert

Rachel de Thame

ELEMIS begins with nature – and also with Rachel, who was the original ELEMIS model. Now an established authority in botanics and horticulture, Rachel’s understanding of the earth’s mineral-rich resources and natural power makes her the perfect advocate for the ELEMIS way of life.


Naturally Sourced, Science Driven, Hands On and always Personally Prescribed.





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