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Summer Podcast Hotlist

What to listen to to give your brain and wellbeing a boost… The rise in popularity of podcasts continues and we can understand why. Essentially radio programmes that you can download to...

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5 of the Most Common Bronzer Mistakes

Your guide to getting gorgeously glowing starts here… We’ve all seen pictures of models and actresses looking smooth-skinned, tanned and naturally radiant. Bronzer is a summer staple...

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5 Moments When You Need LIFE ELIXIRS

LIFE ELIXIRS’ modern approach to aromatherapy means that each of the five formulations create a unique scent associated with five emotional states. We refer to these states as Calm,...

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10 Ways to Get Your 10 a Day

Recent research suggests that we should actually be getting 10 portions of fruit and veg a day rather than the previous guideline of 5 a day. But how on earth do we fit 10 portions into and...

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7 Ways that Wellness Shows In Your Skin

Global Wellness Day is on June 10th this year, so we decided to take a closer look at how wellness shows in your skin. Because when you’re living well, it shows in a glowing complexion.

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