5 Ways To Avoid Panic Packing

5th July 2017

How to streamline your summer holiday prep…

Most of us are familiar with the fateful scramble: bikinis chucked hither and thither, a random clutch of T-shirts, shorts and dresses shoved in at the last minute and a washbag that’s bulging at the seams – but appears to contain little of use once you arrive.

With so much going on in our busy lives, preparing for that longed for holiday can easily get pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Until that is, it’s too late.

Here’s our guide to getting it just right. So now you can be super organised – not super stressed – and simply get on with having fun…

1. The long-term strategy:

As a major highlight in our calendar year, most of us start dreaming about our summer holiday when we’re deep in the depths of the British winter. As soon as you’ve booked and know your destination, start collating references to your ultimate holiday wardrobe. Create a Pinterest page, tear things out of magazines, bookmark pages on your internet browser – then edit as you go along. A month before you’re due to depart, pick which items to “find” in your own wardrobe, “buy” in store or online – then start a pile somewhere in your house, so you’re ready to roll when you come to pack.

2. The recce:

How many of us count the days until we leave for our holiday, but go knowing little or nothing about what’s actually in the resort or location where we’re staying? Maybe you do need that jumper for cooler evenings. Maybe that pair of jeans is surplus to requirements. Do you need something smart with heels for a certain restaurant? Or perhaps paring down your make-up for more chilled-out places means you can pack less in the first place? A recce of your surroundings three days before you leave will lessen your luggage load – and your stress levels.

3. The lists:

Panic packing can induce “kitchen sink” syndrome. Short of time and headspace, you’re convinced that you need three types of sunscreen, a body moisturiser, fake tan, your entire lipstick collection, your fragrance wardrobe, shower gel, hair masks, exfoliators…the list goes on and on. To prevent this, take four Post-It notes and label them, “skin”, “hair”, “make-up” and “other” (for fake tan, scent, after sun etc.). Try limiting yourself to four items per section. So, for skin, you might pick our Gentle Foaming Face Wash, a Hydra-Boost Serum, a Liquid Layer SPF 30 and a Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser for Face.

4. Downsize or decant:

Once your four lists are complete, pick travel sizes wherever possible (we’ve got a whole collection for you to choose from) – or decant your favourite products into smaller containers, (thank you www.muji.eu). Then put each beauty “section” into a small washbag. Separation is the key here as it helps keep things organised before you leave – and blissfully easy to find when you arrive.

5. The window:

So, your washbags are organised and ready. Your clothes are carefully curated according to your intended surroundings and activities – ready and waiting in a pile. Now turn off your phone, switch on some music and pack carefully, calmly and efficiently – without the merest hint of a panic.


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