Does Chocolate Really Cause Breakouts?

13th April 2017


Team ELEMIS debunk 5 of the most common skin myths…

With Easter just a few days away, naturally our thoughts have turned to chocolate. While most of us love to indulge in its melting goodness, we generally try and moderate our intake. Come Easter however, and all self-discipline can go out the window as we indulge in a chocolate free-for-all.

Along with the guilt about what is can do to our waistlines and overall health, one of the most commonly-held concerns surrounding chocolate consumption is that it will contribute to spots. So, is there any truth in the claim?

Here, we tackle 5 of the most common skin myths head on and conclude that sometimes, you really can have your (chocolate) cake and eat it…


Myth 1: All chocolate gives you spots

Ever since the 1940s, researchers have been conducting studies to end the debate about chocolate and skin once and for all. But the truth is, the jury is still out. What seems likely is that there is indeed a link between our diet and the state of our skin. A diet high in sugars (from white bread, pasta, sweets and yes – chocolate) as well as saturated fats, has been linked with inflamed, clogged pores. However, good quality dark chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa is also rich in anti-oxidants known as polyphenols which help the body – and our skin – fight free radical damage. Which means the right chocolate, eaten in moderation may actual help – rather than hinder – your skin.


Myth 2: It doesn’t matter when you cleanse – as long as you cleanse


You already cleanse morning and night. You even double cleanse, when you have the time. But what about when you’re in the shower? If you tend to wash your face whilst you’re waiting for your conditioner or hair mask to work, try cleansing at the very end of your shower. Chemicals and fragrances found specifically in hair products can wash over your face, leaving residues on the skin surface that may disturb its natural balance. Furthermore, washing your face in scalding hot water under the shower can also cause broken capillaries and redness so turn the heat down – or cleanse after you shower. Try our award-winning Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm for skin that feels beautifully cleansed and nourished.


Myth 3: You don’t need a separate eye product

Why would you buy two products when one will do nicely, thank you? The problem with the “one-product-fits-all-of-the-face” theory is that the skin under the eyes is thinner, more prone to dryness, and has a tendency to become puffy when fluid gets trapped within its tissues. From illuminating to contouring and diminishing the appearance of fine lines, ELEMIS eye products contain ingredients that address the specific needs of the eye area – in textures and formulations that won’t aggravate the surrounding skin. Try our Pro-Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm if instant radiance is what you desire – alternatively, our new Pro-Definition Eye & Lip Contour Cream focuses on smoothing and plumping fine lines.


Myth 4: You need to allow your skin to “breathe”

How many times have you heard a celebrity say that they like to let their skin “breathe” when they’re not working? The truth is that the top layer of skin is dead, so doesn’t really “breathe”. The lower layers – where cell repair and regeneration rates are at their highest – receive their oxygen and nutrient supply from blood circulating around the body, not from the air outside. That said, stale make-up can clog pores and cause breakouts – so ensuring you cleanse your face properly twice a day is still important.


Myth: You can “anti-age” your skin

The phrase “anti-ageing” has been around for decades. But as ubiquitous as it has become, we believe in approaching skincare with a different underlying philosophy. No more attaching negative connotations to getting older, just positive intent and real skin benefits – no matter how many birthdays you’ve had. Which is why we’re not “anti” age, but “pro” great skin. We have Pro-Collagen for fine lines and wrinkles and Pro-Definition for mature skin. Our products can be dynamic, soothing – they’re formulated to de-stress both you and your skin. They enhance what you have, rather than making you feel like you need to hide it. Isn’t it time we all flip the switch on getting older?


Ready to leave those myths behind you and start getting real skin benefits? Shop the story here…


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