8th March 2016


Even with so much information available about vitamins, minerals and supplements, it’s not always easy to know which ones are right for you. So we spoke with the guys at Neat Nutrition for some guidance on the best ones for you according to your life stage.  Here’s what they had to say:



It’s such an English response: “a cup of tea can solve everything”, but when we’re talking about matcha, it’s not a bad statement to make. One cup of matcha can contain as many anti-oxidants as ten cups of green tea, including catechins, which are lauded for their cancer fighting properties. The chlorophyll, which gives matcha its amazing vibrant colour, naturally removes metals and chemical toxins from the body.

Matcha can increase your metabolism, aid with digestion and the L-Theanine (an amino acid) contained in the powder, is thought to reduce stress levels, increase concentration and boost your mood. Perfect for those nights spent cramming for exams or staying late in the office to get ahead in your new job.

Matcha_Green_Tea_kitchen_1024x1024 matcha



Multivitamins: In your 30s, you’re most likely to be running from meeting to meeting, commuting or generally finding less time to follow a balanced diet. The same can be said for new mums who are looking after everyone else rather than themselves, often eating leftovers or not thinking about their diet. A large portion of women don’t meet their requirements of vitamins and minerals through their diet and in these cases, taking a multivitamin will help you to get what your body needs.If you’re pregnant, pre-natal vitamins will most probably have been prescribed to you to make sure your vitamin and mineral intake is high enough. Folic acid, iron, iodine, and calcium are especially important (you should always check with a GP before deciding on a supplement).




Hormonal changes happen to women generally in their 50s which can have a large effect on the body. There is a decrease in the energy required to maintain body weight and an increase in protein intake is needed to maintain muscle mass of younger years. A protein supplement can help. Adding a scoop of protein to a shake along with some fruit or veggies will give you a great overall mix of nutrients as well as that extra protein needed to keep those muscles healthy.

Vegan_Protein_outside-light_1024x1024 Two glasses of healthy green vegetable and fruit smoothie


For everyone: the one thing we should take, whatever our age

Vitamin D has been suggested as protection from both ovarian cancer and diabetes. It’s also believed to reduce your risk of breast cancer and has a key role in muscle function and calcium absorption. You can get some vitamin D from your diet but things like orange juice and milk only contain a little – not enough for what you need. The same can be said for calcium. Females begin to lose bone density from their 20s onwards so a calcium supplement can help with decelerating this. An added bonus is that calcium also helps nourish your nervous system and build strong teeth. Plenty of foods contain calcium but not a large enough amount. It will also be difficult to get what you need from your diet if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan.


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