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Ready, steady, glow!
Sophie Qureshi, Beauty editor Company magazine, tells you why when it comes to skincare, it's worth getting a head start...

I'm 29 and although I'm not exactly ecstatic about hitting the big 3-0 this year, I am feeling pretty smug that I've always looked after my skin. Don't get me wrong, my skin ain't perfect, but it's pretty damn good and, so far, (let's not jinx it) I don't have any wrinkles. While a lot of my friends are complaining about pigmentation marks or lines on their foreheads, I'm still getting ID'd in bars, so I reckon I must have done something right.

Now obviously, luck, genes and lifestyle have a big part to play in all this. I've never smoked, my parents both look quite good for their age, and I've always looked a bit younger than I am. But I definitely think the fact that I've had a (pretty religious) skincare routine since I was about 16 has paid off.
The first lines you get are usually dehydration lines, rather than actual wrinkles, so if you keep your skin properly moisturised with a good face cream day and night, you can keep it looking fresh and line-free for a whole lot longer. Trust me, once the damage is done, it's a hell of a lot harder to undo, so it's definitely worth getting into the habit of spending just a few minutes a day looking after your face.
Think about it this way: in ten or even five years' time, you probably won't be wearing the same clothes or shoes you live in now (leggings and wedge-boots will probably have fallen right off the fashion radar), but it's pretty safe to say that you will still be wearing the same skin. So do you want that skin to look like a peach or a prune? 'Cause what you do now is gonna make all the difference.
It's not just a long-term thing either - if there are things that bother you about your skin right now (dryness/red patches/the fact you always break out right before a major party), then getting a decent skincare routine is the way to sort it. It doesn't need to take ages or involve a truckload of different products, but if you aren't cleansing your skin properly morning and night, you're basically asking for blackheads/grease/a whopping great spot. Spend 5 minutes twice a day (come on, that's like a tenth of the time you spend on Facebook) and within about three months, I guarantee your skin will look better. Oh, and I also guarantee that in 10 years' time, your friends will hate you.
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