NEW Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic

Following the successful spring launch of our first active fragrance Eau de Parfum, Elemis, we are proud to introduce our second creation Eau De Parfum Exotic.

When Elemis was born 20 years ago a conscious decision was made to take on board the responsibility of educating clients’ sense of smell by introducing them to an active fragrance, not just a pretty scent. We began with medicinal active fragrances, for example, Rosemary, Pine, Thyme and Chamomile moving the client on to sensual aromas, the Exotic fragrances of Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani and Osmanthus.

Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic is an intoxicating blend of warming and spicy Sri Lankan Cinnamon Bark, Pink Pepper and Clove Bud Oil from the Comores Isles that is chased beautifully by the floral heart of night time blooms of Ylang Ylang, fresh whiteness of Indian Jasmine Sambac and precious Tuberose.

As the fragrance evolves, it deepens and darkens into the base notes, the notes that linger and are a fixative. The warm, woody fusion of Frankinscense, mysterious Somali Incense, centred with Cedarwood grown in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and finally the finishing touch of Sandalwood.

Sensual, mysterious and exotic, new Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic takes you on a journey via your senses with the host of exotic notes transporting you to a faraway place.

Noella Gabriel, Director of Treatment and Product Development explains:

“At Elemis we use active fragrance within our products and treatment development and always take a responsible role to educate our clients ‘noses’ in these active fragrances not just pretty scents. Following the debut Eau de Parfum I am excited to introduce a second scent that encapsulates the ‘exotic’ discovery phase within Elemis’ 20 year journey. The combination is a deep fragrance with a heady mystery and a powerful effect on your mood.”

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NEW Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic
Our first fragrance, Elemis Eau De Parfum