NEW Visible Brilliance
The science of instant skin radiance.

Plus, for a limited time, receive a complimentary Home Facial Gift worth £30* when you purchase Visible Brilliance.*

Due to environmental pollution and lifestyle stresses, important minerals in the skin can degenerate resulting in your complexion looking dull, lifeless and lacking in a healthy glow.

Pure innovation, this double-action serum actively brightens and re-energises dull, fatigued and stressed skin for instant luminosity.
Harnessing the power of multi-minerals including Copper, Zinc and Magnesium combined with Red Seaweed, Swiss Garden Cress, Blonde Pea Protein and Dew Bean it revitalises and re-energises the skin to restore and repair for instant radiance.
The result: Facial features appear rested and smooth, revealing a fresh and youthful radiance with a 'visible' luminosity, lift and non-sticky after-feel.
Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Available in the UK and Europe from 14th September 2009

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NEW Visible Brilliance