amenities and hoteliers
With a desire to continually innovate and develop the spa experience, Elemis has built its own exclusive day-spas in London, Hong Kong and Miami, providing the perfect platform to develop product and treatment ideas and concepts.

With this wealth of experience, Elemis can provide advice on all aspects of design, build and operations to maximise the business opportunities within your property.
In order to provide a seamless and perfectly bespoke service to every client, Elemis has partnered with a leading global amenities provider, ensuring world-class service and industry expertise, combined with operational common sense.

The superb Elemis 'timetospa' amenities range will genuinely impress and revive the long distance traveller. Having researched and listened to the market place over the past 15 years, Elemis believes it has developed a revolutionary approach to luxury amenities.

The 'timetospa' collection has something to suit every guest's personal lifestyle needs. This luxurious range actively drives retail interest straight to the bottom line by connecting in-room necessities with the spa, retail and mini-bar to provide an all-round approach to this business opportunity.

The Elemis turndown service provides flexibility, a unique point of difference and a touch of luxury for the guest to remember.

Elemis' environmental awareness ensures that the miniature packaging has been designed to encourage the guest to remove part-used products at the end of their stay to reduce leftover waste.

With the option of the Elemis web partnership programme, you will continue to benefit from your guests loyalty to the range, long after their visit to your hotel.
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