research & development
“We start with an idea, we create a vision, we believe in our vision and we make it happen”

Elemis invests heavily in clinical trials, research and development. Its scientists continually strive for new discoveries in medicinal skin science, focusing on finding cutting-edge technologies to enable Elemis to unearth and formulate the most active ingredients from nature.

Every new product goes through a rigorous research and development programme. From day one, the concept of the product is challenged to ensure it answers the brief, pushes the boundaries of skincare and delivers real results, beyond expectation.

From field to face, Elemis scientifically controls every aspect of the product formulation, ensuring quality, efficacy and exceptional integrity. From the seeds selected and the type of soil, to the selection of extraction process – Elemis ensures that all formulations have maximum therapeutic activity. Natural ingredients provide every resource necessary for creating powerful products that can truly benefit and enhance the skin.

With every new product created, Elemis has five core principles they abide by during research and development.

Padina Pavonica
Ingredient integrity

Every ingredient Elemis uses in its formulations must have medical grade actives of real therapeutic activity. Elemis is seen as the most innovative leader in advanced phyto-therapy and aroma-therapeutic spa and skincare formulations. In many products on the market, the synthetic base of a formulation will simply be used because it feels pleasant on the skin with no therapeutic benefit. The base makes up a large proportion of the product, so Elemis insists that it too must have a positive natural impact on the skin, either to nourish, protect or to help other ingredients penetrate deep down.

All ingredients are derived where possible from organic extracts, revolutionary Absolutes, first extraction pure Essential Oils, natural emulsifiers, skin softening emollients, medicinal herbs and clinically proven collagen boosting Seaweed extracts, transferring the purest form of living energy to your skin.