Winner Best Anti-Ageing Hand Cream 2009

Winner - Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream

We have to, erm, hand it to Elemis, they've come up with a fabulous moisturiser with tons of anti-ageing benefits plus more - it worked well for strengthening nails too.

It's an all-round wonder according to Eileen Graham of Leeds: 'After the first week of use the tell-tale age lines were less, I was very pleased. It's a shame it can't be used on the face! I had two pigmentation patches before, now I only have one, which is fading. And my nails are stronger too. I was also surprised how well it moisturised, I clean a lot so my hands are always dry, but not with this cream.'

Joan Warren from Bucks agrees totally, saying: 'My hands are often in water during the day, and a light application bought them back to feeling smooth and hydrated again. After continued use my hands looked 100% less lined and saggy-skinned. Nails looked shiny and healthy, my skin looked more even toned - age spots reduced significantly.'

And Norma Ellis from W Sussex says it made her hands feel 'fabulous'. She explains: 'My hands were really soft, like silk, and did not dry out for a long time. It took a week before I definitely noticed my hands looked less lined and more youthful, and they have stayed that way using this product. My nails were fairly weak before but are now visibly stronger, the age spots are a bit less noticeable and my skin is definitely slightly plumper. I really love this product.'

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Winner Best Anti-Ageing Hand Cream 2009
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