Elemis BIOTEC - The Unique Fusion of Actives, Touch & Technology

DISCOVER how the science of 5 in 1 advanced bio-electric TECHNOLOGY, combined with Elemis’ unique Skin Lift TOUCH and high-potency ACTIVES work in perfect synergy with the skin’s natural bio-electric field.

The skin’s unique bio-chemistry is constantly compromised. Lifestyle, sunlight, stress, age, illness and medication cause a breakdown in cellular energy and communication, resulting in a weakened skin structure, stressed and unbalanced skin.

Unresponsive cells need NEW STIMULI to help re-boot cellular performance and re-establish effective cell communication, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair, renew and re-tone.

After in-depth studies and research, Elemis found that combining a unique synergy of 3 targeted STIMULI - TOUCH, TECHNOLOGY, ACTIVES - it was possible to deliver immediate, visible and longer-lasting results.

“Elemis BIOTEC marks a turning point for Elemis. Today’s consumer wants more from their treatments; they want fast, visible results. I’ve spent 2 years developing BIOTEC with experts across the world. The resulting, multi-function treatments combine scientific expertise, specifically fusing a whole new technological experience with the very best of our hands-on therapy, to offer something I genuinely believe delivers the best of both worlds.”
Noella Gabriel
Director of Treatment, Product Development and Training  

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