NEW Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm
Introducing an exciting new generation “hybrid moisturiser” whose instant skin-flattering qualities are as compelling as its ability to hydrate the skin.

About Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm
More than a look-good cream, this is a feel good cream. Sweep on this soft balm and the benefits are instant. The finish has diligently been created to deliver the optimum amount of sheen and luminosity for a healthy, vibrant glow. The texture is moreish and designed to be smoothed over the face with a swift touch, then left to do its good work. As you enjoy your revived complexion, the balm’s more subtle skin-enhancing ingredients come into play, which is where our formulation gets really clever. Once the flash happens, so much more does too.

What makes this Flash Balm so special?
This is a proper, effective moisturiser designed to be applied directly onto clean skin. The ingredients, as you would expect from an Elemis product, are all hardworking and pertinent to the cream’s success. And then the scent: a neroli, bitter orange, bergamot and lemon mélange, which is clean and mood-enhancing, and adds enormously to the pleasure of the application.

Balm Benefits
— It won’t ball under your fingertips if you choose to apply foundation, unlike many optically improving products.
— It won’t sparkle under the light. There are no conspicuous luminising particles in our balm.
— It won’t leave the skin tacky, or overly dewy, which can be the tendency with products that deliver this kind of fresh, super-hydrated finish.

In Testing
Radiance Booster - 89% felt the product helped skin look more radiant
& luminous instantly*

Moisturiser - 85% agreed the product helped smooth the appearance of
fine lines & wrinkles*

Primer  - 91% stated the product helped provide a more even & brighter
skin tone*

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NEW Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm